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  1. Oh sweet. Yet another reason to get back into tamagotchis. TamaTown was already closed down when I got into them, and I've always wished I could see what the site was like.
  2. Hopping between OFF and The Adventure Pals. So far I'm really enjoying OFF. I'm usually not into traditional turn-based combat, but everything else makes up for it.
  3. I had a terrible dream where I checked TamaTalk and noticed that it was flooded with spam topics
  4. I just started another intellectual debate. Kay then . . .
  5. help help help. Sorry to interrupte this intellectual debate, but answer this question: If a boy was named Skyler, would his nickname make more sense to be spelled "Sky," or "Skye" ? For me book o.o
  6. Hmm, could be a glitch. Or you might have to visit the place to collect it.
  7. tfw you wake up and realize you left your tama in the car from yesterday.

    1. MameTamaFantchi


      ooo I hate that >.< I woke up and I forgot about my p's, and I flipped out. luckily, she was ok! :0


  8. Oh yes Hi! Sorry I've been busy haven't been able to get on lately. Btw, I hear you play transformcie?

    1. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      Yuppers! I am Skrillmau5ey on TFM.

  9. Retrooooooooo! I still have you on Animal Jam :3