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    i enjoy drawing and making stickers! i love tamagotchi because they are all so adorable!
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    hot sugar
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    ◦ v4 - pastel pink/ green shell
    ◦ v5 - white/ blue/ red mametchi shell

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    ◦ v1 - bright pink/ yellow shell
    ◦ [2x] v3 - pink and green flower shells
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    none right now :(
  1. i've made an offer to a seller on ebay for the black and pink wave 2 design! hopefully they accept it if not i can always offer again higher! i'll go hunting on ebay for tamagotchi dream towns now and hopefully i'll find a good price, we'll see when i get a job ill be able to fund a true collection thanks a lot for ur help melon
  2. thanks melon! i didnt even know there were different ones im really new any reason why wave 2 or american is better? or is it just that the designs are cuter? also do you know anywhere that's good to buy them other than ebay (amazon is so much more expensive)? sorry for all the questions i have a couple of friends in america i might be able to convince them to buy a dreamtown from a store there and ship it here, just not sure where they'd be able to get one
  3. not op, but there is a tutorial here
  4. oh that really sucks, i'll look into getting one of those then instead thanks for the help
  5. i love the case! when i get my tama im totally gonna make one too!!
  6. hi, apologies if this question has already been asked i looked at the previous 7 pages on this forum and couldn't find anything to answer it i have been deciding whether or not to get a new tamagotchi, and was thinking of getting this (it's the cheapest ones, the other ones are so expensive )but was wondering if the faceplates can be customised as on the tama go and dream town versions of tamagotchi. also if they are customisable is the glass over the top of the faceplate design clear or tinted, it's difficult to tell from the image thanks!