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  1. Hello everyone! Been quite a while since I updated this log! Now that I have another 2 P's, it's time to start things back up again! I haven't actually run my P's in quite awhile, I've been on and off running my Plus Color and some Connections I've found at thrift stores over the past 2 years. There's still some stuff that's missing from this log though, so let's get started! First off, we have Tamatomos! I got Yumemitchi's: And Kiraritchi's: Kuchipatchi's: And lastly, Acchitchi's: Also some select diary entries from Kiraritchi and Acchitchi: "Today I worked at Tamamori Shop ★ Lots of customers came in ♪" "I worked at the TamaDepa today! I sold a lot of things, but I'm a little tired..." Poor Kuchipatchi didn't get to make any, apparently. That's about all I have for now, I'm not going to actually start running them all until the cases for them arrive. But until then, here's a pic of all 3 P's together! I did a quick test run on the new ones, just to check that everything was working. I'll be resetting them once I officially kick things off. Only little Neotchi up there will get to stay. I should probably reset my pink P's too, but I'll have to reset it whenever I get around to english patching it, so I might as well just wait until then. The purple P's is the best running one out of this lot - it's loud, has no lag, is more responsive.... The blue one isn't as laggy as the pink, but is also much quieter. I wonder why they all run so different? Anyway, I'll end it for now. When I do get to actually running all these, I'll probably adjust how often I update. Maybe once as a teen, and then again after I get the Tamatomo for the adults? I'll see how it goes.
  2. Between the 4u+ and the iD L, the iD L is imo the better Tamagotchi. It has a lot more content, like twice the raisable characters, and is generally just a little complex than the 4U models are. If you want to use downloadable content then the iD L is also better there since it uses IRda, which is much more universal than the NFC the 4U models have. Additionally, if you want to collect more colour Tamas, the iD L can connect all the way from the Plus Color to the P's. As for the On/Meets, I think that's just up to personal preference. If you want a full english Tamagotchi the On is great choice, since english iD L are pretty hard to find (and expensive) and the 4U+ doesn't have a patch (even the patch for the regular 4U isn't a full translation). It has less content than the iD L I believe, but I think it makes up for the content in the actual gene-mixing gameplay.
  3. The first of the P's arrived today! It's kinda weird how different it is from my other P's, like, there's no lag, the quality of the screen is slightly better, and it's twice as loud too! I'm really curious to see how the other one I bought will run now too...

  4. Today I said "treat urself" and bought another 2 P's. They're a bit pricey, but they're only going to get more expensive, so I might as well snap up the more affordable ones while I can. I'll have to start my log back up when they arrive. It'll be fun to run 3 connectable Tamas at the same time!

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    2. DraconicDetective


      ive been looking around for a few days... every time i see them on etsy i get pretty surprised!! but theyre pretty nice sometimes, i guess, aaha..

      i got one recently and im having to return it now because it stopped working almost immediately sigh... so im trying to find something for a decent price and also good quality eep

    3. molldoll


      Oh no! It's awful when stuff like that happens, especially with our precious Tama's. 

      I feel like one good tip when searching for a P's is that you wanna keep an eye out for the one's with dirty faceplates. Sellers often count it as damage and price it accordingly,  but they actually clean up very well! The one I have right now was ink stained and horribly grimy but you certainly wouldn't know it from the pictures I've posted here. If you know how to use Japanese proxies then Yahoo Auctions and mercari JP are also great places to look if you aren't already.

