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  1. I've really missed it here. ❤️  Hope everyone is doin' well!

  2. I'm so happy, I could cry! My best friend bought me a tama as an early Christmas gift, and it's the exact V3 I had as a kid! He's the best!!

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    2. Keegui


      No way! Mine too!! :D It's the one with frogs on it. I still don't know if I'll keep it in the package or actually use it yet!

    3. mimitchi ^o^

      mimitchi ^o^

      Omg, so cute!! I've never seen that design online before! I'm awful at keeping Tama's in packages though haha, I'd probably play with the gold V3 if I ever got one!

    4. Keegui


      Yeah, it doesn't seem to be a very popular design! I really like it, personally! It's gonna be tough not using it, but I have my sister's first tama new in package, so I figured I'll keep this one in the package, too! <3

  3. Tamas are such an amazing help with my anxiety! ♥

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    2. pinkbutterflies


      I love my tamas for this. <3

    3. Keegui


      Wow! It's great to see others feel the same way! ♥ Who would've thought these little digital pets would have such an impact on our lives?

    4. Berryitchi


      Tamagotchis help me with depression. They're so sweet! Even though I can't have mine on I still love them... :) (BTW it's so sad you had to leave behind your tamagotchis! D':)

  4. Okay, so... I may or may not have impulse bought two more tamagotchis... Woooooopsies!

    1. Hapihapitchi


      What tamagotchis?

    2. Keegui


      Another P1 and P2... LOL! I don't think I'll be opening them, though. :) I want to have them a part of my NIB collection. Oh, and my boyfriend told me he's getting me a P2 for Christmas. Tamagotchi Overload!

  5. Just bought my first Tamagotchi P1! ♥

  6. My new tamagotchis have arrived!! :D

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    2. tamapalace
    3. Keegui


      I got a V4 and V4.5 (The PC Pack)! I was so excited to open them up!

    4. itzfelix


      Where did you buy them? And how much did they cost? I am thinking about getting another V4.5

  7. Can't wait for my new tamas to come!

  8. Meep. Headache... :(

    1. Tamacass


      I've had a headache on the side of my head all day... it sucks.

  9. Rest in Peace, Prince. You were a pop legend, and your music will forever remain timeless to many.