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    Chi-town -<•
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    My Tamagotchi collection is a little sad right now, but I dream of adding to my hoard of virtual pets and things *>*
    I draw a lot too and am a plushie-maker in training.

    Other interests include:
    •parrots, opossums, hyenas, octopods
    •Tamagotchi (why I'm even here)
    •sparkly, fun versions of gross things (like bugs)
    •gross things in their normal state (like bugs)
    •I'm an old soul for music
    •juxtapositions/contrasts/visual deception
    •monsters (Bloodborne-level)
    •cosmic horror and surreality
    •architecture (modern to ancient)

My Tamagotchis

  • My Collection
    •Rising Star shell
    •Rock City shell
    •Mametchi figurine (playing trumpet)
    •Kutchipatchi figurine (playing accordion)
    •Memetchi figurine (singing w/ mic)
    •Tamagotchi: The Movie disc
  • Favorite Tamagotchi
    Music Star? It's the only one I got.
  • Favorite Tamagotchi Character
    Kuromametchi, Kuchipatchi, Makiko, Mimitchi, Ringotchi
  • Tamagotchis currently running
    •Rising Star

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    Don't have one anymore.~

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