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    - Also a 1997 Tamagotchi that I'm not sure what to call on this list and I have yet to even change the batteries and see how it works.
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    Probably my first V4.5
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    No batteries in them at the moment.
  1. My favorite video game songs are mostly from Kirby, Pokemon, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Paper Mario (The first two), Undertale, and Splatoon. The last two I named aren't even games I play. My brother played them. There are some other video game songs I like, but those are the main ones. Oh, and Super Mario Odyssey.
  2. I've had problems with both V4 and V5. For V5, the only problem I had was it randomly resetting and deleting everything. At the time, I thought it was the nearby Nintendo DS's fault since my brother said the screen glitched the moment my V5 beeped. My V4/ V4.5 problems were: A teen married one of my adult tamas when connecting them. Glitch items started getting sent over when I was trying to gift items and attempting to use them was a huge mistake since it deleted the data on one of my tamas. I also encountered the name changing glitch but it only affected the friend list. (And seemingly also reset friendships)
  3. I don't usually download things like this, but I decided to trust it. It's fun so far! I actually haven't played with my real Tamagotchis in a long time... Edit: You might not see this part, but I have a question. Is the growth chart on your original post still accurate? My Memeotchi turned into Mizutamatchi, which does not follow that chart. Edit 2: Oh wait, I had another growth not match the chart. If it's important, I can post a second screenshot. Edit 3: I'm noticing my Harutchi is darker than usual in some places but normal in others. I can provide some screenshots if necessary. I have no idea how to play the games at the preschool. I can't even figure out what I need to press to jump over the jump rope... Edit 4: This isn't very important, but when two Tamagotchis use the slide at the park, I feel like there are too few animation frames.
  4. Oh, 13 years old? I had no idea! Happy birthday, Tamatalk!
  5. Did anyone watch E3? I want the Kirby game that's for the Nintendo Switch D:

    1. Tamadonut


      I watched the Nintendo Day 1 livestream!

    2. Doobytchi66


      My son showed me, looks amazing

  6. Is it my imagination or are there more ads than usual when I click on a thread?

    1. Tamadonut


      I saw it too!

    2. rjalda100


      I've noticed that as well.

    3. Admin


      I am experimenting with a new block at the end of a thread that shows links to other TT pages as well as a couple ads in there.

  7. My favorite is Violetchi. (and Ura Violetchi too but seeing it in color doesn't look as great as I imagined. Maybe it's just the color of the outlines?) But I've begun to realize there are new Tamagotchis much cuter than her. I'm not up to date on all these new Tamas since I haven't gotten any after the Music Star.
  8. 2nd time dream town deleted my account. I don't have the tama but I wanna play

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    2. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      It has never worked for me. I managed to keep my account for 3 days by using it constantly and changing characters, refreshing when the program crashed. My father pointed out it is a problem on the website's end, likely with the servers.

    3. tamapalace


      are they deleting old accounts for inactivity?

    4. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      Nope, it's a server problem. All my account attempts were done maybe in January and it didn't even keep my first account for a day (it even displayed my user name but told me my account didn't exist).

  9. It looks like my account is gone too. I don't even own one of the Tamas that goes with it. I just played through it for fun and got introduced to new characters.
  10. I used to not be able to decide on a favorite. I also liked Eevee even more than its evolutions. But when Sylveon was released, I suddenly had a favorite. So yeah, Sylveon is my favorite Eeveelution.
  11. Sometimes the king would send mail in the Connection ones? You could also see him at the Tamatown website, but that's gone now.
  12. In the ones I have, the point is usually to grow up and have a child... or just live long. I do not own any of the newest Tamagotchis like the one you mentioned.
  13. Note that is not a public image url. That link is specific to your computer. You have to use an image uploading website. I also do not know what dead pixels are, so seeing what it looks like might explain it to me.
  14. Very Interesting! This is the kind of thing I would see on a website about unused video game content. However, the one I'm thinking of doesn't have that game listed. I think it needs to go there.