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  1. konnichiwa, minnasan! mix: daisuke married nijifuwatchi! they are so cute together : ) they laid an egg, and out came a baby boy! i named him Touma. i didn't get a picture of touma's toddler stage, but he was an ahirukutchi. he later evolved into an adorable kingyobotchi! v2: at 7 years old, Kaito married a masktchi! they had a baby girl! i'm going to call her either Komi or Misty. v4.5: sora married a shitekitchi and had a baby boy! i'm going to be trying for either ura mametchi, ura togetchi, or ura kuchipatchi. also, his name is Piko! bye for now, tamadonut
  2. happy birthday to tamatalk! it's almost as old as me now :)

  3. ordered a tamagotchi angel!

  4. konnichiwa, minnasan! mix: daisuke became a cute little snail! i wanted to keep him like this forever! the next day, he became an adult! and he looks... exactly like meiko. i was hoping he would get more yotsubatchi features. v2: kaito became a pyonchitchi! he's so cute. i've wanted a pyonchitchi for such a long time, and i finally got one! : D v4.5: i started up my v4.5 again. i found an otokitchi named Lotus and her baby. i named the baby Sora. after the standard hour, baby sora evolved into oyajitchi! i'll be marrying him off soon. bye for now, tamadonut
  5. konnichiwa, minnasan! mix: meiko got married to yotsubatchi! they had a baby boy, who i decided to call Daisuke. daisuke as a toddler! v2: kaito became a nikatchi! bye for now, tamadonut
  6. konnichiwa, minnasan! v2: rain left baby kaito. after the standard hour, he became a marutchi! so cute and round : ) bye for now, tamadonut
  7. konnichiwa, minnasan! v2: rain married a hanatchi! they had a baby boy, who i will call kaito. music star: storm became a mametchi! he is so cute! his bandmates became a makiko and a kuchipatchi. bye for now, tamadonut
  8. i'd like to participate! june 12 is good for me. i'll probably hatch my p2 i plan on ordering!
  9. thinking about ordering another tamagotchi...

  10. konnichiwa, minnasan! Music Star: storm became a kuribotchi! here he is playing with his tamagotchi. he did well in preschool, and evolved into a hinotamatchi! he formed a band called Epic with Daniel the nonopotchi and Jenny the chamametchi! bye for now, tamadonut
  11. konnichiwa, minnasan~ mix: meiko became a teen! i turned her red to unlock Makakka Town. she later evolved into an adult! i turned her lavender with a milkshake. it matches her ears nicely! bye for now, tamadonut
  12. konnichiwa, minnasan! mix: makoto married Himebaratchi! it was so cute how he blushed when proposing to her :3 they laid an egg, and out hatched a baby girl! i decided to call her Meiko. she's so cute! bye for now, tamadonut
  13. kon'nichiwa, minnasan! mix: makoto remodeled his house a little! he also got a little bouquet of flowers! :3 V2: rain has evolved into a Kabutchi! she's so cute! she reminds me of an oddish : ) i love how round she is! Music Star: shoji got married to a Chantotchi! : D they laid an egg, and out came a baby boy! i'm going to name him Storm. bye for now, tamadonut