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  1. I would not like them here or there. I would not like them anywhere. I do not like Green Eggs and Ham, I do not like them, Sam-I-am Would you, could you, on a boat? I would not, could not, on a boat. If you will let me be, I will try them you will see. I do so like Green Eggs and Ham, Thank you, Thank you, Sam-I-am
  2. lol ok.. I think I figured out what causes this glitch. It happened again on my pastel, so I know it's not a sweets meets specific glitch. Both times this happened, my tamagotchi was wearing the "Blue Tiara" Accessory (the one that was available from the App last month) when they got married and had a kid. From what I can tell, merely wearing the Blue Tiara doesn't cause the glitch; your tama has to be wearing the Blue Tiara when it gets married in order for the glitch to manifest. Anyways, just a warning to anyone who got the Blue Tiara from the App last month A definite fix is to hard reset your device and it will work properly again. Possibly may be fixed by the next generation if you don't wear the Blue Tiara during marriage again, although I haven't tested that yet.
  3. I'm not sure where you are looking for these meets, but JapanYouWant sells them each for roughly $80 USD. JapanYouWant is currently out of stock, but they have been out of stock for less than a couple days. (This is normal for JapanYouWant, they usually only hold no more than 3 of each model in stock at one time...So, yes they can sell out if one person decides to buy all three in one transaction). If you wait a day or two, JapanYouWant will have them in stock again. Additionally, if you cannot wait for JapanYouWant, then you can go to eBay and find brand-new Fantasy and Sanrio meets for less than $100. I just saw multiple auctions on eBay where the price is $85.
  4. I particularly like the "REAL TROLL SOUNDS" hahah
  5. JapanYouWant had both Sanrio Meets and Fantasy Meets in stock last time I checked about a week ago. These models have not been discontinued. There's absolutely tons of both of these models available (as brand new condition) on eBay.
  6. Little bit of bad news and some good news... Apparently my white sweets meets was experiencing some sort of glitch where the tamagotchi animations were incredibly slow on screen. I tried taking out batteries which didn't help so I tried a full reset, which actually fixed it (good news, if this glitch happens to you just need a full reset). Bad news is that I lost my current Tama. I did marry one of my twin boys yesterday, so I had a new toddler on my sweets. Unfortunately, she's gone now Anyways, the sweets meets is working again but starting again at Gen one. I got a new baby girl. Here she is sleeping. I'm gonna take a little break from logging since I just did a gen one log lol... thanks for reading everyone, I'll probably start it up again after a few generations pass
  7. Past couple of days have been a bit busy, the twins spent Saturday at the hotel playing pool and darts with Lovelitchi Then they grew up to teenagers when they came home and finally adults earlier today Then they had a playdate with my pastel tama long day for the little guys
  8. You don't need to apologize. Just post whenever it is most convenient for you, we're happy to read it whenever you get a chance
  9. I can confirm this works. I kept my US iTunes account on my iPhone when I lived in Australia and was still able to use every US-based iPhone app.
  10. Congratulations on raising a Mametchi! He's my favorite of the original tamas too
  11. Sai got married today to an ice cream cone and had two twin little boys Kei, a Japanese name meaning wisdom, and Rai, a Japanese name meaning trust The little guys went to go visit their parents after becoming toddlers