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  1. I recently bought the slime pedometer, and was wondering if anyone else who has one knows a way to make it count steps when the slime is asleep. My guess would be to just set the time 12 hours different, since I currently work overnights. Also, if anyone has a scan of the manual, that would be really nice, but not as important as my first question
  2. So to update, i bought a V2, since there was one available for 10 dollars, and I'm super cheap. Next I plan on buying a V4(or 4.5 depending on price) then a V5(or 5.5...same reason) Thanks everyone for their opinions on helping me decide I never owned any of the Connections when they came out, so when i started collecting i wasn't sure where to start :3
  3. I am running my IDLe and currently have Painaputchi. I'm aiming for one of her care miss adult forms, so i was neglecting her. I tandomly check back, her food and happy bar are both empty and there ia a heart bouncing back and forth on the screen. What does this heart mean, it went away the minute i fed her food and candy.
  4. The 2 games that it comes with can't be deleted, but if you download new games via Infrared, either computer or over a phone thingy, then it gives you an option to play the game or delete it when you select it in the game menu.
  5. I recently bought a few of the color Tamas, and wanted to try some of the slightly older ones. As i mentioned in the title, I'm aiming for the Connection series. The only reason i ask is because all of the posts and forums I have read on the topic refer to the usage of Tamatown, which obviously doesn't help any. So my question is; Without Tamatown, which of the Tamagotchi Connections would be the best to buy? I hear that 6 is high maintenance, so I probably won't get that one for now. Really I'm torn between both the 4(and 4.5) and the 5(and 5.5) versions. But i figured i would ask for some opinions first, since I read that 2 and 3 were fairly fun. The Tamas i have now are the P's, IDLe, 4U, 4U+, Friends and Friends Dream Town. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Any help/opinions are appreciated. :3