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  1. I'm a Sanrio fan and as long as Pom Pom Purin and Cinnamoroll are there I'm going to buy one, it's just a bit disappointing that there are no Keroppi, Badtz Maru, Pochacco and Usahana, the first three used to be paired up with Hello Kitty and Usahana is one of my personal favorite, I guess they're not as popular as Gudetama, and honestly I'm not into Gudetama, he's more a humoristic character than a cute one so I think he doesn't fit the Sanrio universe, but I grew up with the Hello Kitty anime shows and the 3D show so not seeing them is kinda disappointing, especially Usahana...but I'm still going to buy it, I think Bandai wants to make this version because of how big Sanrio characters are in Japan and how much they sell, and since Tamagotchi decreased in popularity I think they made this version just to sell more units and attract more people into Tamagotchi again, I dunno, how about making some anniversary merchandise for adults like they did with Sailor Moon and Digimon?
  2. The target audience from the iD era bothers me, I like the new characters, I have no problem with Yume Kira Dream being "too girly", c'mon, people who says that and then watches MLP and Sailor Moon and then say YKD is too girly should seriously go to a mental doctor, YKD was kinda revolutionary for a modern anime, since it revived the traditional magical girl formula from the late 60's/early 70's, when a little girl simply finds a magical item and uses it to solve problems and help people, or even transform herself, it had some bunch of Creamy Mami stuff, but honestly even the 2009 anime had some Creamy Mami references despite Lovelitchi not using any magical item to become an idol, so I kinda liked that instead of being a generic idol show like Aikatsu.I'm fine with female characters as long as they're nice, boys should watch Tamagotchi just like girls, it has some valuable morals and fun moments, stuff that usually lacks in anime meant for little boys that are too much focused on action, so I'm ok with everything except the marketing, because I really do not like the pink glittery stuff and the girly designs, and I hate how Bandai thinks boys shouldn't play with it, I just hate how society says boys can't be caring, learn about friendship, socially interact and show their emotions but instead should all be cold hearted and bullies, Bandai is really sending a bad message with that, it bothers me how back in the 90's there were more slice of life shows with male protagonists but now just shows aimed at girls can be about daily routine, boys should only be interested on action, boys aren't going to relate too much to the characters, for example, Ojamajo Doremi is an anime meant for girls but it's so relatable to any kid, it shows the real life issues that could happen to any kid regardless of gender, and kids will relate to that, it's already rare to see girls shows doing that, but shows meant for boys rarely do that, there's rarely stuff to relate to and little to no moral, since a really young age boys learn that they should just be aggressive and don't cry, but if they watch a show like Doremi or even Tamagotchi they would learn that expressing your emotions freely isn't bad at all, I honestly think it's really bad marketing, and I'm bother of seeing the whole "boys shouldn't show their emotions" in 2017.If boys back in the day liked Tamagotchi boys can definitely like it too if they see in the commercial isn't just aimed at girls, I mean, most boys on the Kids react to Tamagotchi even liked the concept more than girls, it's all about how you market it, the whole gendering toys thing really limits a child's fun and imagination, if a science kit toy is aimed only at boys people get angry, but Tamagotchi, as a toy about responsibilities, caring and social interaction, is just aimed at girls nobody sees the problem, I want to inform you that social interaction is mostly seen as a girls thing, this is why people think "girls talk a lot and go to the bathroom together", and still implies that boys shouldn't express their emotions, this is sexist.
  3. The only reason why I wanted to go to Harajuku...thanks Bandai for killing off your most important franchises, you're officially the new Konami...and thanks for making me hate Cocotama.But yeah, never close the Precure store, Precure is far more important than Tamas I guess...thanks for killing the franchise on its 20th anniversary...I just want to cry in a corner, I hope the Cocotama craze will fade someday, I just can't stand that Hamtaro ripoff anymore.
