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    kirby, splatoon, yokai watch, pokemon, animal crossing, earthbound, tamagotchi (obviously)

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    two V3 (Black w/ Nihon Kanji, and white camo shells), two V4.5 (Autumn Leaves((broken)), purple graffiti shells), Glam Rock V6, Magenta TGMC+C, yellow Tamagotchi P's (with baby change pierce!)
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    nenetchi! she barely gets any love
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    V3, and hopefully my P's if I get free time

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  1. just got a tamagotchi friends dream town the other day!! i was at a convention so i didnt have time to look at it too much but its rather cute!

    1. tamapalace


      awesome! where'd you find it?

  2. I vaguely remember my very first tama; I do remember that it was a v3. When I had purchased it I remember I declared it my new best friend and that i would take it everywhere with me.... it broke sadly but i remember being amazed at the fact that virtual pets were a thing in general.. kind of odd how it eventually turned into a full blown interest for me now, many years later.
  3. that tamagotchi m!x commercial sure is weird!! but it sure does get me hyped for the toy!