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  1. sorry for not being inactive here. My YouTube is named D.W. Read and my current subs are 265.

  2. I took a hiatus from tamatalk, probably because I'm mostly active on YouTube (my channel is "calculus", which currently have 20 subs)

  3. This is a question. this art had many curves. can you answer this question?
  4. TunaMod is a android mod I made without flashing/recovery mode. (but TunaMod is still in alpha version) link: or
  5. My makuhita (nicknamed Dumbledore) is deposited in the GTS for a long time. In the GTS, I wanted a Shaymin who have a higher level. Help me please!
  6. I made a flipnote.

  7. No. bandai doesn't kill off tamagotchi. (Also, I hate anpanman)
  8. For me, it's Guardians of the Galaxy episode 2 because theres no hogwarts students. What's the worst movie you ever watched? ~~~~
  9. I only have pokemon omega ruby........