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  1. Still keeping my two girls for now until I get the two Meets probably. I've uploaded all of the proposals I have had so far here, including the one Tamagotchi that I saw with the pink eyes and is a male who rejected me. k
  2. My two girls will be hanging around for a bit after all. I'll be accepting any and every proposal until I find a boy with the pink eyes (all of the ones I have encountered are all female and I've seen six by now!) I'll also post all of the proposals on Imgur too! Got 5 of them so far~ And I have good news! I'll be getting two more Meets! Initially I was pondering whether or not I should get another one, but seeing how there's a sale on HLJ for the Pastel and Fantasy, I decided to get both. The sale was too good to pass up so they should be delivered to me in a week or so. Fingers crossed that the Pastel doesn't have any major glitches, I was jealous at how they had the blue outline (told myself to not give in...until I saw that sale)
  3. As promised, here are the Tamas that my twins married. I think there may be a few missing because I also wiped my phone though And here is my turn with the marriage. I always liked the pink sparkly eyes and I'm so glad that someone with those eyes finally accepted my proposal (all the other ones that I proposed to flat out rejected ugh) As a side note, I thought that the two golden 'heart' arcs with blue and pink lips would be positioned based on your Tamagotchi's gender but I don't think that's the case since Peanut is a male Anyways, the next generation are twins again! Yay! Their colours are very pleasant and matches their father, hence the name Cream (for the white Tama) and Ichigo (for the pink Tama). Soon those Pumpkitchi eyes will disappear from the family photos Here's their toddler form, nothing much to add on but if I skipped it then it'd feel incomplete I got a different type of teens, super cute too! You can't see it too clearly but they inherited the sparkles from the Tama that I married And last, here's their adult form. Sadly I didn't get the pink eyes like I had hoped and the jellyfish body disappeared, but they're still pretty cute I think! I'm guessing the body is from Cinnamoroll. I didn't know that the 'body' gene included the mouth as well so they have a little w. Otherwise, Ichigo and Cream are identical twins which is a first for me. I'll be hopping onto the Meets app to see if anyone wants to marry them and to grind the minigames to get the new items Until next time~!
  4. Thank you! I think they are pretty too and that's part of the reason why I took a break. At least I have them posted here so that I can look back whenever I want And that's a shame! Maybe I'll be able to get some other cute genes and I'll be more than happy to mix them with your Tamagotchi
  5. That was way after the 19th I am most certainly back I promise! Here's the update from the last time β˜… π”–π”žπ”«π”―π”¦π”¬ 𝔐𝔒𝔒𝔱𝔰 β˜… I got twins again after a few generations. Two yellow coloured baby boys named Peanut and Butter They were both the same colour as toddlers but went back to being slightly different shades of yellow as teens I do like the sweets head topping that they have, I have a sweet tooth for dessert themed Tamas πŸ˜› Here is what Peanut and Butter looked like as adults... FREE FROM MY CURSE AT LAST. I was so happy to see a different body and eyes. Both of them are super cute and I love them! I actually still have them right now and I take them to the app for other people on the app to marry them. I took screenshots of it and I think I'll upload it to imgur or something. I also changed their colour to pink as I thought they would look more cute, plus I haven't done any colour changing on the Meets yet They have been on my Tama for the longest time because I didn't want to give them up. If you are interested in marrying either one, don't hesitate to drop a message below and we can try to get on the app at the same time! Not really sure who I want to marry Peanut to, so there is no rush probably Until next time~!
  6. Oof, quick update! I'm terribly sorry for temporarily disappearing. I actually stopped running the Meets for a couple of weeks now due to exams and I wasn't planning on getting to the next generation during that time. Instead of keeping the tama on, I decided to remove the batteries to save it as well. I should be back and available after the 19th or so 😞
  7. β˜… π”–π”žπ”«π”―π”¦π”¬ 𝔐𝔒𝔒𝔱𝔰 β˜… Hi! Sorry it's been a while since I last updated the log. I just forgot to do so as I have been busy studying for exams this week. I did take pictures like always though ^^ The next generation was a baby girl called Ichigo This time I tried to use the evolution theory to see if it'll work in changing my Tama's genes based on the past few generations being the same. Because at this point I was willing to try anything so I might as well. It lead me to getting this bright orange character that reminds me of Fanta. I was also meant to give it bad care/happiness for its toddler stage but I think I did it wrong since I got the teen that has the "best care". So it may be that I did it wrong or, as mentioned, the guide is not 100% foolproof (Oh and I finally got the Aikatsu background from the app! It actually took me almost the entire month to get it!) I ended up with... The same old eyes πŸ™ƒ not gonna lie i did consider just stopping the tamagotchi for a second after seeing it Needless to say, I quickly got on the app to marry her off. Luckily, I found a character that I wanted to mix-- it was a jellyfish body and I thought it'd be super cool. Kudos to the person for accepting the proposal~ ~~~ There is one more generation that I need to record in this log and I will update it tomorrow, so see you in the next entry!
