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  1. Of course, I sold my copy of New Leaf a while back and now there's a new update coming -w-
  2. I've never really liked the minigames in Music Star, they are kinda boring in my opinion. I just feed my tama snacks instead, even if its not as healthy
  3. This is my favorite thread cause I can tell all my life problems then pass it off as a joke. ;3
  4. I got into Tamagotchi back when my cousins told me about it and bought me one (a connection v4.5), but I havent really gotten into it until I found this forum and found out that they actually still make Tamagotchi's :3
  5. School already started for me sadly
  6. I have so many issues because of bipolar disorder and oversensitivty/hypersensitivty. But hey, I've learned at the only real way to live is to have fun, and always be happy. There may be times when you are sad, but never let sadness drag you down! Also, Tamagotchi has really helped me stay happy :3
  7. Well, I'll set it up in a couple hours only if someone else doesn't first. I'm not too good at owning servers, so if anyone else creates one I would be glad to join in! Welp, one was set up but we can't advertise obviously. Oh well x3 Malfoy Edit: Merged multiple posts. Use the EDIT function please.
  8. I was wondering if there was a discord server for TamaTalk, or just Tamagotchi in general? I use Discord a lot, so I was just wondering about this. Incase you don't know what Discord is, it's kind of like a better skype mashed with an IRC client.
  9. I'm trying to decide if I should save up for a P or a 4U right now, heh. I have a question; which one is probably the better choice? 4Us seem to be cheaper, but I haven't heard about them as much as the Ps.

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    2. KyootNapsta


      Oh hey, didn't even notice that! Thanks XP

    3. JesterxLady


      I enjoy both devices. The 4U has slightly nicer graphics and shell (in my opinion) and is cheaper, but has less built in content and no English patch (if you're going for a plus). The P's is more expensive, but has a load more in built content, plus the downloads are easier to get onto the device.

    4. RubyLullaby


      I would say, if you have a device with NFC which would work with the Tamagotchi 4u, then buy the Tama 4u. But I would also recommend the P´s since it has so many features and downloads. So many characters and you can patch it to english ! :) For the download you would need an old phone with Infrared

  10. I am currently playing a Music Star, and I have never found a reason to put my Tama in timeout and now Im thinking I have to put it in timeout if it poops anywhere but the toilet? If not, when should time out be used?
  11. --Intro-- So recently I found my two old Tamagotchi's while cleaning up, and instantly dropped everything to start one up. I didn't know much about versions, but after a little bit of searching, I found that one was a Connection V4.5 and the other was a Connection V1. I played the 4.5 for a short while, but eventually found that it was hard to play with due to a broken A button. I thought about just using the V1, and upon starting it up I realized it was actually a V6 Music Star! That was two days ago, and now that I am starting to get into the community of Tamagotchi, I thought I would try out this whole log thing! --Day 1: August 21st-- After fighting with the battery for a short while, I finally decided to be serious about this pet, as when I was younger I had never been super into it, and actually dont remember anything past the child phase. So I set everything up, and hatched a female that I named "Dos" for no particular reason. As stated before, I never had really gotten into Tamagotchi, so I spent a little time figuring out what all the buttons do (and accidentally yelling at my tama). I searched up a growth chart and a guide on this site to make sure I wasn't going in completely blind. The first hour was as expected; nonstop care until she grew into a child. Dos turned into an adorable Hitodetchi, which I was pretty excited about, even though getting a perfect care child isn't too hard. After a little bit, Dos went to bed at around 11:30 PM. --Day 2: August 22nd-- The next day, I woke up two hours before my Tama did, giving me a little bit of time to relax before having to give my tama all my attention! After waking up, I fed her, and did the usual stuff, and went to target to by myself the usual stuff. I was away for about four hours, and suprisingly she didn't require too much while I was out and about, just a couple things to eat and a little bit of playtime with her panda. But the SECOND I got home, she started being super needy, which was bad because I was trying to do something else (that was only a little more important than Dos). So I wasn't able to keep her at four hearts for a little while, sadly. Not much happened until night time, when she grew into a teenager! But I accidentally made her grow up to be a Ringotchi, meaning I probably would not be able to have her grow into the Mimitichi I wanted her to be. But hey, It's okay because I still love her the same! She went to bed at 8PM, and I followed three hours after. That's all I have for now, Ill try to update the log every morning, although its not all too exciting! If you have any questions about her stats or anything of the sort, I will answer them.