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  1. I got a v3 today and this is my first time raising one since I was like 8, having only played v4/4.5s recently. I saw something about how emotional and physical care are separate things on this version. I roughly understand what contributes to each one but I saw that certain games affect certain types of care, but I am confused by this. Can anyone tell me which games affect which or give more information about emotional vs physical care in general?
  2. As far as I can tell items don’t increase happiness. Some do have other benefits, such as certain food items adding skill points and items like the shovel and a few others having a chance to give you money.
  3. This topic is super interesting to me as I have recently started up my 2 v4s and have been curious about how to get into different family groups. Here is how mine have gone so far, all having been cared for perfectly as far as I know: Gen 1 Male: Puchitchi -> Gourmetchi -> Togetchi Female: Mohitamatchi -> Young Dorotchi -> Yattatchi I had them marry to start my 2nd generation Gen 2 Male: Harutchi -> Young Androtchi Male: Mohitamatchi -> Hinotamatchi Two things about the 2nd generation have confused me: I got a Harutchi from a Meme+Kuchi pairing and I got Hinotamatchi from Mohitamatchi. For the latter, based on this thread it seems that caring perfectly for a Mohitamatchi can either get the “good care”/primary Kuchi teens or the “bad care”/secondary Meme teens. I’m curious if referring to the sets of teens that aren’t universal as good or bad care within their families is even accurate because I feel like based on the experiences in this thread it doesn’t seem to be. Anyways it would be really cool to get this topic going again because this is really interesting to me!
  4. This happened to me too. First gen I had a Togetchi and Yattatchi that I married and then the babies grew into Harutchi and Mohitamatchi. I was super excited because that meant I’d most likely be getting a Mame and Kuchi this gen. Today the Mohitamatchi evolved into Hinotamatchi instead of a Kuchi teen so I was pretty disappointed. I’m pretty sure I gave it perfect care. Similar to you I did have a few times where I got a poop or snake and the happiness fell but I fixed it immediately. I’m not really sure what causes the the evolution into different teens but I did find a thread where people were researching it so I’ll have to go through it and see.
  5. One of my v4's was working perfectly fine until just a few minutes ago. The screen randomly turned off and there's no sound when I press any buttons. I heard it receive a mail to minute prior to this and I tried changing the battery to see if it would help. When I put the battery in it made a weird noise but it's still not working. Can anyone help me?