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    Pokemon, Smash Bros., Yu-Gi-Oh!, Drawing and Tamagotchi :)

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    i only have a V4 tamagotchi from my childhood :(
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    Kuchipachi and Gozarutchi
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    My silver and dark red V4 device!

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  1. I cant understand the school thing with my V4, the teacher has three boxes with a pencil in one and poo on the other too and i cant understand how i can see when the pencil is... any help?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. RoanRvN


      so the pencil is in one of the boxes that flash?


    3. TamaMum


      Check out our Tips & Tricks forum. You'll find a V$ Useful Topics index to check through ;)

    4. RoanRvN


      Thanks TamaMum :D

  2. Well i guess going to school means that you cant take good care of your tamagotchi, my putchichi just evolved to a ringotchi :(

  3. Raven left her daughter to me and went off to her planet and now the newborn is Lexa ^^

    1. RoanRvN


      Update: She just evolved into a Puchitchi :D !!!

    2. WingsThePhoenix


      It's a panda with no arms from the looks of it <33

    3. RoanRvN


      Yeeaaaah and i hope it evolves to a mametchi or whatever it is called later in its life :D :D :D

  4. A little random, does anyone play yugioh? xD

    1. Asher1232


      no pokemon / digimon 4 lyfe


    2. PokemonBecky


      Yes, I was having a duel with my friend earlier!

    3. RoanRvN


      Asher- Pokemon is one of my favs too, not digimon though


      Becky- Niiiice :D


  5. Sooooo, tonight is the night that my Raven (ponytchi) will leave cause i said yes to the matchmaker and a girl will be my new one :D im really happy, im gonna name her Lexa

    1. WingsThePhoenix


      Ooooh, that sounds awesome! 8D What do you think she'll evolve into?

    2. RoanRvN


      i havent thought of that yet, but i always wanted a Gozarutchi although i hope she does not evolve into one cause she is a girlll


  6. So i was wondering if the items on the tamagotchi V 4 and 4,5 are for 1 use, i have gathered so many items and toys and im afraid to use them
  7. Your tamagotchi device might be like that forever, it is known that corroded batteries damage the devices they are in , so next time try removing the batteries when you are not using something
  8. Feel free to add me as a friend, i need friends :'( i cri everytiem

  9. So, Joined in today and i think that this forum is a really helpful one, im from greece so sorry about language mistakes :) :D

  10. Hey guys, i have only got a v4 silver tamagotchi, can i be a member here or is it just for the new tamagotchi owners?

    1. TamaMum


      Welcome. This is a community forum for all tamagotchi fans - both old and new :)

    2. RoanRvN


      Oooh hapy to hear that :D