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  1. I started a new topic on this somewhere else - but is it possible to pass Bluetooth uploads to him in this way? (Like after they stop updating the app?) Or are they already installed and the app just tells him which one's are currently relevant? I'm really getting tired of this current song. -Codi
  2. So I recently got a 2016 furby connect and I am one of the few people who actually likes it. I find the app to be fun and like how he continues to sing songs and talk about videos he has seen. However, on the box it says the app will only be supported until 6/30/18 (ie, tomorrow). I know it will still be available to play - but what about all the extra content and songs? Does this mean he's gonna sing "Go Wild" and talk about Marzipan forever? Is there a way I can find the extra downloads? (Like how everyone does for the color tamas?) Thanks, Codi
  3. Try Target. That's where I found my series 2. They kinda hid them near the little live pets.
  4. Do you guys know if anyone is taking pre-orders for the anniversary one yet? I looked everywhere and couldn't find anything about it.
  5. Codi

    Furby HELP!

    This is what he looks like:
  6. Codi

    Furby HELP!

    I have one of those fluffy Furbys from 2005 (the large ones with the silicone mouth). I changed the batteries and it won't wake up! I tried both "try me" and "on" mode and nothing. The battery compartment looks fine and overall there is no wear or tear on the Furby itself. Any suggestions? I am gonna be REALLY sad if I can't fix him.
  7. Does anyone know if you get the Spacey ver can you later get Melody as a download or vice versa? I love both of those characters SO much and I want them BOTH!!
  8. I just did a nano dino to 3yrs and got bored of him, then started my Ps again. Im on gen 2 now, but would like to finish it. I've never finished a color tama.
  9. I SOOO want a lime green 4U+ but I've bought too many tamas lately.
  10. I have a Japanese version P1 and P2 coming in several days that I got from Ebay. Even though it's not a tama, I am also waiting on a green Nano Puppy (my favorite pet as a child; lost it some time during middle school). I really want to pre-order a M!X but hesitating cause of the price.
  11. We all know about Aaron that lived roughly 122 days back in 2007. (Hop on over to Tamenagerie to check him out if you haven't: One thing I've always wondered is how long to MOST people keep their tamas (or other digital friends) alive? My personal bests are: Old School Tamagotchi (Clear Yellow P2) - 17 years Tamagotchi Angel (Pink) - ~12 years (I got twins!!) Nano Puppy (Original Version Green Shell) - 51 years New Gens Tamagotchi 4U (White Shell) - 5 generations (kept getting the same characters over and over so I quit) Tamagotchi Ps (Yellow Shell) - 3 generations (was playing at the same time as 4U and couldn't keep them straight) I feel like the original tamas are pretty hard to keep alive after the first 10 days or so, so I'm proud of my measly 17 years! What are your personal bests?
  12. I am having trouble completing my tamatomo because my character only ever turns into mametchi. So far I have had Lovelin and Melody, then 4 boys in a row, all Mametchi. To try for Kuchipatchi, I used the sweets background, only fed him rice and candy from the kitchen, and played with the frying pan only for 3 days. He weighed almost 90lbs and STILL turned into Mametchi. The only other thing I can think of is that I had no care misses, however, that shouldn't affect most of the male characters. What should I do? Does any one else have any ideas? It's getting frustrating.
  13. I'm just interested to see how other people decorate their tamas...faceplates, cozies, charms, paint, cradles, etc. It can be any tama of any type. Let's see what your tamas are wearing! (My 4U is wearing the faceplate in my avatar. I haven't posted here for many years and am having trouble finding out how to upload pictures.)
  14. Is there a way to get more? Like has anyone unlocked more than the default ones? They just don't go with everything.
  15. I've looked everywhere and can't find a thread on this. Does it open up more banners at certain generations like 's does?