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  1. because I can't post for a while, I'm doing videos!!! Hope you like them!

  2. hi guys! I just want to ask you if you guys could start asking me questions... Or I could just tell you stuff, just tell me Ok? Thanks!

    1. coffretchigirl :)

      coffretchigirl :)

      like how old I I'm

    2. TamaMum


      We can tell everyone about ourselves in our profile information. (Be careful about revealing too much personal info on line) :)

  3. I just figured out that I CAN'T POST!!!!! ; (

  4. how do you actually post something? I'm clueless ; c

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    2. coffretchigirl :)
    3. TamaMum


      You really need to spend some time reading through the Users Guide to TamaTalk forum :) It's got a lot of useful "How to: " topics including this one:

      Good Luck and enjoy your visits to the site :)

    4. coffretchigirl :)

      coffretchigirl :)

      I did!!!!!!! > : (

  5. Hey guys! If you deleted your profile on accident, don't worry all you need to do is go to create account put in your old name an do all the other stuff, then if it doesn't work then don't type in your password an say "forgot password" an you'll get an email and it will tell you what to do! welcome!

  6. guys please, tell me how to get more friends, I'm actually pretty cool if you just give me a chance, tell me how to be popular but I wont try to take any of your guys places! got it, put the information in the comment section! thanks, you guys rock! : D

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    2. xNovelizabeth


      Hmm, on TamaTalk, I think. Just try to be helpful, post what you truly feel, follow the rules, and be nice.

    3. horse_raisins


      becoming popular is overrated, pal. just be nice!!

    4. Arhalidin


      Just do things, I guess.

  7. Please someone tell me how to change my pic!!!

    1. TamaMum

      TamaMum - check out this topic from our Users Guide to TamaTalk forum - it should help.
  8. I really like tamagotchis but whenever I restart the first 2 times it's a boy not that I don't like boys I just want it to be a girl and also what I don't like is when you get married the parents hang out for a while an you can't play games, shop or go to the park, I mean what are you gonna do? Just stare at the screen?!

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    2. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      The parents stay for an hour. You just need to wait.

    3. Dragonboy


      I like getting the boys more! No idea why, it's always been that way. Girls aren't bad though ;D

    4. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      Both genders are aweshum :3