  8. Maybe? Because I just tried to add my old ID and it pops up with the Tamagotchi that I had and the username and so on. Hopefully it'll show up once you do connect! As I mentioned above, I noticed that if I was not connected to the app I would get a random ID with the default profile. Update: I just tested it out by restarting the app without connecting and the friends list is empty. So the connection essentially logs you in and is different to the guest profile/when you are not logged in. Either way if you don't see me on your friends list once you do login just shoot me another friend request and problem solved
  9. I just got the request and I accepted it! I only see a question mark for the icon though and I can't click on it or anything
  10. Oh that's super sweet of you! However I think the ID that I had is outdated because I updated my phone and reinstalled the app. And when I reconnected my Meets I think my previous profile is lost since the avatar was the default girl. I don't think there is a way to recover it so if you wouldn't mind, please add this ID: CKE246372 I think this ID should stay the same? Because when I didn't connect to the app yet I get a 'guest' profile with a random ID. Please let me know if there is anything that I am missing
  11. β˜… π”–π”žπ”«π”―π”¦π”¬ 𝔐𝔒𝔒𝔱𝔰 β˜… Alright, so I've amalgamated the past three days altogether-- Here's Gumi in the wild park. I saw this cute little octopus Tamagotchi that I had been dying to mix with but unfortunately he is the same gender as my Gumi, so sadly marriage is not proposal. I save them a like and left, to see that someone has sent me a proposal request! Gumi got turned down with several other Tamas but that doesn't mean I'm going to reject others. I assume that they don't know that they can just not connect their Tama back to cancel the proposal on their side whilst not messing it up for me? And after several tries, someone accepted Gumi and his...beauty Now, let the next generation commence! It's a baby girl this time. No twins again. I'm starting to miss the twins now (and I sort of regret choosing Kat knowing these eyes would be lingering around for many generations) I tried to not care about Fuwa as much to see if my care affects how it looks, but unfortunately I am super afraid of accidentally killing her Yesterday night the Meets beeped at me. I got a little panicky hearing the beeps because I knew for sure that Fuwa was asleep, but maybe she was still awake? I set my Tamagotchi's time to a few hours behind to match my schedule When Fuwa woke up, she turned into an adult. THE EYES...they are still here I am convinced that it's either because: I am taking too much care for them and good care results in retaining the face of the past generation, and/or the Tamas that I am marrying are way too similar. As in if I married an octopus based Tamagotchi, maybe it will change it??? Or just give me non-identical twins, game... β˜… 𝔄𝔫𝔫𝔦. 𝔐𝔦𝔡 β˜… I have decided to stop my Anniversary Mix temporarily, because I have lost interest after hearing that I can't mix it with my Meets and that I'm quite busy with exams coming up ~~~ Until next time~!
  12. β˜… π”–π”žπ”«π”―π”¦π”¬ 𝔐𝔒𝔒𝔱𝔰 β˜… Hello hello Gumi turned into a teen in the night (I think) He was mainly white with some light matching colours And yesterday, he turned into an adult first thing in the morning, which also woke me up too. And are the eyes finally different this time? ...Nope But it doesn't look too bad on Gumi. Perhaps the big headpiece and the blue colour kind of takes it away a bit, but oh my god get those eyes out please!! I'll hang out in the Meets Park to see if anyone wants to propose, and for me to find any potential partners for Gumi β˜… 𝔄𝔫𝔫𝔦. 𝔐𝔦𝔡 β˜… Another slow day here. I've been too lazy to try and get Mikan with another character and I also don't know who to choose Mikan has also been getting nightmares, maybe because I'm neglecting him most of the time? She's been sulking in the corner whenever she comes back from her parent's house ~~~ I'm also getting a bit busy irl with exams and with the same routine repeating itself over and over now, expect posts to cover two days as opposed to one post per day Until next time~!
  13. β˜… π”–π”žπ”«π”―π”¦π”¬ 𝔐𝔒𝔒𝔱𝔰 β˜… Hey! I'm back for another update, which will make the log pretty much up to date at this point. Here is Taro as a teenager. It's the same character again which is kinda boring so not much except for this one picture of him and his pet It was in the evening that Taro grew up. I waited with anticipation to see how he would turn out with his parent's genes. Um...not the combination that I wanted πŸ˜• I made him try on a few accessories to try and make him look a bit more cute with the eyes. I feel like the eyes just don't match the rest of his appearance, i.e. small body I sent him to the Meets app because unlike the previous generations, I was willing to start the next one asap Taro got rejected once but was successful on his second go. Thank you, kind stranger! And here is their little baby. Another boy, no twins this time. As you can see, I named him Gumi. I also tried to see how many poops I could stack and it's taller than him Think he wasn't too happy about it I promise I still raised Gumi well, making sure he was full and happy (I really should try to neglect him so I get a different toddler/teen but I am so afraid I'll accidentally kill it) And that is where we are for the Meets! Gumi went to sleep straight after as it was past 9pm when he finally turned into his toddler form β˜… 𝔄𝔫𝔫𝔦. 𝔐𝔦𝔡 β˜… Bad news first, I accidentally deleted the pictures of Mikan as a teenager I thought I had the pictures ready but nope, and hence it got deleted. It looked like Kilalatchi, but orange and with Gozarutchi's headpiece. Good news is that I do have pictures of Mikan as an adult. I think Gozarutchi's headpiece covers up Memetchi's light bulb like head so it looks okayish (and sorry for the weird glare thing at the top left of each pic, I don't know what that is, and the weird streaky lines is again cling wrap that I use to protect the screen) I'll be keeping Mikan for a day or so before she gets married off to a male character ~~~ Until next time~!
