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  1. I only have very limited experience here, but I really really enjoyed the Halloween Night game in 4U+. It's fast-paced and straightforward, and the seasonal theme is so adorable. Rainbow Paint in m!x is fun too, and requires that you know your colour theory
  2. Soooooooo you know how certain snacks at the café will change your tama's colours? Apparently squid ink risotto does the same thing 😂 Was feeding my lil one nothing but that since it's one of her favourite dishes.
  3. I posted some pics of mine in Tama-Star_Girl's thread here. But I'm not sure it has quite the depth of information you're looking for. Each character page has a picture of three example children the tama could produce, but I don't think it's comprehensive. I'll be happy to share info, but what is it specifically you want to know? EDIT: here's what the character profiles look like, so you have an idea of what we can find out:
  4. I'd be down for this. Maybe you could ask the mods' permission to post the info here? Maybe it could be officially endorsed
  5. It didn't come in the mail, but I braved the horrendous heat and humidity today to go pick up the Perfect Care Book. It came with a sheet of cute stickers, yay! Now to hide inside in the air conditioning for the rest of the day...
  6. As promised, here are shots from the guidebook with growth/care requirements! Sorry for the poor lighting and stuff, I didn't really have a better way to take pics, haha. Girls: http://imgur.com/51ix1aN Boys: http://imgur.com/aoNy4yU ☆☆☆ Toddlers Tantotchi/Puchitomatchi: Happiness above 10 points. Nanahotchi/Mittsubotchi: Happiness below 10 points. Teens Haretchi: 0-2 care misses. Happiness above 20 points. Eritchi: 3-5 care misses. Happiness above 20 points. Soyofuwatchi: 6 or more care misses. Happiness above 20 points. Mokokotchi: 0-2 care misses. Happiness below 20 points. Tororitchi: 3-5 care misses. Happiness below 20 points. Waamuwaamutchi: 6 or more care misses. Happiness below 20 points. Female Friends Lovelitchi: 0-2 care misses. Memetchi: 3-4 care misses. Nijifuwatchi: Turn your town into the Sky type. Flowertchi: 5-6 care misses, OR turn your town into the Flower type. Momotchi: 7 or more care misses. Male Friends Mametchi: 0-2 care misses. Kuchipatchi: 3-4 care misses, OR turn your town into the Forest type. Yotsubatchi: Turn your town into the Flower type. Gozarutchi: 5-6 care misses, OR turn your town into the Japanese type. Shimagurutchi: 7 or more care misses. About town types, these can be influenced through to the teen stage by things like living room renovations and items. After that, the town type seems to be determined by what friend your tama grows into. Anyway, please feel free to use and share this info however you like! Hope it's helpful!
  7. Excellent! I'm excited for it. So cute and tiny :3
  8. I've been enjoying the m!x a lot! I also really like how fast it is. In 4U+, I spent a lot of time getting to know my Tama, maxing out their school skills and getting their four-leaf clovers and so on. m!x on the other hand is more about the fun of seeing what the next generation will look like, so I let my tamas marry pretty early this time around. I do kind of miss teaching them skills, but it's nice not to have to worry about them as well. m!x definitely feels like a lively, busy world. I enjoy watching my tamas play with all the original characters in their respective towns. There's quite a bit of content. I do actually disagree with OP about games and gotchi points, however! There are four built-in games once you unlock all the towns, and I'm finding that I'm really hoarding more gotchi points than I can spend, even after buying all the available toys and goods. I play Rainbow Paint and Pikagoro Thunder frequently to keep my tama happy, and I've never had to worry too much about being able to afford food and so on. People who have access to m!x stations can add two more minigames to the list at the moment for a total of six... not too shabby. I enjoy the addition of web browser-based content in m!x. I make sure to update my family tree on the m!x land site when a new generation is born, and the cooking minigame is pretty cute. I'd like to see more features like this in future tamas. I feel like I'm forgetting some of the thoughts I had about this tama, but yeah, really having fun with it overall. I love the original characters, but it's fun mixing traits to create a unique tama just for me.
  9. Just ordered a Tamagotchi Nano, yay! It'll be my first b&w Tama since I had one back in the 90s. I figured I should limit myself to under ¥2000 so I wasn't able to get my preferred shell, but I ended up with the "vivid flowers" design which is also pretty cute! Excited to try out a simpler, more old-school feeling Tama It should arrive tomorrow or the day after...
  10. What the heck is Creation Show? That link reads like a 12 year old's fever dream after spending too much time looking at memes on the internet.
  11. I dropped by the TamaDepa yesterday to grab some downloads! The m!x station beach is really cute. The downloadable items in the shop change every time you access it, which is kind of fun. Looking forward to what they'll have for autumn (and hoping for Halloween-related downloads). I got some cute accessories and livings and the Watawata Wataameya-san minigame. It's a memory game where Watawatatchi makes and sells cotton candy at a beach stall and you have to keep track of how many she has left in stock. Here's the cute fireworks living room I grabbed:
  12. This looks great, thanks so much for making and posting this! For the record, in my first gen I got a boy who turned into Puchitomatchi, Haretchi, and finally Mametchi. Since you say the 26th is the release date for the guide, I'll pick it up asap and let you know if care requirements are listed.
  13. This sounds so cool! Thanks for sharing with us. I've never seen this happen with my m!x, I'll need to make sure I keep sound turned on whenever it's asleep from now on!
  14. Blue: acquaintance Green: friend Orange: best friend/lover (dependent on gender) Red: BFF/true love (dependent on gender)
  15. I only have a 4U+ and a m!x, no b&w tamas, so I had to choose no. I'm sure I would, given the chance, though.