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  1. I've really missed it here. ❤️  Hope everyone is doin' well!

  2. Y I K E S It makes me giggle when people on my social media will share ads for these "SUPER RARE TAMAGOTCHI JUST PAY SHIPPING!!!". Tamanormies
  3. Did you by chance have the Sports Plaza unlocked, do you know? I’m wondering if that has anything to do with it. I’ve tried to get him a few times with different care mistakes to no avail. I tried near perfect (1), average (3-4), and horrible (7+), and never seemed to get him, but I noticed I never unlocked the sports plaza because I didn’t have another meets or mix to connect to (now I have two meets!). Though I will say, I enjoyed seeing which characters I do unlock with the different care mistakes. Hopefully I can help in making a growth chart soon!
  4. Does anyone know how to get KuroMametchi on a Tamagotchi Meets? How many care mistakes are required? Many thanks in advance! <3 :D
  5. The Marías - Ruthless ♪ Oh baby, I don't want to be the only one that's talkin' in my sleep. I could be your lullaby... Be my lover, if you might. ♪
  6. I'm so happy, I could cry! My best friend bought me a tama as an early Christmas gift, and it's the exact V3 I had as a kid! He's the best!!

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    2. Keegui


      No way! Mine too!! :D It's the one with frogs on it. I still don't know if I'll keep it in the package or actually use it yet!

    3. mimitchi ^o^

      mimitchi ^o^

      Omg, so cute!! I've never seen that design online before! I'm awful at keeping Tama's in packages though haha, I'd probably play with the gold V3 if I ever got one!

    4. Keegui


      Yeah, it doesn't seem to be a very popular design! I really like it, personally! It's gonna be tough not using it, but I have my sister's first tama new in package, so I figured I'll keep this one in the package, too! <3

  7. I absolutely adore this tama log! ♥ Your customs are so beautiful! My favorite is the pan flag V1, by far! I definitely agree with mimitchi about making it into a business, when you have the time. But I understand how work and other things can really get in the way sometimes! Can't wait to see more posts!
  8. Oh my gosh, that's crazy- you're the first one to get my username! I came up with it when I was 15 (I think) as a combination of my own name (Keegan) and Eievui! You get a cookie for that one!
  9. Oh man, do I want this! I'll admit to absolutely loving eeveelutions, so this would be a dream come true! Fingers crossed for a release date in the near future!
  10. My first Tamagotchi was a Connection (V3) back in 2006, so that would've made me 7 years old at the time. I got a few more throughout my childhood, and when I moved away at 13, I left behind 3 Tamas. I got back into collecting when I turned 16, and I've been avidly collecting since! I'm now 19, and I own 20 Tamagotchis. They're my babies. They get mixed reactions from others, but I take a lot of pride in them. I stand firm in my belief that you're never too old for Tamas.
  11. Tamas are such an amazing help with my anxiety! ♥

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    2. pinkbutterflies


      I love my tamas for this. <3

    3. Keegui


      Wow! It's great to see others feel the same way! ♥ Who would've thought these little digital pets would have such an impact on our lives?

    4. Berryitchi


      Tamagotchis help me with depression. They're so sweet! Even though I can't have mine on I still love them... :) (BTW it's so sad you had to leave behind your tamagotchis! D':)

