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  1. I hope you're doing better, you were missed! I'm not that knowledgeable, but I think I can answer the majority of your questions. 1: Certain events in the park happen at different times, you should look at this wiki page: 2: Sorry, only in 4u. 3: A good user named Binary uploaded a rare english version manual for the IDL. Everything is in the order as you see in the manual, it should help you figure it all out. Here's the link to the Photobucket album: As for money, I don't think you can send any over. However, I also read you patched your P's through an IR Dongle. Consult the manual I linked, then download this image: Then beam it into your IDL. (yes it works on Princess Spacy, my sister got one and I tested it myself) 9999 points, no work at all. 4: I'm not quite sure. You mentioned you changed the batteries? Do you still meet the requirements for unlocking the locations? (all items, etc.) Hopefully someone else who knows will come around... 5: The Sanrio Pierce gives you Sanrio characters and items to use with your Tama, whereas the Sanrio MiX is completely Sanrio themed. I guess if you really like Hello Kitty and friends, or want them to coexist with your Tama characters. If you're looking for just Sanrio by itself, you're already good with your MiX. 6: Doesn't seem like it... ? It all goes back to that link... I don't know if this will help, but... : This might also be of use. It's IdMakeDl, a super neat tool made by Binary. With it, you can make custom items. A bit of work, and you should be able to navigate the personality deal: This thread will show you how to use it: Be warned, you'll need to get your images in 4-bit. As I have heard, you'll need an older version of Gimp 2, as this feature has been taken out of newer ones... not 100% sure on how old, but I think a version circa 2012 should do... like this: Let me know if you need more help on this step... 7: As stated by mrblinky, To download and install the patch to your tamagotchi 4U you will need an Android phone or tablet with FeliCa compatible NFC. You need this for downloads, as well as english patch. Also, you have to have a 4u, not 4u+. I think most NFC equipped android tablets/smartphones work, but that's as far as I know. You should also know the english patch isn't 100% atm... As for buying a 4u, I think it would be interesting. There's usually enough of a difference between them to make it worth it... as I hear. 8: If you're going to bother with the above steps for 4u downloads, get a 4u. If not, 4u+. Seems to have more stuff... I don't see the point in getting the ID. If you really like the IDL, then go for it. Otherwise, I'd chalk it up to the V4 vs V4.5 debate. (but I'm 100% sure that the ID isn't as buggy)
  2. Not too sure on this one, but... There's nothing stopping you from changing the time to when your tama wakes up. No ill effects. Firsthand experience. Just turn it back when you're done. Not sure about color tamas, but for pretty much all the greyscale ones let you do this.
  3. My apologies for taking so long. Boy, 9 mistakes - Bokuhoshitchi. Guess 10 then? You could be right... there could be some degree of randomness. I believe there was some within the TF, and the version before that, the Tama Go, had a lot of it.
  4. Indeed, Tropatchi, Female Beautician class. She didn't keep too well track, it is more likely a higher number of care misses than that. I'll go for nine care misses on my next child. Will report back once the gender is sorted out.
  5. Great news. we're getting somewhere. Made six, got Kakakutchi. Do you think the system goes by overall care misses, and not just in a specific stage? Maybe? My sister, who owns a DT, has some info we can use. She didn't keep numbers, but she can confirm her female child had at least six care mistakes, and also evolved into Nokobotchi. She got at least five more and obtained Tropatchi.
  6. I forgot to mention that Nandetchi is also a guest character. I got Righttchi. I guess five isn't the magic number: I got Cosmotchi. I guess it is six to go down a step? The worst care teen I get is Bokuhoshitchi, which leaves a gap... gah. Agh, how could I have missed seeing Yukinkotchi was a guest in TF? Amakutchi was indeed obtained. She's newly added to the DT. Gonna aim for 8, Kakakutchi.
  7. I'd like to contribute. Now, today I think I can prove this theory, but I'm almost sure that the worst teen takes 5 care misses. (I let their hunger drop to zero, wait for three beeps, then fifteen minutes later, a miss. Two if it gets sick) Again, need a bit more through testing, but it's a start. Also, another five on top of that usually nets you the worst care adult if there are only two possible adults for your selected class. (100% confirmation with Male Robot and Female Cooking) Needs way more testing, but I think this is how you get Tropatchi. I got a little boy today, gonna aim for Karakutchi. There's a few problems with your list of characters. Specifically, Waltztchi, Crepetchi, Rinkurutchi, Amiamitchi, and Gotchimotchi. Amiamitchi is not raisable, she's been a guest character since the original Friends model (but you can marry her in both versions) The rest do not appear in any english Tamagotchi release. The exact list of characters can be found on the Tamagotchi Wiki: The methods for obtaining them, outside of the already known perfect care characters, is still unknown. Also, five new characters have been added, but four had to be removed. The removed characters are Kiramotchi, Charatchi, Decoratchi, Wagassiertchi, and one more who is currently unknown. The removed character still appears as a guest character. I've thought about it, and I'm seriously starting to think that our TF growth chart may be the Rosetta Stone to the DT chart.
