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  1. Yes! This is what I was going to post. I love all the strange designs present in the earlier editions of the franchise, which is some of the reason why I tend to collect/run those rather than getting the color versions. Their designs are ultimately more memorable. Like what you said, the consequences of poor care are meaningless now if every evolution ends up being conventionally cute. I don't know if I can call this "gone" per se since it recently made an appearance in the Gudetama Tamagotchi, but I like how in some of the vintage editions there were dangers/other Tamas trying to eat your pet. It just has a unique charm to me. It made the Tamagotchi planet feel like it had a complex environment. The Tamagotchi Ocean went too far with it and made it nearly impossible to get a good care character, though. I think it was done well for the Gudetama release, which makes me hope they'll consider adding in this feature again.
  2. Aw, I think it would be a cute feature. I feel like the color editions have made the Tamagotchis more human-like, so I don't think it's completely out of left field. They could adopt a baby instead. If this was on the Mix/Meets, it would be an opportunity to start anew and get genes that are not present in the adoptive parents. However its unlikely anything like this would happen considering Japan's complicated views on sexuality.
  3. I understand what you guys are saying completely. It's been a while since I have last looked this up (so I might be getting some of my facts wrong), I recall someone once saying they got a prototype of a unreleased Legend of Zelda toy at a Goodwill. Strange things can happen. But with that being said I guess I still have my doubts about the story, because the Magical Witches were a Japan only release, and the story feels made to make big time collectors mad if I'm being completely honest. Back onto the original subject though, is the red (fire) edition the most common? Whenever I see someone have one it always seems to be in that color.
  4. Going to go slightly off-topic briefly, but by any chance did you learn about that in a video? I swear I've heard the same story as well. I had my doubts on how veracious the claim was, it seems like a pretty slim chance that someone would find a rare Japanese virtual pet in a thrift store for that price.
  5. I have no idea if glow-in-the-dark tape lasts very long, but I've heard paint does though. You could probably get a similar result by painting a piece of paper.
  6. I can't speak for Buyee, but I know through Zenmarket they have import fees per item. With that and shipping, there's a chance that the final price will be close to what's being asked for them on Ebay. Luckily their listings are normally available for a very long time (probably because of the price) but if you're really adamant on getting one you could probably save up some money and buy one when you have enough.
  7. I agree completely that they were popular, but I see many people outside of the v-pet fandom confuse the Connection line with the original releases. I think because of that some audiences might not respond to it thinking that game play wise its interchangeable with the recent rerelease.
  8. Most sellers I have encountered on ebay will mention either in the title or the listing whether or not the Tama will work. I haven't seen many broken color editions on sale. The biggest problem with used Tamas is that the shells are either missing paint, plastic is scuffed up or the screen has scratches. If you're okay with those possible problems, a used Tama is a great way to save money. My only used Tama I have off hand is a English Angel edition and it has always worked great.
  9. I hate to say this, but I have never seen them go for £50. The only chances of finding one at that price is the seller not knowing the value of the pet and wanting to quickly get rid of it. Have you checked on Yahoo Auctions? You might get something of a price break there.
  10. I hatched a striped egg on my Gameboy port of Tamagotchi for Easter (I also named my Tama after the holiday). I know that edition is not very relevant to the Spring season, but the designs of the eggs in it are reminiscent of a lot of Easter decorations IMO. She's currently a Tonmarutchi!
  11. Interesting. That partially explains the high prices on ebay - a lot of import collectables' values get increased. Do you know off hand if they go for around the same price on Yahoo Auctions? Ebay asking 1,000+ bucks for a virtual pet is crazy in my opinion.
  12. They're extremely rare. A few years back someone was selling all of the editions on ebay. If I recall correctly, they went for a pretty steep price. Off hand the collectors that I am aware of that have one probably won't readily give it up. All I can say is keep checking up on ebay? I have never done a search for one on yahoo auctions. Does anyone know if they're more common in Japan? **UPDATE** There are actually a few on ebay right now! The prices for them haven't changed in the slightest, but here they are: I agree with everyone's sentiments, Bandai should bring these back. Has anyone ever done scans of the booklet or box? The art for the pet is absolutely adorable. They look like they're made out of clay.
  13. I did some searching and it looks like the game is pretty much gone. Surprisingly the official website to the game is still up, but its download link is dead. However, I did find a link for a download of it on a site called APKMirror...? I have no idea what this website is - I have never encountered it before, so I have no idea if it's safe or not.