  12. I'm very excited to buy this book! I definitely want to give it a read!
  13. ❅Totally Mint Tamagotchi Log: Day Two (December 20th, 2017) Well, well, well! It's been a minute, hasn't it? So sorry about my inactivity! It looks as though this log may be a little infrequently updated. However, it doesn't mean I won't do my best to continue updates! I'm not sure how often pictures will be uploaded, but again, I will definitely try; I'll see if I can include as least on picture each update! Alrighty! Time to catch up on my Tamagotchi Progress! So, Little Flynn evolved into a Gourmetchi, which I am very very happy about! And Miss Kiara evolved into a Ura Young Violetchi, which I was not expecting at all! I'm extremely happy with their evolutions! They've both been enrolled into High School; Flynn's teacher is Mr. Turtlepedia, and Kiara's is Mr. Canvas! They both do exceptionally well and seem very happy and content! I connected them together, and noticed something I've never experienced before... It seems Flynn likes Kiara a LOT more than Kiara likes Flynn. Flynn gifts her things such as hearts, flowers, sweets, and in return, she gives... poop. However, Flynn is not easily discouraged and continues to shower her with affection. His friendship with Kiara is currently at "Good Friend", and Kiara's friendship with Flynn is just "Buddy". Playing hard to get much? LOL! I also have some more news... I bought 3 new tamas! I have two P1s and a P2 coming in the mail, but only one will be opened up (P1)! He/She will be logged on here daily! I'm very excited. I've never owned an Old School original tama before. I'm anticipating the more simplistic play, especially since I have a hard time balancing tama time with my job! Here's a question! Can you guess what I want Flynn to evolve into it? Let me know with a comment! Until next time, see you later! ♥ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ⇆ Runníng Tαmαѕ ⇄ V3 Yellow w/ Dots INACTIVE/PAUSE V3 Black w/ Nihon Kanji INACTIVE/PAUSE V4 Blue w/ Swirls "FYNN" Gen. 1, Male, Teen V4.5 Blue Globe "KIARA" Gen. 1, Female, Teen ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Okay, so... I may or may not have impulse bought two more tamagotchis... Woooooopsies!

    1. Hapihapitchi


      What tamagotchis?

    2. Keegui


      Another P1 and P2... LOL! I don't think I'll be opening them, though. :) I want to have them a part of my NIB collection. Oh, and my boyfriend told me he's getting me a P2 for Christmas. Tamagotchi Overload!

  15. Oh goodness!! How exciting! Thank you so very much! I was worried I'd be out of luck!! I'll PM you right away! ♥
  16. Just bought my first Tamagotchi P1! ♥

