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  1. i'm going to be shipping a purchase out and it's my first time shipping tamagotchis, i just need to know, how much do they weigh?
  2. * TOPIC MOVED TO: Tamagotchi Warnings sub forum * (if you didnt know they are bringing back the old tamas) i saw a post on facebook saying "free tamagotchi just pay shipping" but they are trying to sell fake tamas to people who dont know about them, please if you see someone wanting to buy it let them know its fake
  4. Thanks! I wasn't aware that it was on that page! But now i know so I'm gonna have to get one of the ugly designs
  5. Please, i really need to know, christmas is coming and i wanna make sure i buy the right one with my money.
  6. Need to know because i like the akai designs better but want my keitai plus to marry it
  7. I can kinda understand some but i really want to know what all the writing says
  8. Gimme that pet pouch XD i really want the ichigotchi one
  9. Can someone please translate this for me i just bought on on ebay thinking it was a V3 and now I can hardly tell where things are The things i know Where the games are Where the food is But nothing else it would mean the world to me if someone translated this thanks
  10. Do you know anywhere i can get a full english guide for this tama? It would really help
  11. Actually i just found out something so this post is useless
  12. I finally got my V3 in the mail today and hatched my egg but i cant seem to figure out witch one he is, He is still a baby Looks like petitchi but petitchi is only in music star?? Does anyone have a growth chart for the Connection V3 plus? ( witch is the japan version ) thanks