  14. β˜… π”–π”žπ”«π”―π”¦π”¬ 𝔐𝔒𝔒𝔱𝔰 β˜… My twins turned into adults! I’m a little sad that Pumpkitchi’s body is no longer on there as I was hoping to have his spoopy body and the married Tamagotchi’s teacup head The eyes stayed though and the more that I look at it, the more that I just see a yellow crescent moon and the navy as the night sky. I think I will plan on marrying Pumpkitchi one more time before he disappears off of the app. I wanted to try to marry one of the Sanrio characters in the Tamagotchis. The Meets app is super awesome with tons of possibilities, but I have the Sanrio Meets, so I might as well try to mix with those characters too from time to time! I decided to get Pin and Pon closer to Kuromi, but I had a hard choice as to which twin I want to marry off. On one hand, Pin has the cuter eyes, and on the other hand Pon has cute little hearts around him. I wanted to take a chance and hope that the Pumpkitchi moon eyes would go away in the next generation and keep the heart decoration, so the marriage was between Pon and Kuromi. I’d like to imagine that Pin managed to marry My Melody since we bumped into her numerous times too. We got another baby boy, just one this time, who I named Taro. The usual happened and he quickly turned into a toddler with similar features to the past generation (the face and body). He inherited Kuromi’s headpiece so I hope this means that it will stay in his teenager and adult stage too. β˜… 𝔄𝔫𝔫𝔦. 𝔐𝔦𝔡 β˜… Some more content on here for today. Walnut and Memetchi got married and had a baby girl (forgot to give her a name! I'll call her Mikan), who grew up into a toddler after an hour. I totally forgot that sometimes the Tamagotchi would beep because they would be dreaming so when I heard it I thought it somehow died even though I knew it must have been sleeping. Again I am sorry for the very short entries for the Mix. I’m starting on the 23rd generation and I’ve unlocked and visited everything so I’ve pretty much ran out of the new stuff to talk about. And with just the one Mix and the limited functionality that the Mix has on the Meets app, it’s quite hard and I’m only running it because I’m excited to see the mixes. Not to mention that the Mix and Meets can’t marry between each other, which is fair enough I suppose, but in a way it kind of cannibalised the Mix Tamagotchis. So just treat the Mix part of the logs as small growth updates (if you are interested in seeing the initial Mix log with the past generations, I do have one and it’s here) ~~~ Btw, if you see that the pictures that I took of the Meets screen looks like it has some streaky lines, it’s because I actually put cling wrap over the front and back of the Tamagotchi. I saw someone on Reddit did this and I thought it was a good way to protect the screen, since my Mix has unfortunately suffered some tiny scratches even when I tried to take care of it. And I am too lazy to try and get a small screen protector. It’s not all too noticeable once the screen is turned on but I also have to remove it to take some clearer images to post onto Instagram (and to change batteries), which will cause some creases to appear and not stick as well. I'm aware that I didn't upload yesterday, this was the entry that was supposed to be posted! What happened yesterday was quite bland anyways because they just grew into teens, so I think I will combine yesterday's with today's and upload it today as well? Until next time~!
  15. β˜… π”–π”žπ”«π”―π”¦π”¬ 𝔐𝔒𝔒𝔱𝔰 β˜… Not much happened today, apart from Pin and Pon growing up. They turned into cute little devils, inheriting their parent’s ears respectively. Have I been pretty lucky by getting non-identical twins twice in a row? I forgot to mention that yesterday they adopted a pink takoyaki pet, and then another pet showed up to marry it. I like how the mix ended up being purple from the pink and blue β˜… 𝔄𝔫𝔫𝔦. 𝔐𝔦𝔡 β˜… I took a day off on the Anniversary Mix. I pretty much just sent it to their parent’s house, but tomorrow I will most likely be marrying Walnut off to Memetchi. Apologies for the lack of engagement here, but I know that if I married them off as soon as they turned into an adult then I will be burned out quite quickly... Until next time~!