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  1. where d frick u atttt my akaiiiii i wanna play with u now so badly!!!

  2. im gonna get an akai this wk :>> my keitai has someone to play with now!! 😆

  3. i saw that there are allowances for when ur tama is already 4 yrs old,,, but i wanna try codes that will generate money for any age and for any time. if u kno a way, please message!!
  4. suddenly added 5 tamagotchis into my collection

    1. Miau


      Nice nice nice! What'd you get?

    2. cole.sseum


      a keitai, a p1, a p2, id station, and an id melody version 😆

  5. im gonna be bought an id station, an id, a p2, a p1, and a keitai :>> happy grad to me

  6. hi im tryna be productive finishing this research paper, finishing all my worksheets, making an analysis presentation and keeping myself alive........ but tamagotchi 😧 

  7. im watching rupaul all stars 4and im sorry 4 d tea bulyk i dont like the fact dat there r 2 queens who won this season. i am also watching the good place from netflix, i just finished ouran high school host club, and and im rewatching the original tamagotchi series that was aired back in 1997. yall should try watching dat ;v its so cute mwa
  8. i just made a tamagotchi sprite for myself dfbladbfj 

  9. hi i have owned it since i wuz like 6 or smth so that was lyk around 2006 or 2007 yall ill try dat thank u everyone everyone is so kyut ;__; pray for my tama mwa ;3; v:
  10. i cant wait for summer to come. i will have to wake my tamagotchis up yow 😛 

  11. it feels great to be back~ but evreyone is so inactive :c

    1. GayALaMode


      Welcome back!

    2. TamaPapa


      I blame Facebook and Discord. People these days don't appreciate forums 😖

    3. cole.sseum


      the emojis here kinds changed huh :<<

  12. so i was starting up my old angelgotchi again! yeyyyy i was really excited and happy as this tamagotchi is the oldest in my collection!! however, the problem is, after a few days the pixels kind of disappear? like there are mixing pixels in the screen and i want to see my tamagotchi clearer 😓if anyone has experienced this, and they know what to do when encountered with this similar type of problem, please halp i need your help. thank you in advance! 🤗
  13. i am playing stardew valley!!!! im planning to make a log about my daily life in stardew hehehe it juz makez me happi yall ehehe
  14. lemme sleep im so tire