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    My Tamagotchi collection is a little sad right now, but I dream of adding to my hoard of virtual pets and things *>*
    I draw a lot too and am a plushie-maker in training.

    Other interests include:
    •parrots, opossums, hyenas, octopods
    •Tamagotchi (why I'm even here)
    •sparkly, fun versions of gross things (like bugs)
    •gross things in their normal state (like bugs)
    •I'm an old soul for music
    •juxtapositions/contrasts/visual deception
    •monsters (Bloodborne-level)
    •cosmic horror and surreality
    •architecture (modern to ancient)

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    •Rising Star shell
    •Rock City shell
    •Mametchi figurine (playing trumpet)
    •Kutchipatchi figurine (playing accordion)
    •Memetchi figurine (singing w/ mic)
    •Tamagotchi: The Movie disc
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    Music Star? It's the only one I got.
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    Kuromametchi, Kuchipatchi, Makiko, Mimitchi, Ringotchi
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    •Rising Star

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  1. My stats: 1st Gen- ·Futabatchi ·Hoshitchi ·Nikatchi ·Memetchi I had a blind run of this game, so I fed it a mix of foods and what it wanted, but I chose mainly fruit and especially oranges. 2nd Gen- ·Omututchi (fed meat, mainly sausages) ·Meganetchi(meat and sausages again) ·Soyofuwatchi (vegetables and sushi) ·Mametchi 3rd Gen- ·Omutuchi (same as 2nd Gen) ·Meganetchi (junk foods like cookies, chocolate, and fries) ·Mokokotchi (100% cucumbers) ·Mametchi 4th Gen- Gonna try to get a kuchipatchi by feeding the teen junk food. On getting Sebiretchi, I told my friend to feed Soyofuwatchi 100% apples. She's also terribly forgetful and while she did feed it apples, she forgot to feed it for like two days straight.
  2. I simply watched a Bob Ross video and my day was made.
  3. Bird lady's gettin a little too aggressive about larping and brother can't do anything to stop it.
  4. Ehh, today was sorta uneventful. Or maybe that's just because I don't remember much of it? Lil' Ugly's skill stats are all over 600 now. She spent her last day at school with het band mates and successfully pro debuted after their second try. Finally don't hafta worry about living off the king's handouts. She moved up the charts pretty quick and is probably ranked 5th in the world right now? Also, her band members evolved into a robot tama and the fuzzy blue tama with the yellow hat. I'm planning to marry Lil' Ugly off to one of them this time. As of right now, all she's focusing on is practicing on the drums and playing with the mirror. She is a simple woman. PS: Still can't figure out photos.
  5. So tons happened yesterday and today. Yesterday in the evening, Lil' Ugly evolved from her toddler form into her teenage form. I ended up getting the middle care evolution, which for Music Star is the lil' strawberry Tamagotchi thing. Today in the morning, she started her first day of school and started a band with the monkey tama and the fire lump tama (man, I can't be bothered to even look up their species name X3). So far Lil' Ugly's been mostly living offa donations from the king. Money's tight so she's only been eating cheap junkfood like hot dogs and.. mostly hot dogs. Today, the king sent her a Latino music album, which we can't even party because we got no stereo and apparently she's underage(??). For no good reason there are some items you can't use if your pet's not old enough. I dunno how the heck Lil' Ugly manages to find amusement in a mirror. How's that even a toy ·<·? Update @ 12:40 am: My tamagotchi evolved into a Violetchi in her sleep.
  6. I really need to update my profile ´

  7. Late baby! I'll post photos once I remember how to again. I reset my blue Music Star and hatched a girl at 4:03 pm that was gifted a mirror (???) to play with and a set of drums. She evolved into a perfect care toddler at 4:59 ·<· I decided to call this'un Lil' Ugly-- naw fo real-- I decided to call her Bori, after the element Boron, 'cause chemistry nerd Ever since last year, it's been a tradition to name my pets after elements, beginning with my old Mimitchi, Carbon. Anyways, I started her life straight off with sharpening her musical skills. She a baby but that don't mean she too young to go into hardcore musical training `<´ Right now, she's got her originality over 300 points and her tone over l20. Her rhythm's.. nothing special. She's asleep right now, but I accidentally woke her up earlier and now she stressed out.
  8. I'm in. I've never done a group hatch before. I'm gonna get my Music Star.
  9. O wow I'm 17 today ·

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