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  1. I feel like I'm the only one in this website who knows the game Wadanohara and the great blue sea, if you know it, say it in the comments, if not, ok... ;-; -Mata
  2. It's from eBay, it's in good condition (even though it was used) I'm having a REALLY good day time with it, next, I'm gonna get the Jammin' Hamster, I'm so excited to connect them together Mata
  3. I don't celebrate Christmas cause i'm not christian, but I still wish you it, MAN! I can't wait for 2017! Stay Classy! ~Mata
  4. HELLO GUYS! IM BACK! IM NOT DEAD! The reason why I was away cause: -I don't use Tamatalk too much -I was busy so yeah, for now on, I will use TamaTalk sometimes! Now the question of the day is what is the most bad Pixel Chix you have ever had? -Mata
  5. Ok, Thank you, I can try that, again, Thanks for the advice -Mata
  6. So my Rockin' Puppy that I was about to order got lost in the plane, I got a notification from eBay that it was missing, so I got my money back, I was REALLY looking forward to playing with my Rockin' Puppy. So when I move, I will buy a new one or just buy another one, I am really depressed, can someone cheer me up?
  7. Help! I need help with downloading some Miuchiz files for my Miuchiz Bratz, I have Cloe but when I try to search "Miuchiz Bratz Games" it just does not show anything like that, when I went on this file, it was a joke, it was NOT MediaFire, it was a trick to make it infect my laptop! Please, someone help me or try to find a backup for my Miuchiz Bratz!
  8. Ok earthlings, I just found out of how to debug your Pixel Pet, Keep on pressing the tick button repeatedly until you see cobwebs, some black thing that has thease smell mark stuff and you see your Hamster \ Puppy have a mad face. Try it, it is really fun!
  9. For Undertale fans: Heyo guys! Im back! And I have questions for all you Undertale fans, What part do you like in Undertale? If you do not wanna answer that then What was the funniest part in Undertale? The best part was for me is that when The ending of Pacifist run. And what is the funniest part of Undertale is that When Papyrus dates you and he wears a funny costume WARNING, PEOPLE WHO ARE SPOILERS OF UNDERTALE DO NOT READ THIS ONE , JUST SKIP TO THE PIXEL CHIX ONE, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED I REPEAT, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! For Pixel Chix fans: Hiya guys~ Im back with another Pixel Chix question for all of you guys! Ahem, If you were able to be a Pixel Chix character who would it be? if you do not wanna answer that then What type of Pixel Chix animal would you be? Me I would be the baby because its soo cute Goo goo gaa gaa~ And what type of animal? Mmm~ probably a cat Mew
  10. Oh thats Ok, I still play it Beacause It reminds me of my childhood!
  11. Well, it is simillar to the Hamster one exept it becomes a rockstar and it is a dog!
  12. A few days ago, I ordered a Pixel Chix Puppy house on Ebay, and It did not come today, no nu nu dummy Soon its gonna be coming, probably Tomarrow or some day, Country: Not telling, why? Because Hello Privacy? Sorry if it is Too bright, I'll just leave it If someone tells you to be a different person, don't listen to them, Just Be Perfect & Be Yourself.