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  1. Update: After the next adult was raised I unlocked the funpark, base (again!) but Eco Town has gone back to being greyed out. So I guess I will have to meet the triplets again. Maybe a glitch? Weird! I'm not so worried now that the base is back. That really worried me having all the puzzle pieces and a few adults. I have a theory changing the batteries, a pierce and the patch all around the same time might have been too much for it. So now it's had a "mental health" moment and restored itself!
  2. Do you think the Furby Connect is the most advanced virtual pet/toy robot there is? I want to get the most advanced virtual pet there is. If the Furby Connect is that thing, then I'll save for a small robot! I'd love to hear some opinions and suggestions. The amount of videos about it were numerous and confusing. It would be easier for me to have it in writing - then I can look up videos and links myself if the description appeals.
  3. I don't think it will impact it that much. I'm still personally getting the Pierces when I can as the VDP's can only be stored for so long. Using the infrared dongle to patch my P's into English took a while and was fiddly. I feel like having a Pierce I can simply take on and off will be a lot easier for me. On top of that they look pretty.
  4. I had Eco Town and Base opened up on the P's. After changing the batteries those areas are greyed out. What happened? I have all the puzzle pieces and 5 generations of Tamas... I also have the Eco bag & scoop + those two locations were opened up before. Now everything is greyed out. You can still see the names for the locations. (so no question marks) but you can't access them anymore. Having another baby and raising it didn't help "reset" the situation. The batteries ran out again, and I'm worried locations will be lost everytime they die.
  5. Thank you so much! I'll be sure to go through these answers & guides. As for this question: P's 4) I had Eco Town and Base opened up on the P's. After changing the batteries those areas are greyed out. What happened? Yes, I still meet the requirements....I think I'll make a thread by itself for this one, people may be more likely to answer if it is just one question!
  6. I haven't had a Furby since I was a kid in the 90's. I had the original Furby & original Tamagotchi. My younger brother had a couple of the Furby babies. I am happy to announce that tomorrow I am picking up my first Furby since the 90's - a Furby connection! I'm extremely excited and get so much joy from all these digital friends/pets/babies. With Tamagotchi I love both the old & new. With Furbies I felt like the newer version would be better, and I'm excited to try the games on my pad and discover all the new features. It's like I've taken the kid version of me and speed her forward in time.
  7. I completely agree about Bandai America. There are so many people wanting English patches and English models of Tamagotchis sell for a high price...clearly there is interest but where is the effort in reaching the English audience? 90's nostalgia is a trend right now, as those kids are in late 20's and early 30's and feeling hella nostalgic! There is even a trend in music that imitates 80's and 90's sounds. It's a big thing right now. I don't get why they don't try harder to cash in on that.
  8. Yeah I feel like this was one of the original Poke'mon Go kinda concepts. I feel like this was a really unique & clever feature. Anyway if you download content won't it be almost as good as being in Japan? It wouldn't be as fun as getting out and about and exploring then suddenly discovering a touch spot...but you'd still have heaps of content. Anyway I'm interested in a 4U out of curiosity as I have a P's, M!X & iDL and just like learning about all the colour ones. I am watching for affordable ones in FB groups. There was someone in a group who had a whole collection of Tamas and loved the 4U the most. She really sold me on it. I feel like it's truly subjective as e.g. I prefer the P's but my boyfriend thinks the M!X is much better. It just depends what you enjoy. For me I'm all about variation in minigames as Gotchi points are essential to eat and buy items...so you have to like whatever you are going to play over and over.
  9. I wanted to be a "rich person with an odd hobby"! I bought a Watchlin & when I know how to use it properly I will wear her with a nice strap. *gasp* now you know my identity!
  10. I've noticed besides the Sanrio M!X something called "En Tama" is mentioned here, on Facebook and even in You Tube comments! I know it's one of the old ones, was just wondering what sparked it's sudden popularity? What am i missing here? I don't have one.