  17. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find some crochet cases for an old school P1 tama? I impulse bought one from Japan, and I want to make sure my baby is nice and cozy when it gets here! Do any of you know a seller or place I can get one? Thank you wholeheartedly in advance! Sincerely, as always, Miss Keegan Dominique ♥
  18. Ahaha! Oh goodness, my apologies for the font! I just wanted to add a little flare! Thank you so very much!! ♥ ♥ ♥ I'll be posting again soon!! I have some pretty big news to share!
  19. Thank you so so much, Izayah!! I'm so glad you think so- to be honest, I was worried the quality was poor, so I'm thrilled to know otherwise! ♥ V3s and V4s have always been my favorites! I grew up with them, so of course nostalgia is heavily involved! LOL! By the way, I checked out your log; Ryu and Karu are so darling! ♥ I'll definitely be following up on your tamas! Thank you for stopping by to see mine!
  20. Well, I'm kind of a homebody, so I don't go out much. That being said, my tamas are almost always home. I don't really take them to work with me because they'll just sit in my purse untouched for 6-8 hours. I carry them around the house, and they always sit on my bedside table at night. My boyfriend doesn't really know much about them and doesn't know my names for them, so he just calls everyone "Tama". He doesn't care to ever play with them, but he treats them with care and it's the sweetest thing (putting them in his shirt pockets, talking to them, checking when they beep if I'm not around). I sometimes refer to them as my children. "Yes, I'm a mother of five... tamagotchis."
  21. Awww, tamafan60! How incredibly sweet of you to say, thank you! ♥ I would love to see some fan-art; that would be incredible! Looks like I have pictures to upload, eh? Fanta's name came about in a kinda silly way. I'm really horrible at coming up with names on the spot (unless Gertrude strikes your fancy ), so I resorted to the Almighty Google. While looking for names, I was cleaning up after my messy boyfriend and saw his desk littered with Fanta cans. I set my phone down, picked her up and punched in the name. So, there ya have it! Our beautiful Princess Fanta was named after my partner's inability to clean up after himself! Here are some pics of Fynn and Kiara! I'll have Fanta and Genzo pics tomorrow (maybe they'll be adults!)! Just your average egg. It's a boy! Baby Fynn! Striking a pose! It's a girl! Naming our new tama! Kiki hiding behind a cloud! Kiara's a toddler!
  22. ❅Totally Mint Tamagotchi Log: Day One (December 1st, 2017) I was planning on playing with my tamagotchis this morning, but I was surprised to be called into work early. Thankfully, it was one of the best days I ever had, so everything worked out in the end! Because of my heightened mood, I decided to crack open my V4.5 PC Pack when I got home. I installed the software on to my computer (though it couldn't detect a microphone), and put my V4.5 aside for later while I tested out the Tamagotchi PC program. It was quite fun, though a little basic. I found the TamaTown games very enjoyable! Now, here's a little something interesting... I never owned a V4.5. The only Tamagotchi versions I ever owned were V3s, V4s, and Tama-Go models. That being said, this is all a little new to me! Sure, it's very familiar to a V4, but the little differences make it a very exciting new experience for me! So, here goes- no turning back! I pulled the tab from my new Tamagotchi, set the date/time/birthday/username and watched eagerly as the little spotted egg bobbed ever so slowly. Would it be a girl, or a boy? Secretly, I kinda hoped for a girl, considering I have two boys running at the moment, but I didn't mind either way! I drifted into thought before a loud noise chimed from the Tamagotchi, guiding my attention to a wobbling egg. Moment of truth! Emerging from the broken shell was a little white blob with the cutest little eyes. A girl! At first, I thought about naming her Gemma, but found it didn't stick. And thus, Kiara was born! Kiara acted as all baby tamas do... She eats, poops, and not much else. After stuffing herself with food, I moved on over to games so we could lose a little weight. I can't tell you how relieved I was to see a new game and not the dreaded "Get" that I've had to play time and time again. It's not to say that Get is a bad game, but rather it's, in my opinion, very slow-paced and a drag to finish... I had a lot of fun with Climb- seeing my little tama bounce from cloud to cloud with her little eyes peeping over them was too cute to handle! We managed to finish flawlessly a few times, but messed up here and there. After a little down-time, Kiara grew into a Kuribotchi! I was very happy! Because I had to Google what she evolved into, she was previously referred to as a "cute lil' cinnamon roll." ♥ I am so excited to play with her some more tomorrow! She'll be paused for the night so I can spend some more time with her in her toddler stage. And I can't forget about the others! Genzo and Fanta did some connecting today. For ages, Fanta has been giving Genzo the cold-shoulder; sending poops, empty presents, and even the occasional snake while Genzo sent her hearts, flowers, and her favorite sweets. Today was the day that she finally gave in and showed him some friendliness with a heart. Aww! Who knows, maybe we're witnessing a budding romance? They both have full training, and should be evolving tonight! Fingers crossed! Fynn has been on pause for the day. I can't wait to connect him with Kiara tomorrow! I'm hoping they can be great friends! That's gonna wrap up my Tama Log for today. I'll have more updates for you guys tomorrow! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⇆ Runníng Tαmαѕ ⇄ V3 Yellow w/ Dots "FANTA" Gen. 1, Female, Teen V3 Black w/ Nihon Kanji "GENZO" Gen. 1, Male, Teen V4 Blue w/ Swirls "FYNN" Gen. 1, Male, Toddler V4.5 Blue Globe "KIARA" Gen. 1, Female, Toddler -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: Pictures coming soon!
  23. Wєlcσmє tσ Tσtαllч Mínt! Hello everyone! Welcome to my Tamagotchi Log! I'm so happy you decided to read! ♥ Would you like to know more about this log? Here is a little Q&A: Q: What's with the name 'Totally Mint'? Is there a meaning behind it? A: Kinda-sorta! Mint is a slang term meaning something cool, or awesome! I used to say it a bunch as a kid! i.e., "That Tamagotchi is so mint!" Though it has multiple meanings, that's the meaning the title follows by! And mint candy is super delicious! Q: Which Tamagotchis will we be seeing in this log? A: On the bottom of this post, you will find a Running Tamas List. All Tamagotchis listed beneath are currently being logged! Q: What should we expect to see from these logs? A: I have a job, so posting may be scarce here and there. But when I do, expect to see Tamagotchi Stats, Journal/Diary styled posts, and Pictures! Q: Are we allowed to comment on this log? A: Absolutely! Feel free to ask questions, give your opinions, and post comments! I can't wait to hear from you guys! Alright guys! That just about wraps up everything for now! I hope you all enjoy Totally Mint! ♥ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⇆ Runníng Tαmαѕ ⇄ V3 Yellow w/ Dots "FANTA" Gen. 1, Female, Teen V3 Black w/ Nihon Kanji "GENZO" Gen. 1, Male, Teen V4 Blue w/ Swirls "FYNN" Gen. 1, Male, Toddler ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------