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  1. My Celebtchi almost died! I caught the death sequence as soon as it had happened, and went running through the house looking for the nearest pencil.

    1. Hanikamitchi


      That beeping sound is super disturbing too...

    2. UraTamaMatty0-0


      IT IS! I get triggered whenever I hear it.

    3. Hanikamitchi
  2. Hi guys! How has your summer been so far?

    1. Jhud


      I still have school :/ my finals are next week.

    2. Verklighet


      My siblings and I are straying and the house ends up being very messy and it’s BOTHERING ME. Hopefully, my parents take control of electronic usage and we clean up more... ^^

    3. raichuu


      working and just more work TWT


    1. Hanikamitchi


      I don't mind though.

  4. I keep getting Horoyotchi on my v4.5, but recently I got an Ura Yattatchi, the only other character I have gotten on there! Yes, that's how little experience I have with the v4.5. Since I had that thing when I was super little, I had no idea how to play it, and they all died before they were adults, some even before they were teens! But don't worry. I have been raising a large family on the v4.5, and I am currently on the 5th generation, with an Ura Young Marotchi as a teen. I...

    1. Berryitchi
    2. UraTamaMatty0-0


      I have a similar situation with the v4.5, every time I try to get Celebtchi, I get Ura Mametchi instead. Anyways, I hope your v4.5 family tree grows even bigger! :]

    3. Hanikamitchi
  5. OK, so now there is a baby on my Tama-Go, and it is a boy! The parents are supposed to leave tonight so I will have a Kinotchi as the start of the second generation!

  6. Anybody here heard of SKANNERZ?

    1. Breadcrumbs


      Nope. But then again, I’m pretty uncultured on YouTube if that is one :P

    2. Hanikamitchi


      SKANNERZ is this thing made by Radica in 2000. It allows you to scan barcodes and collect monsters from them.

    3. Breadcrumbs


      Well, then nope I don’t know what that is lol

  7. Just married my Tama-Go to a Ringotchi at the Date Place!

  8. Just started my Tama-Go back up aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnd it's a Necktietchi. -_-

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    2. Hanikamitchi


      It's visible, but at first I had the two confused.

    3. Hanikamitchi


      I mean when I first discovered the Tamagotchi Friends.

    4. Hanikamitchi


      I don't have a Tamagotchi Friends yet though.

  9. Does Tamagotchi look like Undertale?

    1. AnniChu


      Do you mean a certain Tamagotchi character looks like someone from Undertale? I'm an Undertale fan so I might know.

    2. Hanikamitchi


      Mostly Sans. Kind of. Definitely Flowey.

  10. Happy new year! What was your favorite part of 2017?

  11. Merry Christmas everybody!

  12. Hey guys! It's Hanikamitchi! I may or may not have told you about this, but when I was little, I had a Tamagotchi Connection v4.5. One day I lost it. 9 years later my grandma was cleaning out her car, and she found it! 9 long years and it works perfectly!

  13. Do I, Hanikamitchi, make any cameos or major appearances in any of the anime episodes?


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    2. MametchiWarrior


      Hate ;-; i want it to be winter ;-;

    3. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      I slightly prefer winter only because I don't have to worry about overheating.

    4. tamapalace


      ON JUNE 21ST!

  15. Hi! I am wondering which Tamagotchi character is the newest?

    1. Stephenos


      I have no idea but Jellytchi is pretty awesome

  16. A platypus goes to a store to purchase some lip balm. The clerk says, "That'll be $4 please." The duck says, "Thanks! Now put it on my bill."

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    2. complete_tama_fanatic


      What do you get when you cross elephants with goldfish? Swimming trunks.

    3. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad



      What do you call a tree flowing down a stream? A swimming trunk! (Thought of this yesterday, coincidentally)

    4. Hanikamitchi


      Sorry I meant platypus

  17. A woman goes to a store. She asks the clerk, "Can I buy a Tamagotchi for my daughter?" The clerk says, "Sorry ma'am. We don't do trades in here."

    1. Doobytchi66


      Ha! I get it it took me way too long! I feel like Drax!

  18. During the time I was gone, have I missed anything?

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    2. fuzzywuzzysquid


      A cool new Sanrio m!x was announced. ^^

    3. Hanikamitchi


      Just checked it out! Awesome!

    4. fuzzywuzzysquid


      Although, with how much $$$ I've spent on a Spacy and an Anniversary one, I don't think I'll be getting the Sanrio one anytime soon. XD

  19. I am leaving temporarily but will be back!

    1. Hoppe San

      Hoppe San

      Goodbye, have fun.