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  1. I want a tama ID so bad

  2. I'm thinking about making an order from JapanYouWant.  What Tamas should I get?

    1. KidRetro64


      Well, If you want a Meets, I wouldn’t get one from Hobbylink Japan! They are cheaper and better from there!

    2. Hoky


      I'd say ask yourself if you wanna do vintage, modern, or connection era and then go from there! JYW's got a pretty solid selection at the moment, so you'd have options for each.

  3. hey guys, I'm back!!  It's probably been 2 years since i was on here and I haven't run a Tama in forever.  I'm starting to attempt to get back into the hobby but so much has changed

    1. tamakisser


      I understand this! Welcome back I have done the same, been awhile with the site. Good luck!

  4. I have a friends dream town, but i haven't run it in a while so i'm not sure about the screen ghosting thing. but about the buttons: try looking up a video on how to open up a tama and clean the contacts on the buttons. that should make them much much more responisive. Hope I could help!!
  5. https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0B6xOmubBbXsbRUVkcFpVSS1DZEE this lady has made a bunch that are available on her website. she also has ones for the P's. hope I could Help
  6. i personally would get the dream town especially because they are quite cheap so you cant go wrong there. i have one and the screen is kind of hard to see, but it is fun to run occasionally.
  7. I finished a book and wrote a book report today, I feel accomplished :)

  8. I can't wait until I get some money in my paypal so I can buy more tamas :3

  9. I bring mine to school occasionally, but I'm always really afraid it will get broken or lost or even stolen. but it is like a little adventure for your tama to bring it with you
  10. I absolutely love the p's!!! Up next on my list to buy is an akai and an ID

  11. I don't have the app, and I enjoy my 4u when I am just looking to run a VERY simple color tama that I'm not going to have to look after very much. I'm sure it's much better with the app, but it is enjoyable without it as well.
  12. My Yellow P's came in today!!! I'm soooo happy I'm grinning from ear to ear!! :D :D :)

    1. Nonnytama


      That's the color I got! I think it's really pretty

  13. I would definitely go with the p's because of the english patch and the downloadable pierces, items, and games that are available
  14. I'm in!! I'm not quite sure which tama I'll be hatching since I am waiting on a few in the mail. I'll make sure to let you know what I decide before the hatch!!
  15. still waiting on my p's

    1. Jade27


      Yeah, the P's are great. you'll lov em