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  1. weee i'm sorta back

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      Looking forward to seeing more Tamagotchi M!x Logs! Reading your log made me want to get an account here so I don't miss out! Hope it's not weird that I added you as a friend.

  2. Depends on what other upcoming news they release. From the looks of it, the legendary Solgaleo/Lunala is fused/combined with Necrozma? I didn't like the Sun/Moon plot too much either...Prior to the release date I was hyped up, but now it just left a mixture of good and bad for me. To be honest I'm still a little disappointed at how X/Y didn't get a sequel game. The life/death theme had potential, if only they developed the story even more.
  3. ★ Day 33 ★ Hello everyone! Today is going to be a short entry. I may start to post/update this once or twice for every generation I go through. It’ll save space on the thread and be easier to read with a flow. As I said, here’s Len’s toddler form. 15 minutes ago, he turned into a teen. I love the colour palette! It strongly resembles Lovelitchi. The green works really nicely with the white, pink and slight hint of grey. But...another snail? I really don’t know how to influence the teen stages. I think the only ones I’ve ever gotten are the snail, ghost/fish container blob, sad squid and one dinner plate/space looking teen...I wonder if there are two more, like this one? I have a feeling that the adult will have a whole different look. Maybe the eyes will change? I'm fine with the raisin dot eyes that's been going on for the past few generations. Can't wait! Until next time~☆!
  4. Oh goodness, Benny's toddler stage is the same as the toddler that I was raising yesterday! The teen stage is really similar too, but mine doesn't have the yellow bow at the front
  5. I'd like to add that if you want to get Shimashimatchi or Makiko, they can only be obtained in the first generation and they need at least 7 (or 8) miss cares. And after the first generation, you have the option to leave the Tamagotchi with their parents, which is basically the daycare. If you leave the Tamagotchi at the daycare place, you need to remember to pick them up when it's 5pm, otherwise its happiness goes down. This doesn't happen when it's with their parents, as they will automatically drop off the Tamagotchi back to your care. You can take them back before 5pm too.
  6. ★ Day 32 ★ Okay I kinda forgot about updating and running it for a couple of days because it was the long weekend, but now I should post before I need to catch up on more stuff. Following the previous entry, Alain was left with his parents in their red house. After picking him up, he turned into a teen. He was a green snail! A very interesting looking teen. At this point, I changed the theme of the park so that it had flowers, so it was following Akane’s side. Was it a good idea? Did I manage to avoid the Kuchipatchi lips?? Yes, but other than that, is there any difference? He lost the leaf accessories too. Other than that, it was literally the same. Meh… Now I’m off to marry Alain to Lovelitchi! I also want to try Violetchi sometime too in the future. They had another baby boy! A grey one at that too. Off the top of my head, the name Len pops up. So that's what he'll be called. And here's Alain's forms-- very...green? That’s all for today. I’ll post the toddler and teen stages later. Until next time~☆!
  7. You could try out another Connection Tamagotchi if you want something simple and a long battery life. I have a v3 and a v4, so those fit the criteria (also the v4.5) Or if you want a colour Tama, those are good options and you could consider a Mix. You don't really need to tend to it as much and it might be entertaining if you want to see the different combinations of the next generation
  8. Yay you got the Anniversary Mix!! It's cool to see another Tamagotchi Mix log, so keep up the good work~ Looking forward to seeing what your mixes will look like
  9. The only "growth/care requirements" you can influence is on the first generation in order to get the desired built-in character. For the Melody/Spacy Mix, check out this chart. The future generation adults becomes a blend of the two parents, so that's how they will take on the appearance. You can still make the toddler and teen stage take on one of the built-in forms, but they would have something like the mother or father's headpiece, eyes, mouth, etc. Otherwise just make sure its hunger and happy bar aren't empty!
  10. It's basically for downloadable content. You can connect your Mix to the Mix Station found in Japan to get items, accessories, food and backgrounds. I believe they change for every season-- [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]. You can also marry off your adult Tamagotchi character on your Mix to one of the Station characters. Maybe they will release these stations similar to these so we can have access to it at home, or if someone is able to get all of these downloadable items and allow us to transfer it to our Mix like with the P's
  11. ★ Day 31 ★ As promised, I put batteries in it and it’s back up and running! I don’t really like how I have to push down really hard on the case to remove it. It makes me feel like I’ll apply too much pressure or break the case by sliding it the wrong way or something. So here’s a recap--Akane turned into an adult and I changed her colours. I settled with white and I gave her an accessory for fun. I had three potential candidates to marry her off to--Mametchi, Kuchipatchi and Kuromametchi. I ended up going with Kuchipatchi because I want to save the other two for later. Kuchipatchi: I want you to marry me, datchi! And we did! Her outline became red as a result. I’d say it matches her quite nicely. Here’s their child-- It’s a grey baby boy! He will be called Alain. The family picture is very colourful. His mother helped him take a bath. Squeaky clean! An hour later, he grew into a green Kuchi-lipped toddler. What happened to that grey body? :s The park changed its theme too. I thought it was something from Patchi Forest or something, judging from the mushrooms. But it’s probably the Makaka Town theme? Kuchipatchi's lips look cute on the toddler, but I can't say for sure when Alain becomes an adult...I'll need to change the park theme to try and get the rose headpiece. No offense to Alain but...he looks like a trash bag Everything is up to speed now! I'm on the 14th generation so far. Everything in my family tree is also updated. Geez, Akane went through a lot of changes! Until next time~☆!
  12. By button, do you mean the icon menu? There's helpful guides online, such as this, this and this. They're all quite similar, so just have a look and see (depending on what Mix you have, i.e Spacy, Melody, Anniversary, Sanrio). Otherwise, are you talking about the three buttons on the Tamagotchi itself? The one on the left is the A button, which is selection/scroll. The one in the middle ( B ) is to execute/confirm, and the one on the right ( C ) is to cancel.
  13. When you want to play with Tamagotchi but the thing itself won't work :(

  14. ★ Day 30 ★ Hello everyone! Most of my assessments have been done, and I only have two more tomorrow. I’m not too concerned about them, so it’s time to get back to this~~ Before I took a small pause, I let Akane grow into an adult. She didn’t notice a thing with my tiny hiatus Resembled a carrot as well! But yaaay, she got Himebaratchi’s roses~ Watawatatchi’s cloud piece had a nice run. I changed Akane’s colour several times. The red was too intense on her despite her name. I’ve gathered sprites for all of em which you will see soon. These images were taken before I took the break, but I will continue to run it tomorrow as soon as possible. I think white suits her and the rose decor pretty well. Not really relevant, but I made an Instagram for my Tamagotchi. I've never had IG before, so I’m not sure what I want to do with it but it’s nice to see other people’s Tamagotchi posts there too. Until next time~☆!
  15. Thank you! I have two tomorrow, which is more like a practice assessment for the final one held at the end of the year. I'd still like to try my best though. The assessment today counts more, so after tomorrow I'm basically free. I think I can get back to running it tonight... It's never too late to get into Tamagotchi! I thought that I would have outgrown them but I came back last year to find that there's still a fanbase. But we have to face the fact that Tamagotchis aren't as popular as they were back in the day. And thank you, haha~ ^^