  8. Hapi has a very good point. Look at reviews and videos. They helped me purchase my DT.
  9. Based on what I researched, it seems that magnets can affect Liquid Crystals (they make up the display) Seems like it switched some crystals between on and off. The logic inside the Tama's display might have freaked out? Can't be too sure, educated guess. Now, not 100% sure, but I think the effect of the magnet wore off. I'm pretty sure IR communication wouldn't do much. If I had to think of a reason why it worked, maybe it, in a sense, powered down a bit on the LCD, and poured more power into the IR transmission, in a sense, resetting the display. Someone who knows more about this stuff could probably give a better explanation. I imagine I'm not too far off...
  10. I haven't played long, but I think I know a bit. 15/45 wins in the Alola Friendly, masters division. Pokemon outside of Alola may not be tournament legal. The upcoming 2017 International only allows the Alola Dex. Keep that team. Go here: This site is a team planner. You can put in your team, and it shows their matchups (as in what they're weak, strong, and immune to) According to the site, your team is fairly balanced. No major weaknesses, lots of resistance. My two cents on your team. Lycanroc: Spikes, cool. It has great speed. The most used Pokemon you can't hit first are Tapu Koko and Pheromosa. I'd dump 252 EVs in its attack, it could use it. Celesteela: Haven't quite took this one out. Very fine choice. You don't see too many fire attacks, sans some Garchomps. Tapu Koko again being a problem. Toxapex: Ooh, gotta try it myself. Give it 252 HP EVs and tack on some Leftovers. Tsareena: Mmm, if you really need Rapid Spin. I'd pick something else, but that's just me... Mimikyu: This thing kicked me pretty hard. Don't change it. Garchomp: I'd Dragon Claw instead of Dragon Rush, that window of accuracy is too great IMO. Nice coverage, but watch out for Ultra Beasts, they can outrun you. Overall, great! I'd hate to encounter you.
  11. I would like to point out that, at least on my DT, that Tamas can evolve in their sleep. Had it happen three times. I'm pretty sure it's the same on a TF. Might want to test next time you know when it is going to evolve.
  12. First off, wow. You work is very much appreciated. Second, Bandai said they removed five characters and added five for this version. According to your chart, it looks like they removed Harptchi. Solving this mystery would help me sleep at night. But there's something very odd about your chart. Under Sewing Class, for a male, you said that good care grants Charatchi while Bad Care grants Spacytchi. According to Bandai, Charatchi is one of the removed characters (although he still appears as a guest.) But my problem is, how did you get him??? My sister and I have both taken Sewing with males, and we both got Spacytchi with good care. (No misses, 100% certain) I don't mean to be any way, but did you really get him? I find it a bit hard to believe, although I could see it being feasible.
  13. Let's rock and roll! I'll share what I know (going by order under memory): 1 - Mametchi Male Social Personality Robots Class Perfect Care 2 - Kutchipatchi Male Gourmet Personality Cooking Class Perfect Care 4 - Knighttchi Male Gourmet Personality Performer Class Perfect Care 7 - Tacttchi Male Social Personality Music Class Perfect Care 10 - Doyatchi Male No Personality Beautician Class Perfect Care 11 - Yumemitchi Female Social Personality Performer Class Perfect Care 16 - Himespetchi Female Social Personality Robots Class Perfect Care 19 - Pianitchi Female Gourmet Personality Music Class Perfect Care 20 - Coffretchi Female No Personality Beautician Class Perfect Care 22 - Hanafuwatchi Female No Personality Sewing Class Perfect Care 23 - Butterflytchi Female No Personality Pet Stylist Class Perfect Care All my tamas have had 0-1 care mistakes. For those that didn't know, I'm pretty sure (99%) that when your tama is bored or hungry (0 hearts), it does not count as a care mistake. By tomorrow, I'll be able to start another generation. For onlookers, please assist in answering the following, if possible: Anyone got Kiraritchi? If so, how? I've heard Furifuritchi can be obtained via Performer Class and Bad care. Can anyone confirm?
  14. For the log question: Why not? There's always time for a song log. For the Friends itself: I find it to be very enjoyable. Yes, it lacks the features of pretty much every 21th century tama, but it's still great. And it's very easy to care for. You will find them a bit more feature packed than the tamas on your phone. (different characters, games, buying food, the park, etc.)