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  1. The little devil is two going on three tomorrow. I got his DP up to 80, so its non stop pranks. Gonna have to put him in a different room to sleep otherwise he'll keep me up all night haha
  2. I had to discipline him, it was getting to be too much.. I couldn't even get him to play a game with me without pretending to be asleep five times in a row haha so now his DP is down to 10 but I plan to let it raise up over the next two days or so when he should be evolving. For now, my sanity requires the DP to remain low lol
  3. I started my tamagotchi devil up last night, waited til today to start a log because I didn't know how to properly upload pictures: special thanks to Penguin-keeper for the help Started it up and it hatched into a Zukidebitchi The first night was fairly uneventful, he went to bed at 9pm as per usual. Then the pranks started. I really need to keep him in a different room because he actually woke me up three times during the night: once at 1am, again at 3am and then finally again at 6am. He actually woke up at 9am and needed only one food and one game to fill his hearts. This is him smiling after a game He asked me for a handshake, I wanted to keep his devil power higher to try for different characters but I actually couldn't say no to that. So after the handshake his devil power went down to 25, then later raised back up to 40 over a few hours. The picture below is what Zukidebitchi looks like when he asks for a handshake, precious. almost makes me forget the triple sleep disruption last night lol I was going to check his devil power again now but he does not want to let me. I've tried four times and always get him pranking me. Actually kinda funny lol
  4. awesome, thanks. I'll try using imgur that will definitely use less file size than uploading the picture straight from my computer.
  5. Hi all I was thinking about trying to do a log of my tamagotchi devil but every time I try to upload any pictures, it says the file is too large. I've tried to reduce the pictures' sizes but that didn't seem to work. I'm using an iMac desktop and an iPhone, if any fellow Mac users could give me any tips on how to easily convert iPhone photos so that they can be uploaded to the forums? Thanks
  6. This has actually been a real joy to read. I've never much been interested in the new tamagotchis, only the vintage ones, but this log has made me want to get one myself Thanks for providing the content
  7. Hello all, Just had a question regarding how tamagotchi On's evolve for second generations and later. I know the first generation is always determined completely by your care mistakes, but are the final adult forms of the tamagotchi babies completely pre-determined by the parents or will your care mistakes play a role in determining the final adult form? Thanks
  8. Hello all, I was just browsing the tamagotchi devil auctions on eBay and noticed a few suspect ones. There are a few tamagotchi devil auctions that are submitted by different sellers but have the exact same picture of the tamagotchi devil (including the same imperfections like scratches or missing screws and background of the picture). I just thought it was odd that a seller would put up the same tamagotchi devil twice under two different names. Just thought I'd mention it on here to warn anyone to look a bit closer before buying from these people. Here's a link to the auctions I believe are suspect: 1. White Tamagotchi Devil 279.98, skyblue7739 (36 feedback) seller. 265.98, okozukainomoto (129 feedback) seller. 2. Pink Tamagotchi Devil 299.99, japanpremiergoods (40 feedback) seller. 349.98, skyblue7739 (36 feedback) seller. 370.00, flowerg2z (147 feedback) seller. I mean it's fine if one person wants to sell more than one tamagotchi devil at a time on eBay, I just find it odd that they are selling them under different accounts that were all recently made. Just a heads up to anyone thinking about a purchase, make sure to vet the seller carefully. Take care everyone
  9. I read somewhere that if you pause a tamagotchi ocean that you shouldn't advance the time because it can cause them to die early. Does anyone with an ocean know if this is true?
  10. I'm running an ocean for the first time and noticed that the light is on in the morning even though the tamagotchi is still sleeping. I tried to turn off the light again but it doesn't work, is this normal? Thanks
  11. I've also had a really good experience with a japanese seller on eBay, japanyouwant. Such a pleasant seller, ships really fast and both tamagotchis I bought were in absolute perfect condition.