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    Ebay Tamagotchi Hell Zone
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    Coding, astronomy, mooning over vintage tams or pictures of my lovely girlfriend, drawing, watching cartoons and the only MANime I'll ever watch like Jojo's Bizzare Adventure, robots, Megaman, Khonjin House, etc.

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    Connection V4.5 (Chocolate Argyle),
    Connection V4(Glow-in-the-Dark shell),
    Connection V3(Summer Night),
    Keitai (Melon Soda)
    Friends Dream Town (colorful bubbles),
    an Osutchi/Mesutchi pair (the pink and blue Hello!Gotch! shells),
    AngelGotchi (Pink, First Gen),
    and 2 2018 Minis (Series 2 Pink and Silver Spirals, and Series 1 ).
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    Horoyotchi and KuroMametchi
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    Melon Soda Keitai

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  1. Your profile made me smile just now qwq

  2. hooghghh i guess im back?? warm welcome to the influx of newcomers btw

    1. QueenRita


      hi! wb n ty!

  3. Alright, i wasnt able to get a new battery in time so i wont be able to participate, sorry. :'/
  4. It's probably an australian v4 from the looks of it.
  5. Alright, recently i received a wonderful melon soda keitai as a gift from my lovely girlfriend, and it has become the crown jewel of my collection. I also got a very pretty summer night v3 with it, but they both have a few little faults that i would like to fix to help better their condition! First off, the paint on the both of them has chipped off a but, and i would like to fix the little things that i can. Does anyone know what kind of paint would be best? I am not risking anything by using nail polish, as ive heard it tends to smear the designs and causes the shell to yellow. The other thing i would appreciate getting help with is whitening my melon soda's yellowed buttons! I have tried dunking them in water with baking soda and lime, and gently washed them with toothpaste, but neither method has achieved anything, except for temporarily causing my tam to glitch and forcing me to reset. I would try soaking them in chlorine, but I am very paranoid about using such a strong chemical on the soft rubber. Does anyone know of a good, foolproof, and safe method? Thank you very much in advance, and I will try to post some pictures once I get home!
  6. If its been more than three generations since youve last had your coffretchi, it has probably reached the point where it is removed from the family history in order to make space for more raised characters. I may be wrong though, since i only know that this happens on the connection series tams.
  7. The 20th anniversary tamagotchi is a mini version, it's meant to be more of a keychain that only requires a small amount of care. It can only be fed, cleaned up after, cared for while its sick, and has the light on/off function for when it sleeps. I personally liked having one while I was going through a big testing period at school where i was way too busy to care for a normal tam. :>
  8. Ooh, I can probably join this once i get batteries for my v3! Hopefully I can, I've never really been part of group hatches before!
  9. My keitai grew up to be a furawatchi, but it came as a surprise since he is a boy! It doesn't bother me at all, but I was a bit surprised since I didnt know all obtainable characters on the keitai are gender neutral! Guess I'm still a bit too used to the English connection series ¯\_(":V)_/¯

    1. Jhud


      It's the same for the v3 though!Gender exclusive characters were introduced in the Entamas and v4's. (Well, maybe Osutchi and Mesutchi if that counts). All other versions before that are fair game with genders.

    2. TolueneZene


      Huh, guess ill have to check that when i start up my v3! Thanks for the info!

  10. my girlfriend got me a melon soda keitai... . . . im crying i love her so much

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    2. debibu


      That's so cute! (^_^) So lucky!!!

    3. debibu


      That's so cute! (^_^) So lucky!!!

    4. debibu


      That's so cute! (^_^) So lucky!!!

  11. As a total JJBA nerd.... I'd totally buy this if this was a real thing honestly.
  12. Alright, since the last tamagotchi art thread is pretty old, how about a new one? Post any tamagotchi art you've made recently! Here's a piece I just finished: I haven't posted it to my tumblr yet, so think of it as a sneak peak!
  13. Thank you so much!! I just wanna make sure there isnt already a tam i can take care of before i reset, since i always tend to care for past pets. Thank you again!
  14. Alright, so my keitai is almost here and I realized I don't know one very important thing! Once I start up my keitai and open up the menu with the download/reset options, which is which? To clarify, which option will allow me to download, the first or second option?