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    Wonderland. Where is that, you ask? Why, it's just down the rabbit hole. ;3
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    Manga, Tamagotchis, oil painting and cupcakes :3

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    I don't really have much of a collection, just a old TamaGo and a new Tamagotchi 4U. I definitely want a P's, though, and maybe a M!X once they come out.
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    My 4U.
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    Just my 4U.
  1. He says, "Oh, my god, you look just like Shakira, no, no, you're Catherine Zeta." Actually, my name's Marina.

  2. I'm in love with Marina and the Diamonds and AURORA. How about you guys?
  3. Re-reading A Study In Charlotte for the fifth time. I need the next book to come out ASAP. Also various manga I found at the comic store.
  4. Yay, summer! No more frickin' hay fever! Wheee

  5. My 4U is lost in a pile of THINGS. ;-;

  6. Welcome to Tama Talk! :D Which color 4U do you have?

    1. Otaku-chan


      White :3 My favorite color changes about once a month and white is easy to customize.

    2. Vexia


      That's not a bad idea! It's also nice that you can swap faceplate designs on the 4U and make your own if you'd like.

  7. Huh. Thanks! Oh, good to know. Thanks again!
  8. Thank you! Do you know if there's a limit to how long the babysitter will take care of your character?
  9. Hey! I just got a 4U today and I wanted to know what time it will go to sleep and if that time changes with the different stages. Also, is there any way to pause it (other than going to the time settings)?