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  1. cole.sseum

    My cool poem for cool kids

    i love love and i love this
  2. cole.sseum

    !Tamagotchi Instagram Warning!

    i think im kinda late but i do saw thoze omegeh iz scary
  3. cole.sseum

    using blutooth for IDL downloads

    oh theres a video on youtube. the download is going to fail thrice but i know with proper timing itll go to your idl
  4. cole.sseum

    Not unlinking pierce to my p's @-@

    it woooorked again thanks everyoooone
  5. cole.sseum

    using blutooth for IDL downloads

    like an infrared usb? :/
  6. Theres a mimitchi vdp i downloaded and its been stuck here for like 3 weeks nooow. Mametchi is my current character and hes mimitchi's son. I tried linking it with my dream coffret pierce but then it says "link failed" and the vdp is still stuck in here. Please help me. I really want to link a new pierce so baaaad
  7. cole.sseum

    using blutooth for IDL downloads

    Sadly, you cant send through bluetooth. You really need an infrared device to send it to your tama
  8. The link keeps failing @-@ and i have mametchi when the vdp character is mimitchi (i already married her off mametchi is her son) what is happeningggg what should i doooo
  9. i already married of the character but its not removiiiing help me the pierce have been here for like 3 weeks and i really want to link another pierce but i cant and im sorta panicking now @-@
  10. cole.sseum

    Tamagotchi Covers

    heey-o. you can make one your own by crocheting. "NATUUURE :D" my friend has a pattern. you can ask her for some but idk if that gurl is still active :/
  11. oooh so i really have to delete it thanks though u
  12. so i applied the dp patch on my p's with a vdp and now i want to link it with my dream coffret but my p's doesnt want the dream coffret to link with it @-@ what should i do? should i delete the dp patch and put the dp patch remover thing?
  13. cole.sseum

    A New Beginning

    COLEY MOLEY. YOURE GOING TO PLAY DEBUSSY'S REVERIE. MAY THE HEAVENLY HEAVENS BLESS UR SOUL. You can do itttt. Thats so awesomeeeee Your mom is so sweet ⭐️⭐️⭐️
  14. cole.sseum

    A New Beginning

    man the intro made me go to a feels trip. sometimes people will really think that you have lost your mind for tamas hahahaha but i love how you thought. you didnt care about what they think as long as you have those tamas⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ awww
  15. cole.sseum

    Tamagotchi iD L Clock Not Working?!

    Watt. Like it literally freezes? Like your tama doesnt sleep?