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  1. oh okay that sounds like a nice idea o: the 4u and 4u+ still do the same connecting as it would if a 4u+ would be connected to it like that fashion game and picture taking together?
  2. I have a 4u+ notice that people have 2 of the same tamas. Does having 2 of the same make it more fun or something?
  3. The 2012 model is the one ppl use for the 4u app? Will that model still send things to my tama atleast? I'm just trying to make sure so i dont end up wasiting money
  4. This may be helpful. This is what i looked at to become more familiar to where things are.
  5. If u buy something under the japanese is a picture of the item so you know what it looks like o:
  6. I don't know japanese either. I just got my 4u+ march 30th and from then on everything was pretty ez to figure out. I'm enjoying it a lot so you should go for it c: though i did look at guides so i would know where things were in the icons but that was quick and took nothing but 5 mins to look at xp
  7. Thinking to buy Tamagotchi p's o-o;

  8. And by able to use i mean have you actually downloaded something yet x-x; I can get the step 1 part done with ez but the step 2 downloading part takes awhile to find connection to nfc i guess. Haven't really downloaded anything yet. I have hope for my phone cuz i believe i almost did it until my phone screen save started up and ruined my closest chance :v it always tells me put devices apart and put together again which is annoying each time cuz i dont exactly put it in the same place doing that. ooo also in stage 2 in the middle of it the random nfc happens and makes it d.c from my phone or w.e
  9. ooo okay, i have been trying to nfc a lot :v guess i'll be buying batteries tomorrow. Thanks c:
  10. This is a brand new tamagotchi though o: and the batteries are new. so idk why it would say that. only had it since friday i think. unless the batteries die that fast :v
  11. I try to use 4u app on galaxy s6 and when i do this shows up.