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  1. This person says they use it and it works well I guess I was just trying to see if there were any other people here who have attempted this and had good results as well. I'll just try it on my Magic On that I no longer use and see what happens, thanks though.
  2. I like the website. There are some very informative guides on the meets there as well as a troubleshooting section and FAQs for common problems with tamagotchis. They also have a list of reputable tamagotchi vendors (which includes JapanYouWant, probably the best vendor). I don't see any problems with
  3. Thanks for the response, but these types of products have been proven to be effective at increasing durability of glass as it bonds to the glass on a molecular level. I was wondering whether or not it would bond to plastic or react adversely, ruining the clarity of the screen. Can't seem to find any info on that.
  4. I came across a Reddit post where someone said they used a liquid screen protector for their meets. Has anyone here tried it? It's not very expensive, so I'd be open to trying it and wouldn't be too bothered if it didn't work. I just want to make sure it wouldn't ruin my screen lol
  5. Not really, no. It just lets you hold more should you happen to buy it. I guess it allows you to buy two at once so you can trade one to a friend if you want.
  6. Ami got married today Twin girls again! They got their dad's head this time
  7. The girls woke up looking pretty annoyed But I don't speak Japanese, so I have no idea why lol So I let them play with their favorite toy: A bacon blanket (at least I believe it's a bacon blanket) Then they looked much happier afterward
  8. How long ago did this problem start? Can you think of anything you did differently shortly before the problem started?
  9. The girls spent some of the day at their parents' house and took a nap Then came home to play with their pet (in the rain) Had to take a bath after to wash up Then they went into the App to see if there were any eligible bachelors. There were not, but the twins did meet their half-sisters (they share the same dad)
  10. There's a guide for the meets at tamatown: On that site, they have a chart showing which teen body corresponds to which adult body, found here: Unfortunately, this list only includes Magic/Fairy/Pastel, but here are a couple I've noticed for the Sweets and Sanrio. Sweets: Kurupoyotchi: Hotcaketchi Terukerotchi: Himedolcetchi Sanrio: Penribotchi: Gudetama *Do note that tamas can completely change their growth from stage to stage, so getting these teens may not always guarantee that you'll get the corresponding adult body.
  11. I second this, the retailer will replace it for you
  12. Ami jumps out from behind the bed to scare her sister
  13. Looks like the girls decided on being red and orange today! They have such a great smile, absolutely so adorable Then they started to do this when I was taking a picture lol Still adorable, even when they're pooping haha
  14. Yeah, there is actually currently an auction on eBay for the exact same model English Ocean as yours (it also does not come with packaging) for $340