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  1. @ everyone with the 20th anni m!x: anyone figured out which snack turns your tama blue? I've noticed the snacks that turn your tama red, yellow, and pink are different from the normal m!x

    1. protoman87


      the ramune in uratama town

    2. spacelynvader
  2. Does a good m!x guide for character likes exist? I've noticed the guide on vpets doesn't have every character like covered...

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    2. tamaninjacat


      This is the best M!x guide I've been able to find so far. It has things like character charts, likes/dislikes, etc. (but I don't see anything about favorite foods in here, like you had mentioned):

    3. spacelynvader


      This is pretty good, thanks!! Yeah I'm not sure what it is that I can't find guides that really go in-depth into characters' favorite foods...

    4. JesterxLady


      Your best bet might be to get the guide book, as it's all in there. =)

  3. my 20th anni mametchi just got married to lovelitchi and had a son :)

    1. p0tat02oo5


      awwwww how cute congrats :)

  4. got my 20th anni m!x in the mail today!! it's sooo lovely!!

    1. Thurin


      COOL! Are there any differences between the M!x and the 20th Ann. M!x or does it just look different on the outside?

    2. spacelynvader


      the room/house is different and the minigames! also most of the characters are replaced by vintage/older characters but that was revealed already :)

    3. Gammachi


      YAY! I can't wait to get mine in the mail! Stocking Japan Post like a hawk! :)

  5. Looks like the 20th anni m!x is out (it's the 23rd in Japan now and I saw someone on tumblr receives theirs). Anyone know a site to order that'll ship outside of Japan?

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    2. Saltonara

      Saltonara Good thing we ordered; I just checked and all they have left is one pink one.

    3. Gammachi


      They are selling really fast. Glad you found one!


    4. Magicgotchi


      I ordered my Royal White m!x off ebay, words cannot describe my excitement! :$

  6. can't wait til the 20th anni m!xes come out q-q

    1. Saltonara


      Same. This has been a grueling wait, especially without Gozaru Village or Mermaid Palace.

  7. Trying to get imperfect care on my new generation on TF... I'm actually not experienced at not getting perfect care LOL how would I know for sure when I've neglected it a certain amount of times?

  8. Loved Teen Titans too. Was absolutely obsessed with it in primary school and that was the only time I'd use the internet, to google Teen Titans LOL It aired at like 7am on Saturdays or something for me so I'd always set an alarm and whenever I slept through it I'd cry... ahh those were the days. Another show that I loved to that level was Code Lyoko (it aired 5:30am on Wednesdays!! and I'd set an alarm for that too!). I loved a ton of other cartoons but I never went out of my way to wake up for those ;3c
  9. played 15 games with my Neotchi in TF and it still grew into Coffretchi :( anyone know what went wrong?

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    2. spacelynvader


      What about the active personality trait?

    3. Loganator114


      you need to play any games with her when she is a teen

    4. spacelynvader


      I played 15 games with her and she still turned into Coffretchi so that didn't work LOL (what I said in my original post)

  10. Never heard of Hatchimals before, but just watched a video of one hatching (the whole hatching thing is really cool!) but it seems like it can't completely break out on its own; it makes little cracks and you kinda have to rip off the pieces yourself and pull it out qvq Once it reaches the oldest stage, is it just perpetually stuck in that age? I think what I like about Tamas is that it's a cycle where you can watch the aging happen again and again ...
  11. For the teens in TF to become gourmet adults, has anyone actually confirmed that it can just be fed 15 times with any meal before evolving? ie. 15 bread no variety?

  12. I feel this with my TF, but also sometimes when I'm really busy with schoolwork it's nice that they don't need much care. And I can take a look at it once in a while when I'm feeling stressed and it's quite relaxing. I pretty much see adults as achievements? From all the care you gave them when they were younger. When I have a baby/child tamagotchi when I'm super busy irl it can be almost tiring LOL (but at the same time I don't wanna pause it...)
  13. cutiekawaiipa on ebay is selling their preorders for the 20th Anni M!x for $75 USD. Would it be worth it to nab that or to just wait til it's out for regular sale?

    1. NATUUURE :D


      Have patience for a better one, my child....

    2. spacelynvader


      Yeah that's what I was thinking... the regular sale will probably be less ...

  14. This question has been asked to death on here probably, but what would you recommend for someone who's completely new to color tamagotchis? I've heard iDL mostly.

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    2. spacelynvader


      Ooo awesome info!! Thank you for the detailed response qvq Yeah I thought of getting an iD L since it's cheaper and I don't think the Japanese would be a huge issue... although if you're saying the M!x would be fine for a first timer then I would love to try that first. I guess I'll be waiting til the 20th Anni comes out for regular order!

    3. cole.sseum


      p's is the lord of em all

    4. spacelynvader


      I definitely do want to get a P's eventually. I'm thinking after I've familiarized myself with the m!x

  15. Hey pal! I'm the same as you, 20-years old in college with a job and just recently getting back into Tamagotchis too. If you check out some other users on here a lot of them are actually around our age...! I find they're actually not too time consuming, I'm only taking care of 1 right now. Once they're teens/adults they only need care about every 1-2 hours (and even then the 'care' takes a few seconds to feed/clean them etc). When I have to go out or I'm really busy I pause it (I've only paused it for when I go to class). Actually, one of the things it's kind of useful for is the fact that it wakes up at 7AM...! I've never been so motivated to wake up early everyday LOL