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  1. Back to depression, I heard that video games also relieve stress.
  2. Wait, P's is just a better option and it has an english patch
  3. Don't really worry about price unless it stretches over 110 dollars as I already have my mind on the 4U+. Although, it may sound crazy that I am choosing this and iD L, I have the option to download extras.
  4. Anyway, I hope you get over depression. Try doing things you've never done before, if you go to school, maybe you could try things there?
  5. Ok, thanks. I want to move on to this question. (ANOTHER ONE) uhhhh... What tamagotchi do you recommend buying for a fairly cheap price 30-70 dollars? Thanks
  6. But Jhud, what do you mean by funny money?
  7. Thank you so much, I'll be sure to look at the iD L. I was leaning towards that anyway.
  8. Hi, I was wondering what to buy between a v4.5 or iD L Please suggest (if possible) the website to buy the cheapest possible. Thanks!