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  1. I just recently learned that the 4U Had Felynes from Monster Hunter as a downloadable character. Alas, I do not have a phone with NFC abilities. I hear that the official app is very selective about devices, and doesn't even work with NFC adapters for some reason. Is this something that affects blinky's app as well? I really want a Felyne!
  2. On my Tamagotchi Sanrio M!X I had this adorable blue cinnamoroll clone, but I eventually chose to marry him off. I've always regretted that decision because of how perfect he was. I've tried many times to breed another one like him and couldn't. When I learned about the MyMeets app, my first thought was to recreate him... Does MyMeets work with English devices, or will I have to get a Japanese one to pull this off? (And don't worry, I won't be taking this device online with the app, so it's of no risk to other tama fans)
  3. After much investigation, I have found that the Japanese Meets can connect to M!X, but English Ons cannot connect to them. This goes for the app, too. This makes me very sad.
  4. I see... I did finally find a place that said the english and japanese ones weren't compatible. However, I have also learned that the Japanese devices have a glitch that erases its save data? Was this fixed in the Sanrio meets version? It IS fixed in the English version, like the review on amazon said, right?
  5. I've heard the newest version of tamagotchi can connect with M!X. I also learned they released IN ENGLISH AAHHHHHH! My question is, if I get an English one, can it connect to my japanese Sanrio mix? Can I get Sanrio characters on my On this way?
  6. Ahhh this is great! I need that galaxy P2. Now if only they'd let us preorder them!
  7. The attention icon for the mix is in the top right corner, right? I've never noticed it disappearing even though I've waited 15 minutes between each feeding... Edit: Apparently baby stage is different from the others in that it will never stop calling you.
  8. Does the Tamagotchi getting sick count as a care miss?
  9. I just got my Tamagotchi Sanrio Mix, and I want to get Momotchi since she's only obtainable in first gen, but I don't know exactly how much neglect characters can take before they die. Any suggestions?
  10. I can't seem to manage to get both sides to go into place at once. Every time I try, one half is sticking up. Is there a video somewhere showing and explaining how you're supposed to put it back on?
  11. My Digimon Pendulum vers20th (Original Silver) shipped today. It's still in Japan at the moment, but we'll see which gets here first: my tamagotchi mix sanrio, or my digimon. lol
  12. Just to confirm, the pendulum set ARE in english, right? The wiki says they are, but I want to make sure.
  13. I checked the wiki page but it doesn't have a character list, so I wasn't sure.
  14. My Tamagotchi Sanrio Mix shipped. It says it'll be here saturday <3