  4. Is Bandai killing off Tamagotchi?Just think about it, it's been 2 months already and they barely cared about the 20th anniversary, they just released a new version of the M!X, a vintage themed gashapon line and they're going to rerelease the Chibi in April, a version made 12 years ago, if they really wanted to rerelease a product with outdated technology, why not the original Tama?That's what they're doing with Digimon's 20th, and the rerelease of the first Digimon will also include new content I know. I wanted to see stuff like figures, clothing for adults, gashapon, plushies of old school characters and Connection characters and maybe the anime on DVD, the anime is only available on rental DVDs, they just made some character themed DVDs and nothing more. Why is Bandai barely caring of their most important franchise' anniversary?I mean, Digimon got way more stuff for its anime's 15th anniversary and is getting more for the virtual pet's 20th as well, I mean, Digimon was so unrelevant around the Tama Connection era, they stopped making anime and only made a bunch of PSP videogames meant for a specific target, the old school fans.Tamagotchi made way more money in the Connection AND iD era, plus, the first Tamas saved Bandai from bankrupt, and what are they doing instead?Closing the last Tama Depa and releasing an old product.I was so excited when I knew about a new Tamagotchi movie, which honestly was a great idea to celebrate the anniversary, and then I knew it was just a short for the Cocotama movie. Yeah, Cocotama, something so nice that reminds me of the old anime I grew up with but Bandai made me hate it, how can they care more about a 1 year old franchise?I know it sells well and the anime is nice but why would they ignore Tamagotchi for Cocotama?Each product belongs to its times, like Sanrio anime shows, first there was My Melody, then Jewelpet, now Fairilu.Before there was Sailor Moon and little girls from the 90's grew up with that, now little girls are growing up with Precure, I get it, each generation has its stuff, but Tamagotchi lasted for so many years and it's been part of many kids' childhood, kids from the 90's, 2000's and 2010's, it's a multigenerational product that sold well for years, kinda like Doraemon, Anpanman and Maruko-Chan (even if it's not as old), anime which came out around the same time as Doraemon and Anpanman but didn't last so much may be unknown for modern generations, but Doraemon, Anpanman and Maruko are and lasted for years, it's the same thing for Tamagotchi, while other products made around the same time may be unknown to new generations, Tamagotchi has been relevant for many years, but Bandai really wants to kill it off on its 20th anniversary and prefer something seems like Bandai really wants to ignore the stuff I like, I mean, they preferred to celebrate Digimon instead of Ojamajo Doremi which barely got anything for its 15th anniversary, kinda pisses me off since Ojamajo Doremi is much better than that overrated Sailor Moon. What Bandai should do to make the Tamagotchi popular again is to make a new revolutionary Tamagotchi, the Plus Color was a big thing back in 2008, why don't they make something REALLY new?Have you seen stuff like the Jewelpet Jewel Watch by Sega Toys?The Fairilu Camera by Takara Tomy?Or even the Precure Linkle Smartbook by Bandai itself?Don't you see they have a much better technology than stuff like the 4U and M!X?Better animations, more detailed graphic, more features and touch screen, Bandai should seriously make a Tamagotchi with touch screen and new features to make the product popular again.This is how I would make it. Size about the Kakeibo, but thicker, thick like the Linkle Smartbook, I'd also include the fake antenna like the Kakeibo which contains a stylus inside, screen about the same size of the Linkle Smartbook, the graphic can even be less detailed than the Linkle Smartbook, but should be an improvement over the overused iD L graphic and sprites.I'd include some voiced parts like the Linkle Smartbook, like the character saying "good morning", "hello" and "tasty".The Tama can be turned off when you don't play it, because something like that can't be on for 24 hours, but it can still make the alarm call when it's off and it'd include a led which brights up when the Tamagotchi needs something, which already happened before for the Game Boy version of Tamagotchi Osutchi Mesutchi, and another led with a toilet icon which will inform you if your Tamagotchi pooped.It could also include more complex minigames and a cooking function, where you can cook for your Tama with your stylus kinda like Cooking Mama with the items you can get with the gardening feature. I'd also include a successor to the pierces.I honestly think if Bandai would make a new revolutionary Tamagotchi with new interesting features with less outdated technology it could make the toy popular again, but apparently they prefer the outdated iD L technology.