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  1. New generation! Gen 3: Broh Gen 3, Beef Intelligence: 3 Fashion: 3 Kindness: 4 Gen 4, Chick Intelligence: 0 Fashion: 3 Kindness: 0
  2. 14-05-2019 teenagers! they were paused all of today since I was busy lol they grow up so fast
  3. 13-05-2019 Ares and Hawks are going to get married when they're older, Ini will just have to be happy with whoever the matchmaker brings They nearly died this morning bc I slept in lol
  4. 12-05-2019 Three babies, the boy is generation two, his name is Hawks. The blue version 4 is Ares, and the version 4.5 is Ini. Ini's named after the pet I had before her that Died.
  5. 11-05-2019 a baby the parents name is Lena, I haven't decided what her sons going to be named yet. I'm curious about what I'll get on the v4.5 and other v4 once I get them going again. two boys knowing my luck.
  6. 10-05-2019 I'm going to continue with the two dead ones once the parent leaves on the green v4, so all three are the same age. Here's hoping I get a girl on one of the two blue ones.
  7. 15-01-2019 My iD L arrived today - I'm going to need to buy more AAA batteries. I found two for now at least. My two angelgotchi are teens now, the two different good care characters. I like the iD L a lot more than the angelgotchi, not sure if I'll keep the angelgotchi pair going after they die. I've also been playing Animal Crossing a lot more.
  8. Angelgotchi! Still waiting for an ID L to arrive next . . .
  9. 12-01-2019 My m!x's batteries went flat, I have more batteries but I wasn't really fussed on keeping the m!x going. My two angelgotchi arrived today! One came with batteries.
  10. I'm waiting for two angelgotchi and an ID L to arrive, I've never had either of those types of tamagotchi before and I'm hype! lol
  11. 31-12-2018 My m!x became memetchi then got married. I have pics of the baby growing up, idk when I'll post them, lol. A beautiful (kinda ugly) baby girl tho. My other tamagotchi have been paused, rip.
  12. 25-12-2018 He evolved! Tho admittedly it does not take long for a m!x to evolve, unsure that I'll really keep the m!x going for very long? He's vry cute at least. Adona my poor little chub. I haven't really been paying much attention to them today, so much for paying more attention to this generation . . . Lia and Adona are both mizutamatchi. I'm thinking it would be cool to get Bunbuntchi? Or maybe dorotchi? Aria is mohitamatchi, and will probably evolve to be in either the Kuchi or Meme family, I'm inclined to think Kuchi? It would be cool to get Young Dorotchi.
  13. 25-12-2018 Merry Christmas!!!!! I named the first gal, Adona. She's a good gal. Kind of disappointed I wont be able to pair any of them off in this generation. (I'm pretty sure the fathers, Jack and Dean were lowkey gay for each other even if they ended up babying with others later.) Fourth generation! Her names Lia. She and Adona are pretty much in sync (which makes sense, they're twins.) Her names Aria, I mostly wanted a name that falls along the same vibes as Lia and Adona's names. . . .I should really put more effort into increasing her skills this generation.