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  1. Hey Pengo, Glad to hear you're working on a project like this. Must be a lot of work tracing all the photos. I am running a V2 at the moment but not debugged, and I only have the one. I will get back to you if anything changes but I just wanted to encourage you and say nice job!
  2. Hazel your log is great and I really love all your customizations! That's something I want to try with the very play-worn V4 I just got. So your guides are really good inspiration. Related - do you know what to search for online to get good replacement chains? I found some chains online but they're too thick and heavy for Tamas.
  3. Hey Scrungo, nice log! It sounds like you had fun and I enjoyed reading about it :) I like raising Tamas without reading the guides too, it's more of a surprise. Let us know how many "years" Jeff makes it to!