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  1. Hey guys, Wolfgang evolved into Kuchipatchi today!! I wanted to go for Knighttchi, who is the perfect care Gourmet character, but I must has messed up somewhere. I love Kuchipatchi though, so I'm real glad I got him! He likes jumping around a lot and gets my attention to send me his love often. What a cutie!
  2. Hey guys! Wolfgang evolved into Cosmotchi. He's just been chilling, now I can take him to school and train him up. I'm probably going to go for the "Gourmet" points cause I like cooking myself. Active might be cool as well, but Social is just alright. He loves taking baths and getting my attention
  3. Hi Everyone!! I am very excited to start this Hatch with you all When booting up my Tama friends, I picked the horizontal striped egg which turned out to be a baby boy, Aokumotchi. I can't name them on this version, but I secretly call him Wolfgang after my favorite animal crossing villager . Wolfgang ate a whole ton of bread and I took him to the Cafe where he enjoyed pizza. Whenever he was going to poop, I tried to click the toilet icon quick so he didn't make no mess in my house . After about an hour, Aokumotchi evolved into Mitsumarutchi the ladybug boy, which I was real happy about. Wolfgang's just chilling now, playing balloon and eating pizza and bread. What a life honestly.
  4. I'm in! I'll be running my Tamgotchi Friends Dream Town
  5. Thank you so much for your help! The descriptive nature of your post worked wonders for learning about Tamas! 😊 I greatly appreciate it 😉
  6. Hi everyone! I am very new to the Tamagotchi 4.5 and I'm not sure whether or not it grows by care? Every growth chart I look at just has the skill points on it and wiki articles also just reference the skill points. Is that the only influence in this Tama's evolution line or is care still a factor? If you could help, I would really appreciate it 😄.