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  1. I read this from a person I am close to, and i have to say I am very sad. Demi Lovato was someone I looked up to and to read that she is mean like that hurts me so bad... I am disapointed. Anyone else have a reaction to this?
  2. Okay so the weirdest thing happened. Every time my Tamagotchi does something nice, the background turns into a checker pattern of pink and orange (I think? ) and a bunny head of a color will float down to it. Recently, that happened again, but it was different happened after. All the bunny heads rejoiced and created a magical scene of I don't even know. Can someone please answer the question What happened to my Tamagotchi?
  3. So.. I've had my Tamagotchi 4u for a few months now. I love it I love it I love it. But recently, I saw Mr blinky posted a patch for Tamagotchi 4u in English, I was so excited cause I can barely understand some things in the 4u, but to my disappointment, I saw no updates of it on his YouTube channel . But anyways, to the point of this lost. HOW do people make patches for the 4u? Are there any to download?
  4. The friends aren't really my cup of tea. I dont like the gender roles in the promotions of them. Tamagotchi is for everyone!!
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    New FUrbies

    Did anyone see the new Furby Connect?
  6. When I use items on my Tamagotchi 4u, do I get the skill points for buying them, or every time I use them? (also its fashion, invention etc. Is there any way you can see how many you have? )
  7. I FINALLY got the Tamagotchi I wanted. MemeChanObatchi. The other day, it said it wanted this dress ( walked past the Tamagotchi depa, it appeared in a speech bubble) so I got it for her, but she doesn't wear it :/ just kisses it and dances on it