    4. DraconicDetective


      i havent been doing that but im about to start :!! tysm

  5. it's definitely a great idea, but after 4, almost 5 years of the same gimmick it's just become very meh for me. It would be great if they released a Tamagotchi with both mixing, and the ability to raise regular Tamas (without have to kill of your current one, lol). For this I actually meant changing it like you can on previous colour Tamas by prying up the faceplate and replacing the paper that's under there, I didn't even think of it being intentionally changeable like the Tama-go and 4U are! ...Man I hope there's some official news soon. Please Bandai I'm begging you!! I am impatient lol
  6. I logged in just to gush about how excited I am about this!! The fact that the description and the box seemingly make no mention of the mix feature is just, aaaaaaaaaaaaa! I'm so, so tired of the mixing feature, so seeing a (hopeful) return to a more traditional Tamagotchi has me super hyped. That's all I care about lmao! I just want regular Tamas. It's also good to see another English tama! This one is an original release, so I hope this means Tamagotchi is doing well in the west? The 3 egg types is interesting, are we going to have a return of the personality system or the skill points system? I'm going to guess that the 2 Mametchis and the Furawatchi (she's pink? on a english tama?) on the packaging represent Intelligence, Cuteness and Creativity respectively. Makes me think that the types won't affect your evolution, kinda like the Music Star. The packaging is almost the same as the packing for the iD which is also interesting. Much better than the wasteful packing the On had, but I wonder why they went for this design specifically? Interestingly enough the packaging shows a real up-close shot of Mametchi, which I believe hasn't shown up since the iD (possibly the iDL, but I can't find any screenshots)? I wonder if the Pix is based off the iD in some way... Not too sure about the design, the faceplates look a little weird. Then again, I thought the m!x had a ugly design but I ended up liking it much more once I actually saw it motion. The product images really do not do the m!x any favours. I wonder if you'll be able to change the faceplate with the touch buttons? The whole camera gimmick is also a meh for me. How it's actually incorporated into the gameplay (or not) will make it a hit or miss for me. Hopefully we don't have to wait forever for an official reveal from Bandai. I want to see a trailer~
  7. another day, another log. today was mostly just a bit of faffing about and trying to figure out how some things work. first thing i did today was send yumemitchi outside for some fresh air i should have tried to get her to plant a tree, but i didn't even remember you could do that in the P's until later today... i then sent her to the park to see if she could get a job, but this guy just showed up: he's saying something along the lines of "it's still too early for you to have a part-time job", but i'm not sure if he means early as in the time of day, or if yumemitchi just isn't the right age yet. i'll find out sooner or later i guess. i then sent yumemitchi straight off to school, where she had what i'm going to assume is charisma class with kiraritchi! when i tried to take her out of school, she seemed to go to sports class, where she promptly failed to jump over something with a name i can't remember. then i managed to press the right option and she came home! all her meters were empty, so i immediately sent her to the restaurant, where she came across Waltztchi! she got a free meal that filled up her hunger, which was nice. i checked her diary when she came home: "today i had a singing test! i was nervous, but the teacher's praise made me feel better~" she doesn't actually say that she felt better, it's just kind of implied. i then sent her off to fill her happy bar and make some sweet, sweet cash, but i didn't know until she came home from the game center that it was waltztchi's birthday! here's the cute little birthday card: of course i then spent all of yumemitchi's hard earned money on clothes. as well as trying to look for things that might be a tamatomo item, but today i wasn't successful how adorable! she didn't wear it for long though, i prefer her normal clothes. i sent her outside again, and she found another coupon! but of course it was for the bathroom... her last outing for the day was of course to the park, where she met kuchipatchi! ...and went on a date. poor spacytchi, he thought he had it good. i guess yumemitchi likes to keep her options open? anyway that's it for today! thanks for reading!!
  8. thank you! glad to see people enjoying it! ------ today's log is certainly not what i expected it to be! i thought on the P's that the teen stage lasted for two days. i was wrong. i was very surprised when i looked over at my tama to see neotchi evolving! i would've liked to spend more time with her but... now i have yumemitchi! the personality thing does work how i thought it would! i'm trying to do this without a guide, it's been fun so far! not too long after she evolved, i took yumemitchi on several outings to the park to adopt a yumecantchi! she had to have her matching pet! look at that grumpy face... how cute. you can also see that it started snowing! after a few games, and generally just messing around, i sent yumemitchi off to school! i love how she travels in a limo. i also love how yumecantchi came to school with her. she's in what i can only assume to be the smart class. i didn't expect the school in the P's to be a whole day thing, i thought it would be more like the 4U. in retrospect, it's kind of obvious considering it replaces the babysitter... i wonder where yumecantchi went during class? here's yumemitchi's diary entry for the day: "i built a robot at school today! nadetchi is trying his best too~" i really like that you can actually see that classmate she talks about in class... it's the little details. after school ended she headed out for dinner, and by pure chance i managed to find one of her tamatomo items! i thought she would like it, and i was right! i fed her the dream pudding i think? it was something like that. i appreciate the extra length to her happy bar lol. i then took her to the park for one last outing, and she met spacytchi! she's met him there earlier today, but this time... he asked her to go to the beach! t did yumemitchi just go on a date? only a few hours as an adult and she's already looking for a partner... i had absolutely 0 idea this could happen! i didn't read what spacytchi said and just assumed he wanted to kick a ball around the park or something. it was a cute surprise! that's it for today though. yumemitchi needs her beauty sleep! tomorrow is monday, so hopefully the cover arrives? thanks for reading!