  14. By any chance are you familiar with a youtube channel called Ashens? He reviews a lot of strange items from Poundland. Perhaps his videos are coloring my perception of the store, but he always seems to find strange/bootleg items there. This is showing how much I shop for Tama stuff online - I've seen these before, but always listed under "Tamagotchi". (Ebay sellers do this a lot) I didn't know before this that these were actually known as Cyber Pets. I guess the real villains here are the vendors?
  15. Thanks for the recommendation! That thread is very interesting. I had no idea Bandai was sensitive about this particular subject, but it makes sense. I recall once reading about a few fanmade (online) Tamas that were in bad taste... I wonder if Bandai would lighten up if a group of fans asked for their seal of approval first.
  16. They look cute! Aside from the recent Easter variant these are probably my favorite shell designs yet. The purple one looks the best, all the colors compliment each other well. I am kind of disappointed with the new characters? It looks like you can get some pretty cute combinations with them however (A genie Pizzarinatchi would be adorable). Any news if these are going to have the Magical or Fantasy characters involved? I believe the Easter one favored the Magical edition, but I could be wrong. I don't have own a Meets and haven't been following any logs of them.
  17. It's not too far off to assume a dollar store would be selling knock off items. I've noticed every time I have been in one there are fake Hasbro-based/inspired toys there. None of them look good. Isn't this brand of bootleg Tamas known for stealing sprites? If they are truly being sold at big name stores there could even be legal problems. IMO, they're still a fake. A lot of them use Tamagotchi branding or its marketing style to convince purchasers they're getting the real deal.
  18. You can always sell them as a lot on ebay, or check your area for any vintage toy stores. The prices seem to vary at collector stores (it kind of depends on how knowledgeable the employees are on the franchise) but you might be able to get a lot of money off of them by selling them as a bulk auction.
  19. It's been a while since I ran my rerelease P1, but I did find Mametchi easier to get. The only problem with this is that made Ginjirotchi harder for Tamatchi to evolve into (or at least for me, I still haven't gotten him). The Mametchis on this edition seem a little more resistant to care mistakes, but with that being said the guide to receiving one for the original p1 is still the best strategy: check up on him regularly and take care of your Tamatchi immediately if a heart drops. I hope this helps!
  20. This is something that has been in the back of my mind for a while. I'm not very knowledgeable about hacking, so apologies if some of my terminology gets confused. Has anyone attempted to make a homebrew Tamagotchi? Or at some point did one exist? For the uninitiated, a homebrew is is normally a game created by fans that is released on a platform that is not user-programmable. I have seen many hacks for color Tamagotchis to add more environments, items, or even characters but it's still the same game. I think with the right information it could be possible to hack a P1/P2 and make it into it's own edition.
  21. It sounds like something might be wrong with the battery compartment and how it's connected to the rest of the electronics. Personally I would try cleaning the contacts first before busting it open.
  22. Wow, I didn't even notice "Tamaguchi" until you pointed it out. I wonder why some bootlegs intentionally misspell the product's name? It's probably because of copyright, but it also feels like a dead give away that it's fake... 🤔 I haven't seen any bootlegs in shops yet. I have heard stories of people claiming to find bootleg Tamas at gas stations (of all places) and dollar stores. It seems to be more of an online problem at this time. I think it would be bad news for Bandai and a lot of fans if the bootlegs became just as common outside of the internet.
  23. Super late reply to this, so apologies if I'm bumping a semi-dead thread. Anyway, reading this post and your previous thread it sounds like your Pixel Chix might be getting insufficient energy from the batteries. Did you buy them new in the box or used? There's a chance that if there were old batteries installed that they have corroded over time, weakening the contacts. Cotton swabs dipped in vinegar or lemon juice will help clean it up. The issue may be more serious with the battery holder being sloppily put into the toy during manufacturing creating a buggy edition. I don't have any advice there, I'm not a very technologically savvy person.
  24. Aw I remember this thread from when I first joined and I'm so glad to see it's still alive Anyway, I am listening to Supermassive Black Hole by Muse!
  25. I've heard of this! It looks like "reanimated" projects are currently the big trend among animators right now. I hope it goes well! I think of Tamagotchis being something of a niche interest so I hope they get enough people involved with it.