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  1. So recently I've run into what I think is a bug in the P1 Tamagotchis. About a week ago, one of my Ojitchis began to die out of nowhere. His stats were at two hearts on both bars. And just a few minutes ago, my Otokitchi made death noises even though she was only at two hearts on both bars. I had a sharp point to reset her before she could die, but she was perfectly fine before this. Anyone else have this issue with V1s?
  2. OK So a while back Peter glitch-deathed after 500 days of life and while I got the battery dead sign no matter how new the battery is, nothing like this happened. After a few days, the Low Battery symbol disappeared, which I guess means the actual battery died [i replaced it with the original battery before he glitchdeathed]... But now nearly 2 weeks later, I woke up thinking I had tinnitus after Halloween because there was a constant ringing, which I discovered was coming from the Tamagotchi. Has anyone had this problem with a 'gotchi they just, never replaced the battery from? because this is slightly terrifying otherwise, it's come back to haunt me ;__; IDK if this is a normal occurrence or something spawned because my 'gotchi glitched itself to death and now I'm experiencing the ghost cries of my baby XD EDIT: I PRESSED THE RESET BUTTON AND THE HIGH PITCH NOISE GOT EVEN HIGHER LIKE IT WAS ABOUT TO EXPLODE
  3. Idk wtf happened, I've been raising this fragger since May 18th of last year, that's over a year of raising this thing, and I hear an eerie tune similar to when I dropped my orange 'gotchi in the toilet a few months ago [see thread here] I know it wasn't the Tamagotchi song of death when you neglect your 'gotchi. But when I went to look at it, it was frozen on the clock, no buttons would work. So I took out the battery with shaky hands, put it back in, it still froze on the clock. It glitched to death hanging from my neck. I don't understand what tf happened, it was just sitting there. And now it's showing me a Dead Battery symbol. How convenient. I try replacing it with a new battery, it won't show anything but a dead battery symbol. i'm so disappointed. Peter, his boy, and I were going to see it through the end of days. This was his first birthday picture. Peter lived to be 504 total days old. Born on a Wednesday, May 18th, 2016, and glitch-died on a Wednesday, October 4th, 2017. Third generation, 28 pounds, Oyajitchi with child. Died while I was listening to Hotel California. How coincidental. Here is his last photo. He sits next to the second oldest Tamagotchi in the world, Sleep, at 353 days old. Sleep is still going strong despite having been dropped into toilet water. I pray nothing bad will happen to him. Rest in peace, Peter. Hope you're livin' the best life in Hotel California.
  4. So since this post, my boy Peter still survived, and today marks 365 days of being alive as an Oyajitchi with his ~360 day old son. [i've started hoarding oranges ever since a traumatic toilet incident lol. I've got three oranges and one factory sealed orange. But hopefully I'll never have to use them.] The one shown on the right is the second oldest Tamagotchi, clocking in at 215 days currently [though you can't see it due to flash]. eyyy
  5. It wasn't that song, no [i don't think the V1 was programmed with that], however, it did have a frozen screen as well, so I'm guessing the song in that video is similar to what happened to mine. How did the Tamagotchi glitch so bad in that video ;__;
  6. If it was a glitch, it was very weird. When I took it out, it a single line of pixels but it played a tune that sounded programmed rather than random notes/sounds. 5-7 notes played. I wish I'd had time to record it or something, but I wasn't anywhere near a phone. I kind of want to try it again with a different tamagotchi to see if it results in the same effect, but that requires money and ehhhh Though, I'm noticing today that the screen background appears to have sunken a little bit, as there's a curve in the shadows of the bg itself and the shell. I'm hoping this doesn't affect its ability to function in the future, from getting dropped or something p:
  7. So, I dropped my V1 tamagotchi of 13 years of owning in the toilet today. And after I fished it out, put it in a towel, a minute afterward, it played a tune that I had never heard before [and I don't think is available in normal gameplay] but it was definitely a programmed tune. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it something programmed when it detects water damage? Because the tamagotchi fell allll the way to the bottom and had been completely soaked, but still had POWER to the systems when i took it out. Ten hours later I put the battery back in and it works again but I'm curious about the swan song it gave me.
  8. Just an interesting little thing I noticed just now; I had played the Boombox item in the V3 version and about halfway through the song, the screen started flashing a dead battery sign, and yet the music was still playing. Afterward, I could not interact with the gotchi, as having a dead battery does. Anyone else have a similar experience with dying batteries and sounds that play after it dies?
  9. Editing the wiki to reflect this discovery; thanks for your informing, guys.
  10. So I was looking at the store today, and lo and behold there was a heart in there. I wasn't sure what it was, so I looked it up on the tamagotchi wiki and it says it's a chocolate, that can only be purchased on February 14th. Yet, my tamagotchi's current date is 11/14. I checked on another tamagotchi to be sure [one is from France, and one is from the US, so I doubt this is a manufacturer issue], and it's there as well. but it's not Valentine's day. Anyone else see the Chocolate in their v3 store?
  11. I found a tamagotchi about five months ago that I used to have in school, and I stopped letting it evolve after 3 generations, trapping it forever as an Oyajitchi [Peter] with his son. The blue and orange tamas were birthday presents over a decade ago, the yellow one was bought by me. The orange one, I had kept a tamagotchi alive for 2 years before I lost it, and it died. So, I have no proof of that. I'm able to pause the game around 2 minutes before 11:59PM, the time when the Tamagotchi is supposed to fly off. I've been doing this for five months now. The earliest record I have of my orange tamagotchi is 18 May 2016, where my father died in my nightmare for the first time and I was traumatized by it that I named the orange one after my father. The Oyajitchi was born on the same day [at that time it was about 3 generations into playing with the tamagotchis]. So, Peter is 152 days old. Coincidentally, the orange one just died yesterday lol. I normally take 7 minute naps, but my friend suggested I try an hour long nap [i had worked an 19 hour shift that day so I was tired as heck], and me, being stupid, did so. When I did, I missed my tamagotchi's cries and it DIED. Ojitchis - of the two easiest to take care of, but the quickest to die aside from Shiro/Teletchi ): At least for the V1. The yellow one is only at 18 generations [it was battery dead for a week until I was able to buy more], so, nothing special. Edit: sorry, it wasn't the 13th of May, it was the 18th of May.