  11. Hello! I was away since the end of last year after my senior cat passed away, some family issues, and health issues all at the same time. I was unwell in all the ways a person could be unwell and I was just too tired to come here to talk and play. I missed it here, and did check my inbox to see if anybody "rang", so I did think about you all. O.K. so last time I was here I was running a P1 & P's on 2nd generation. It was my first colour Tama and by the time I left the forum I had my head all wrapped around it, and was back in the Tamagotchi game. I had also started collecting...when the original intention was pure nostalgia. I had a log running about the melancholy of a very pensive little Knightchi. Does anyone remember that? Now I'm back and oddly enough as soon as I got back into things I went onto ebay and noticed only a few days ago the Sanrio M!X had come out. So I have all the M!Xes now. I'm running my "old" P's back up again (Gen 5 now) a normal M!X Melody ver. and a Princess Spacey iDL. So now you're all updated on me! My questions! I need an upgrade! iDL: 1) How can I access the park outside of the marketplace in the iDL? I can meet pets and buy things on sale at the Donut Park...but it doesn't seem to have the same features of Bud Park on the P's. Is there something I'm missing here? 2) Babysitter? 3) Are there any translations on the heart/infrared connections and what you can do when you connect with the P's? I can play games, and visit and leave a random present. Sometimes it's a flower, heart, skull or poop. My P's has a lot of money and I want to give some to my iDL. P's 4) I had Eco Town and Base opened up on the P's. After changing the batteries those areas are greyed out. What happened? 5) The Sanrio Pierce...is there any point now the Sanrio M!X is out? Would I get anything significantly different? Should I bother? 6) Everytime I look up guides for influencing the personality traits people get linked to the same half-finished table: http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=25950&st=150&&do=findComment&comment=22076049 is there a complete one? 7) New Colour Tama! 4U? OK so with a M!X, P's, & iDL I was thinking the next colour Tama I should explore is the 4U. (? opinions?) I have an infrared dongle for patching the P's. Would this work on the 4U? If not what are the cheapest things I'll need to get the downloadable content? Then besides the Anniversary & Plus Colour ones I'll have at least 1 in every colour version won't I? (I'm not counting different shell designs, I'm not that hardcore of a collector!) Seeing there are less colour ones I found collecting them first easier. I know there are double or triple the amount of Black and White versions as well as spin-offs. 8) Should I even bother with the iD and the 4U + ?? Are they really that different from the 4U and iDL? I feel like they won't be that different considering they share a name. Maybe a few things missing. Am I right?| OK! That's gonna get be back in the Tama game for sure.
  12. I have the same issue living in an apartment. They used to leave things where anyone could get it instead of just carding me. Luckily no-one wants to steal weird boxes from Japan where I live. Or maybe they do and I was just lucky. There is a lot of crime in my area, so I don't think it was out of the kindness of their heart-just lack of interest and ability to sell it.
  13. If you want to put in that much effort for our sake, then by all means please do it! I think that would be interesting!
  14. There was a virtual-pet game called "Scannerz" where you had battling monsters you collected by scanning barcodes. There were also items and enemy monsters hidden in certain barcodes. Once you found something cool like an enemy or a healing potion, you could cut out the barcode and scan it as many times as you liked. Picture: I had a notebook filled with barcodes labelled: "Zendra enemy-Hard" etc with sticky tape sealing the barcodes into place. I was telling an older woman that was my friends' parents' friend (they need a better word for that!) all about it and showed her my notebook. She nodded slowly, smiling politely and said: "That's very interesting, I haven't heard that one before." It turns out she was a youth worker for children/teens with mental illness and thought I was a paranoid schizophrenic... Since that day she viewed me with this amused expression on her face and greeted me like someone who was intellectually challenged! Talk about embarrassing at the time! (Also a little sad that if I were actually mentally ill, it would be regarded as "amusing"...food for thought!) But quite funny looking back now! I think it is hilarious, and have met people with similar-ish stories involving games taken out-of-context that people don't understand! At least now in 2016 that would be less likely to occur...seeing that every second person is chasing after invisible Poke'mon!
  15. Guruofguru64, my apologies for the delay!: No songs come to my head...straight-shooting instead!: "....I see you enjoying fond memories. You also learn to create new moments. There is comfort and cosiness in nostalgia. I see you drinking hot beverages and acting like a happy old man...You learn the power of your mind... I see you finding ways to enjoy every moment in the present. You are drinking some sort of lemon tea with someone you love. You get pleasure from writing in a diary and something like Spirograph...a geometrical patterned art that helps you unwind and meditate. I don't know what the kids are playing with these days, but whatever the modern version of that is...*mumble mumble life moves so quickly* If you follow your desire to temporarily rest, follow your dreams and re-stock your energy...you will be able to move to your future with more hope and energy. If you feel inspired to live as a Grampa for a few days..let yourself do that! Obasan approves! *I'm an old lady...but you get what I mean I suppose* I also feel like a stringed or wooden instrument is the key to your creativity...if I may so bold...approach music again for fun and not work. Try something new, listen to a new genre. When you feel ready don't let life pass you by, you are brave and have this in spades during youth...when you feel inspired do the thing and don't look back! Better to make mistakes and learn -- than learn nothing and stay in one place in fear of making mistakes. Your worries will decrease when you put yourself first. A quote from the Tao: "Stop thinking and end your problems." There is so much power in your thoughts & emotions. you control more than you think, and just need a cup of tea (or your version of a soothing beverage) and a fresh start. When you are doing your new fandangled Spriograph, a new path will be revealed. The only warning is not to quash it with expectations, worries and the beliefs or judgement of others. Only listen to yourself in silence and without input from others. It looks like a cooler month when this happens because I see cossiness around it. Warm-hued colours...that is what Obasan sees! Just don't do it like erh...like this lost soul:" Lots of walking....pleasant sunny paths...the creativity gathers your energy.
  16. They grew up very well indeed! Such little sweethearts. Thank you for your happy log.
  17. That's a shame, I was looking forward to joining. However, if there isn't anyone to chat with because of the low numbers of users I suppose it doesn't really have a point. There are other ways to chat with people individually, but it is not really the same as gathering everyone in the group. Oh well.