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  1. Got my ON yesterday (Canada)! Pink and purple. Loving them so far. Never had the Japanese ones of the Magic and Fairy so I'm very excited to have them grow up and see what I can what they become. 

    1. Penguin-keeper


      Uh, so, you're really feeling it, then? :lol:

      Seriously though, I'm glad that you're having a good time with them! I imported the Japanese version of the Meets but was burned by it due to the bugs, so I'm really looking forward to seeing more info about the English-language version, as I'm sure that it's great if it works properly. :P

    2. raichuu


      omgg from EBGames? ;w;
      i havent received any email about my preorder, so ive been waiting out on that

    3. Scrungo


      Oh nice! Whats it like?! I'm super excited for them to release here in america! :D 

  2. Hello! Let me start off with saying I know running five Tamas at a time is completely insane, but since this is the first time I've decided to try logging my Tamas growth I figured it could be a fun ride. I've been running the colour Tamas for a few days, but I figured I might as well include them too. The main focus will be on the P1 and Angelgotch as I had just started them both up today. This is going to be my first time trying to do a full run of my P1 so I'm super excited despite the simplicity. I'm hoping for Mametchi, but I'll be happy with any good character. As for the Angelcotch I'm hoping I can get the Angel Twins again as they are my favourite character on this version. I also plan on marrying off Kuchipatchi on my P's once the vintage Tamas are teens as I've completed his TaMaToMo Puzzle yesterday. As for my ID and IDL they both still have TaMaToMo I need before I'm ready to marry them off. Current stages as of this post: Babytchi (P1), Okbaketchi 2 (Angel), Chamametchi (ID), Furawatchi/Violetchi (IDL), Kuchipatchi (P's)
  3. Finally got a better pfp after the XC2 announcement and game play for the DLC. ^^

  4. Sup?

    1. Verklighet


      I just looked at your YouTube profile and saw that you were the one who uploaded the "History of Tamagotchi" video!


      I remember watching that.

      Thanks for creating it. ^^

    2. Shulk


      You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it! ^^

  5. Came back from Japn with a Dream M!x, Sanrio M!x, 4U, Tamagotchi Mini and CocoTama... I had too much fun XD. Beautiful place though. Planning to go again!

  6. How many times does a baby on the IDL get sick without counting as a miss care? Is it one or two? I`m asking as my IDL baby got sick twice when none of its stats are empty.
  7. I got the white m!x Anni edition, an Angelgotch, and a Palm Treo!

  8. Change the wallpaper? It might not like it
  9. I'm wondering what people think about the mixes? Like all of them, Spacy, Melody or Anni. As I might get one for Christmas.
  10. You no longer have the peirce character right? If you do it won't work. Have you tried another VDP? You might have to start from scratch.
  11. Running 21 Tamagotchi today beating my record of 16!

    1. Nokogiritchi


      You, madam, are superhuman.

    2. psychotama


      Wow! I remember running 20 10 years ago. Would never do again. Good luck :) you should post a picture!

  12. Displex I hear is good fo scratches on the screens. Dirt under the faceplate is very common so if there's any use compressed air or remove the faceplate (look up a tutorial on YouTube). You could try a damp cloth with regular water to was the body, I wouldn't recommend rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover as it might make the pearly design rub off. Congrats! My first was a P's too! Came ith the Aikatsu! pierce.