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  1. Am I the only person on this site that supports Trump?

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    2. Jhud


      But maybe I shouldn't even answer this because you seem like one of these people that wanna be different so darn bad so whatever.

    3. spacelynvader


      Jhud I totally agree with you. As an LGBTQ asian woman I can't walk outside without feeling fear now. There've already been multiple cases of attacks on black, muslim, mexican, and gay people in the country from Trump supporters. This wouldn't have happened with Hillary at all.

    4. spacelynvader


      Also as a side note, I'd expect someone who likes Tamagotchis to be less narrowminded, Pedometer. They are a Japanese invention, and Trump absolutely hates Japanese people and their culture. Please give some thought into what exactly you're supporting when you say you like Trump.

  2. I recently got a Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town. Is it fun?
  3. A Skannerz Commander. Although I am not too satisfied sadly.
  4. What is your favorite NON-COLOR tamagotchi and why?
  5. Ehh, this is kind of biased, but here we go. I personally loathe the color Tamagotchi's. I personally think you should stick with the connections or vintage tamagotchi's. However, I would buy the 4U+. The P's is kind of overrated/overhyped.
  6. I would watch out. Don't rub it too intensely. Just wipe it without much force and you will be fine.
  7. Is there anyone on TamaTalk willing to sell their collection or some Tamagotchi's through eBay?

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    2. MametchiWarrior
    3. spacelynvader


      You can find other peoples' tamas on ebay anyway. No need to ask around here first LOL

    4. TamaMum


      You know this is against the rules :( The moderators already closed similar posts of yours when you used a different user name on TamaTalk. Please don't use TamaTalk to try to buy / sell / trade tamagotchis?

  8. Just got a Dragon Quest Pedometer!

  9. What is your favorite Tamagotchi Version and why?
  10. What Tamagotchi has the most minigames. Other then the P, because of all the pierces.