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    (#1) Tamagotchi Connection V3: Yellow w/ Dots
    (#2) Tamagotchi Connection V3: Yellow w/ Dots
    (#3) Tamagotchi Connection V3: Blue w/ Butterflies [MIB]
    (#4) Tamagotchi Connection V4: Blue & Red w/ Sparkle Swirl
    (#5) Tamagotchi Connection V4.5: Blue Earth (PC Pack)
    (#6) Tamagotchi P1: Light Blue w/ Pink Numbers (20A)
    (#7) Tamagotchi P2: Yellow w/ Orange Trim
    (#8) Tamagotchi P1: Transparent Blue [MIB]
    (#9) Tamagotchi P2: Transparent Milky White [MIB]
    (#10) Tamagotchi P2: Transparent Yellow [MIB]
    (#11) Tamagotchi P2: Transparent Green (20A) [MIB]
    (#12) Tamagotchi P2: Aqua w/ Yellow Logo (20A)
    (#13) Tamagotchi P1: Hot Pink w/ Lime Green Trim
    (#14) Tamagotchi P2: Transparent Ice Blue [MIB]
    (#15) Tamagotchi P1: White w/ Pastel Swirls [NIB]
    (#16) Tamagotchi P1: Transparent Red/Pink Clock [MIB]
    (#17) Tamagotchi Connection V1: Transparent Orange Glitter
    (#18) Tamagotchi Connection V2: Pale Yellow w/ Butterflies
    (#19) Tamagotchi Connection V3: Green w/ Frogs
    (#20) Tamagotchi Meets: Fairytale Version Yellow
    (#21) Tamagotchi Meets: Magical Version Purple
    (#22) Tamagotchi Meets: Magical Version White
    (#23) Tamagotchi Connection V4: Glow-in-the-Dark [MIB]
    (#24) Tamagotchi ON: Fairytale Version Pink
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    Too many to decide!
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    Pyonkotchi or Ginjirotchi ♡
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    (#24) Tamagotchi ON: Fairytale Version Pink: Hibikitchi G2 (male) ♡

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  1. Tamas are such an amazing help with my anxiety! ♥

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. pinkbutterflies


      I love my tamas for this. <3

    3. Keegui


      Wow! It's great to see others feel the same way! ♥ Who would've thought these little digital pets would have such an impact on our lives?

    4. Berryitchi


      Tamagotchis help me with depression. They're so sweet! Even though I can't have mine on I still love them... :) (BTW it's so sad you had to leave behind your tamagotchis! D':)