  9. interesting! i did notice today that it wasn't doing the lag thing with the icons anymore, though going through menus is still feels really slow. i booted my +colour up today to compare and the colour was slower than the 4U, but still noticeably faster than the P's. ...actually i just tried to go through the icons and it started stopping again. it didn't do it all day, but now that my tama is asleep it starts doing it again! i'm wondering if maybe it's a power-saving thing? i managed to get lucky with a bid on ebay for this one, but i generally find the P's prices on ebay to be a little expensive, with the average price generally being $100-$120 AUD not including shipping... and then the shipping tends to be an extra $20... the condition of the tamas can vary a lot too. when i was shopping around for a P's though, i found that yahoo auctions japan had the best prices. there's even a very good condition white P's on there right now with it's box for only $60! and that's pretty much the average there, even if they are auctions, i don't find a lot of people bidding on them. i recommend using dejapan as a shopping service if you want to buy from yahoo - they don't charge a fee! ---------- and here's what you've been waiting for: the next log! i woke up late and started the day with a care miss. whoops. she's still a happy lil chappy though! this cute little puchihanatchi met a lot of pets at the park today! here's one of them! i don't think this is one of the one's you can adopt though. kind of disappointing because its very cute! today she also managed to get a hold of two of these double-money things for the game center! she made a lot of money through the skipping game today that's for sure. not too much though, had to hold back in fear of the sporty personality coming out! i also tried out the paint feature, which is very cute! this was my favourite colour on her! it wasn't long until she evolved into neotchi! kinda funny how the paint matched what she evolved into... she's so precious! i'm not entirely sure how exactly the personality thing all works, so i had her go to sleep tonight with the smart personality. and tomorrow i'll go with charisma? hopefully that gets me a yumemitchi lol i did mention my +colour though, so here's a hi from meidotchi! my +colour wouldn't turn on at first. it turns out that one of the springy things is rusted, and it looks like a battery had leaked in it! no idea how it happened considering it's been sitting inside a box with no batteries for the past few years, but at least it still works! looking at this poor tama makes me feel a little bad though, it has 3 huge scratches across the screen, and it somehow has dust under the faceplate! how did it even get there? i miss meidotchi being raisable, she's definitely one of my top tamas. nothing much else happened today though, pretty horrid weather for all the tamas today. especially poor meidotchi, she couldn't even leave the house! should've set the time to summer before removing the batteries... anyways, thats all for today. hope you tune in tommorrow!
  10. i'm sorry, i couldn't resist that pun. anyway i finally managed to get my hands on a reasonably priced p's, and i thought i'd start a log to celebrate! it wasn't in the best condition - the shell is ink stained, the screen is a little scratched, and it looks like it used to be covered in stickers. luckily the staining and sticker gunk i couldn't get off can be covered by the case i'm waiting patiently for! not that i'm complaining, for the price i managed to get this P's at, you'd think it would be in much worse condition! i didn't originally plan on making a log so i didn't end up taking many photos today. by the time i the thought popped into my head my new little tama was already asleep... here's a look at the new baby girl: what a cutie! i always seem to start off with girls... i'm raising her to be Yumemitchi of course - she's my favourite tamagotchi, and i also wanted to have a good comparison to my 4U! i'll be running my 4U alongside my P's until my second gen, just to see exactly what the differences are, and to see what one i like better! so far, i'm a little more fond of my 4U, but it's a little hard to judge when i haven't even run the P's for a whole day yet! i mentioned the main difference i've noticed so in my status, so i'll elaborate on it a little more here. i didn't notice it until i turned my 4U on, but the P's feels very... slow? unresponsive? it's like comparing a 10-year-old computer to a brand new one! a bit extreme, but you get the idea. when going through the icons, the P's will get "stuck" and i'll have to press a again, while the 4U will just keep going, no matter how fast i press the button! this also happens in menus, and can be annoying when feeding. i'm not sure if it's an issue with this particular P's, or if it's just a general thing, i might but batteries in my +colour and see if it does something simillar. here's a full view of the P's and my sleeping toddler! ... and that's all the images i have. i definitely wasn't prepared for a log. i plan on running this log until i get all the tamatomo! i might have to start over at some point if i can acquire the means to english patch the P's, but i guess i'll cross that bridge when i get to it. thanks for reading! hope you tune in tomorrow!
  11. my p's arrived today! think i might start a log. i've enjoyed it so far, but i've noticed that it's a lot less responsive when compared to my 4U. like the inputs are a lot slower and it takes longer to get from screen to screen :o

    1. KidRetro64


      Maybe it’s the production? I don’t know, all I remember is that as soon as I got my 4U working, I was pretty amazed. Good luck with the P’s!

  12. finally managed to get a p's for a price i'm happy with! excited for it to get here!!

  13. i had the bright idea today to bring my 4u into a carriers store to see if i could use the app... i ended up downloading stuff to my 4u for 40 minutes >w

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    2. Jhud


      Out of curiosity, how did you put Mr.Blinky's app onto the testing phone at the carrier's store?


    3. molldoll


      the same way you'd do it on a phone you owned! i was surprised it let me to be honest

    4. molldoll


      maybe it was just that the particular phone i used (htc one x10 4g) doesn't have many security features??

  14. i wasn't planning on getting a m!x, but if the dream m!x has yumemitchi then i'm sold!

    1. Doobytchi66


      yeah,think I´ll get one, no pre-order. I have some friends I might ask to pick one up for me in July.

  15. wow, I haven't posted in quite a while! I've been loving my 4U while I was away though, I only wish I could put downloads on it!