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  1. Thanks for your replies! How do I do mediocre care? Just miss a few times when they poop and let them get sick a few times? Bad care would be to have their hearts be empty a lot, right?
  2. So I just recently got this Dreamtown Tama and I'm interested in knowing how to evolve my tama into more specific ones. It came with a chart of sorts but it's not really specific as to how you can get certain tamas within a specific class (and I think it adds others you can't even get so I'm a little confused as to which I can or can't obtain). For example, I know if I focus on robots, I'll get a himespetchi but how do I get hoshigirltchi? Do I only have to get a certain amount of 'excellent' or 'good' grades in order to get certain characters? Is it just random? Is there a list of characters you can get for the DT? Thanks!