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  1. im really crazy for the connection tmgcs ;__; idk why but i think theyre cuter and simpler than the newer versions 😕


  2. are the comments from this topic really right in regards to marrying a keitai to another keitai thru connection??? 

  3. CANT I REALLY MARRY OFF AN AKAI TO A KEITAI ;__; send help i read articlesss n they say no bulyk ;__;

    1. Eggiweg


      Akais can only marry akais unfortunately.

    2. cole.sseum


      saaad but thats okay cos i bought i new keitai!! 😆

  4. where d frick u atttt my akaiiiii i wanna play with u now so badly!!!

  5. im gonna get an akai this wk :>> my keitai has someone to play with now!! 😆

  6. i saw that there are allowances for when ur tama is already 4 yrs old,,, but i wanna try codes that will generate money for any age and for any time. if u kno a way, please message!!
  7. suddenly added 5 tamagotchis into my collection

    1. Miau


      Nice nice nice! What'd you get?

    2. cole.sseum


      a keitai, a p1, a p2, id station, and an id melody version 😆

  8. im gonna be bought an id station, an id, a p2, a p1, and a keitai :>> happy grad to me

  9. hi im tryna be productive finishing this research paper, finishing all my worksheets, making an analysis presentation and keeping myself alive........ but tamagotchi 😧