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  1. Thanks so much guys! Oh and one more question... my 'outdoor house look' in my tamagotchi has changed to a bungalo looking pink yellow and white house to a gray building with some orange color hints on it, why so?
  2. In the interior store there are choices of rooms that are priced 5000g. I want to know which of these rooms match the other rooms of other categories which are also priced 5000g. Please help me because it's hard to look at them partially and conclude which is which. Thank you.
  3. Who else likes smosh?
  4. Based from what I experienced in my tamagotchi music star, you start from scratch.
  5. Help! I just got a new iD L and I heard you can get pets. Can you have more than one pet? And what can they do? I'm sorry my tama is in Japanese... so sometimes I can't understand some stuff... Thanks!
  6. I just recently bought a blue tamagotchi iD L. I heard there are a LOT of travel destinations. How do I unlock all of them?
  7. I haven't heard of a UV screen protector (probably because none are available in my location) but I bought a DIY screen protector and it works well on my iD L.
  8. Guys! Please help. I just got this new idl and people say you can only store certain amount of games. What happens if I want to change the game? How will I delete it?
  9. I have a a samsung duos. Can I use that to download ID L items? If not, can you give examples of stuff I can use? Thank you!
  10. Guys? Can I possibly get a social tamagotchi if I only have one tamagotchi? How? Thanks!