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  1. Q1: Are you more organize (1) or messy (4) Q2: Do you enjoy fashion? Q3: Are you more happy (1) or sad (4) Q4: Can you control your feelings well? Q5: Favorite color? Q6: Do you enjoy science? Q7: Do you enjoy math? Q8: Do you like drawing? Q9: Do you workout a lot? Q10: How healthy would you say your diet is? Q11: Do you believe in magic? Q12: Do you get jealous easily? Q13: Are you a introvert or extrovert? Q14: Do you judge yourself more (1) or others (4) Q15: Do you make friends easily? Q16: Are you a planner (1) or do you act on your feet (4) Q17: Do you feel good about yourself? Q18: Do you help others often (1) or do you get helped a lot (4)? Q19: Do you like cooking? Q20: Would you rather design an act (1), Be in it (2) - (3), or watch it? Q21: Quirky/Wild (1)? Chill/Casual (2) - (3)? Or Serious/professional (4)
  2. Welcome to Gashaponitchi! The machine that will tell you what Tamagotchi you are! Here's how you play. You'll be given a list of numbered questions. You'll reply with the number of the question and the answer you picked such given question. example: (1)1, (2)1, (3)4 The answers to the questions are scaled 1-4. 1 being the highest for a yes or most likely , and 4 being the lowest for a no or less likely . After you turn in your answers, I'll respond to you about which tama you are, you may even get a rare capsule and be your own unique tama! Remember this is just for fun so please do take it with a grain of salt!
  3. Do i love something as i love? Do I love as a human? Do I love others as a human? How do humans love? How do I love? What I am that loves? What is love? Is love survival.
  4. I didn't obtain any tama mail but I got some books from my favorite artists! one on the left is Rav from mickey Z, one on the right is from the publisher Kus who looks for all kinds of artist
  5. I'm bored and I feel like typing a lot so here's a guide to the music i'd like to share This band is a mixture of chiptune and metal?... garage music?... actually genres are too confusing so i'm calling this music music, it's the type of music that sounds like music and yeah i like music you know?: https://maththeband.bandcamp.com/track/positive-stress-2 I don't really know what this is https://detritirecords.bandcamp.com/album/nauchnyy-sotrudnik-selected If you like chiptune, nosie music and a screaming japanese band with a lore that they time traveled to the 1980s than you'll probably like this. Humans are really good at self loathing, so if you like slow guitar music and depressing facebook poems than you'll like this too. Very chill music, that's unique and unforeseen in it's use in common dubstep beats. Nothing here will disturb you but only enlighten you. https://nosajthingla.bandcamp.com/album/drift-remixed Music that is a little more deeper than the one i posted above, this track is, a lot more beaty and forceful in it's nature. It's what the cool kids would call high music. https://alphapup.bandcamp.com/album/the-shadow-that-took-shape Quirky and creative artist who sings songs as a hobby. With smooth guitar and intentionally low quality audio, but if it's intended than perhaps it isnt low quality. One of the rap boy bands, imagine a typical boy band that coated with today's rap music industry, yeah that's what these guys are and they are really good. I highly suggest it to any lover of rap. Someone from the band above, but it's a rapper who struggles with his sexuality. Alright that's all I have for now, message me or post here if you want to exchange more music together idk lol
  6. So I've been thinking about meets lately. I can conclude from the fact that the whole point of meets is being able to connect with other users via an app, which opens the flood gates to a lot of possibilities, let me explain those. One thing I'll like to explain is that meets are capable to connect with old versions of mix, meaning you can transfer new genetics that didn't exist in the old mixs from the new, and add genetics from your old mixs onto your new meets. + Not only that, but remember that you will be able to connect with other meets from an app? While imagine this for a second. Say you actually manage to get in contact with someone who also has a meet and lives in japan. If you can get them to get a seasonal character or whatever from a mix station, and than connect with them via the app, you will now be able to obtain that genetic from a mix station. Which I consider very very cool. Now imagine that plus people with old versions of mixs. It's great because it gives us a reason to still use our mix. In my head i imagine people selling their tamas to breed or have a rating based on how rare those genetics are, but i'm sure that won't happen. Also on a side note this is basically mix ver 2.0, sorry ratama U_u Another thing i want to mention is, I believe you'll only be able to either have two twins or one tama plus one pet. reason i say this is because when I was looking at this image i notice that there is only one pair of twins + a pet These lovelies right here.
  7. Going to share the little information I do know. For starters cutiepie is doing pre-orders right now which I have to admit is a bold move. You can find them here They currently have all the three colors of the fairy version up, more is to be added soon as the time comes closer. Other great news is that the tamagotchi meets will be able to do connections with past versions of mix, actually these meets are basically mix 2.0, so we're still in the mix series as we speak. there are limitations of what the M!x can do with the meets, you can only do what you could with mix plus mix with the meet, if that makes sense. If two meets connect there are more options. now this is where the important news starts. One of the new tamas coming to meets looks like they're a mochi, so.. mochitchi?? I'm not sure but it appears this tama repeatedly hits itself with the hammer, as you can see on the hammer and the booboos on it's head. I'll also like to mention that Mix going around 30$ retail price, the most expensive thing in a meet is the bluetooth which probably raise it's price to 40 or something, I highly doubt 50 but hey it's possible. Also meets whole gimmick apparently seems to be able to connect world wide via the app, meaning you no longer need to be physically close to someone to connect now. Which is pretty huge. I'll also like to mention that you can breed these new tamas with old mix tamas too, meaning yes you can obtain genetics from a new mix to an old tama. Other than that if you want to discuss more, please consider joining the discord . You can save your pictures via the app. Magical and fairy are a duality on nightmare and day dreams. or... fairy tales and paranormal I want to mention that I don't see any particular pattern between the characters so I'm assuming that each version of the meets will have two additional characters, which of course doesn't seem like a lot but take in account that every tama is a contribution to a new genetic, so you're missing out on a wide of possible tamas. I assume there is a new food land? Since there appears to be a lot of food theme tamas (mochi best food tama)
  8. I like the new character for the Anniversary version. But it seems like we won't be able to purchase or get the downloadables from the M!x station... Hows the progress going with Mr.Blinky? Oh well, let's be happy that we at least got a pretty rad tamagotchi. umm..
  9. I'm trying to play the mini games online for the tamagotchi m!x versions, but it says i cannot create an account because of the location. Anyone ever have any solutions to this?
  10. Pretty much the same thing, but they do have two different locations and characters. You might be missing out on a few hybrids but not much out.
  11. You can always marry another tamagotchi device to grant yours their melody gene for a limited amount of time. You would need both to really get the full package. Download wise would have a ton of other characters. The melody and spacey are exclusive
  12. A lot of people predicted it, you're not the only one. Remember that chacters can become hybird. That even goes for the two excuslive characters. Meaning a good 10,000 or more excuslive characters per ver. Also... 7 days! :-)