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  1. Massive sun implosion. Also I got my Mothra in the mail earlier. I got an Akai earlier this week too but the screen's busted on it so whatever.

  2. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy 2017! Try to make the best of it!

  3. My new Love and Melody set as well as my Tamagotchi manga arrived today.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. KawaiiDemonGirl


      Also where would you get the manga? Lol


    3. Saltonara


      I got mine on Amazon; they have others on there too that I may get eventually. Just as a warning though, they are in Japanese.

    4. KawaiiDemonGirl


      Oh okay, i do not mind them in Japanese since I mostly want to see the pictures and collect them more or less lol thx!

  4. The sun vomiting profusely.

  5. My ZenMarket shipment is here! I love everything inside! The Wai Wai Yu Hockey game and the hand towel are bigger than I thought they would be. The hand towel is actually hand towel sized! The cuppy, on the other hand, is smaller than I thought it would be. But if anything, that makes me love it even more! I never actually intended to drink out of it, so its cute, small size makes it work even better as a collectible! Then of course we have plump Mero here too!
  6. My ZenMarket shipment arrived today! I made a status about it but then remembered there is a thread for this stuff.

  7. My ZenMarket shipment got shipped out. It contains 4 items related to Tamagotchi, but none of them are actual Tamagotchis. They also all have something more specific in common.

  8. In my opinion they are a bit better than "just okay", but I do have to agree with most of the other issues. It can all feel a bit underwhelming, especially with only one m!x and the lack of access to m!x Stations. Also I personally liked collecting clovers and such. I liked getting to actually know my tama honestly. I feel like you cannot really get to do that on the m!x. Personalities do not merge, unfortunately. The child either adopts the personality of one parent or the other, and as a result they feel kind of shallow. I suppose it goes hand-in-hand with the simplified care, though.
  9. Unfortunately, it is not possible to raise all the tamas. Only 5 adults of each gender can be raised. Unfortunately Jellytchi is not one of the males that can be raised, nor is Morijikatchi. My 20th anniversary m!x arrived today, and I looked at the cafe menu. The Pudding A La Mode looks like it could possibly be what unlocks Berry Town if it is still around. I will experiment a bit and get back to you on that if I find anything out. Do not take my word for this quite yet, though.