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  1. A few other miscellaneous things that didn't really fit with my last post. I was able to rom test an Asia/Pacific V5 and found out its rom version: 30.1. This falls in line with the North American and European versions which are 32.1 and 34.1 respectively. There don't seem to be as many variants of the V5 so if I had to guess, I'd say 30.1 is probably the only version for the Asia/Pacific V5. The number on the back of one of my second wave True Friends V2s (NA release) is 82706. We don't know if this is a misprint or if the tama really was manufactured in July 2006. If that date is correct, the tama itself is still running A.4 so that would rule out late NA V2s having a later ROM version (in that case, the reason for the Spanish version jumping to A.8 is unknown). The latest date I've seen in a North American V1 is 24 June 2005. The tama in question is running 4.2 so that essentially rules out a possible 4.3 unless that number was used for the Spanish version.
  2. It's been a while since I posted in this thread as I'm far more active on Discord but I am the person with the A4.7 V4 and looking at the number it has on the back, it seems that it was manufactured approximately seven months AFTER the V4.5's release (13 March 2008). One thing I noticed about it that sets it apart from other V4s is the fact that it seems to have a very low skill point threshold for the universal group whereas it was previously quite high - I tested this by only having about 8-9 skill points in each category and still got a Meme adult. That's definitely a V4.5 characteristic but now I plan to look more into it to see if there are any others. My V4 is a European version and its number is 0031308 (13 March 2008). For comparison, my first wave European V4.5 has the number 0030707 (3 July 2007). Another very bizarre thing about my V4 is that it is actually a first wave shell (transparent blue with stars) which I certainly wouldn't have expected but it is interesting nonetheless.
  3. *blows off the dust* Well, it's sure been a while since I posted in here. I've still been running tamas but I've been too busy to actually log them. Not sure how consistent this will end up being but I thought I'd try keeping up with this log again. All of my current tamas are adults, so I'll spend the remainder of this post introducing them to you. V1 - Mila Yes, this is the same pink glitter V1 from my last post back in February. I gave it a pretty lengthy break but started it up again recently. This is Mila and she is my 8th generation. Though Tarakotchi isn't my favourite, this tama had a very long streak of continuous Masktchi/Gozarutchi so I'm very happy to see something different for once. I really like her closeup animation where she comes up and kisses the screen. V2 - Yulia As somewhat of a long-term commitment/goal of mine, my blue/pink bubble V2 is still running on its 25th generation. You may remember that when I originally started it back in October, I wanted to try running it for an entire alphabet, and, well, I'm now on the second last letter. This is Yulia and she just evolved into Hanatchi (she and Mila were born at exactly the same time and are running on the same schedule). Hanatchi is a personal favourite of mine, so I was very happy when she evolved. Though I've had Hanatchi on many of my other tamas, I've actually not had her on this particular V2 yet: it's nice that after 25 generations I'm still getting very few repeat characters. V3 - Ella I've been running this V3 for just over a week now. It is still on its first generation with a Billotchi named Ella. She got married yesterday and had a baby boy. If you cannot tell from the amount of girls in this post, I've been on a random girl streak lately so I'm happy that streak has finally been broken. Entama - ♥ Started this Entama almost two weeks ago with the aim of getting one of the secret characters. I currently have a Memetchi named "♥" (I usually don't name my Japanese tamas and prefer to use symbols), who got a job about two days ago and reached 999 style points yesterday. The Entama is fun but very slow growing. She's not actually 15, that's a result of time changing - I'd say she's probably closer to 12-13. She should be evolving either today or tomorrow.
  4. Hello! I don't have as many photos to spam you with today but as I've had a few evolutions I thought I'd pop in and update. V1 - Rosie Rosie the Gozarutchi has not had a very eventful life, but she was able to marry yesterday! She married a Hanatchi so I already know her baby will be doomed to the bad care route, but I'm not too bothered. This will now be four boys and one girl on this V1. Not sure why I've been getting so many boys but I guess it's random. I have not thought of a name for Rosie's son yet but she will be leaving him tonight, so his independent life will start tomorrow morning. V2 - Olive Olive's teen evolution turned out to be, of course, very predictable. She's now a Nikatchi. Still bad care, but at least she's cute. She hasn't been receiving the best care in the world, so I'm suspecting her final evolution will be average care or less. She's 3 years old currently and set to evolve tomorrow morning. I may not be optimistic, but I'm still interested to see what she becomes. V2 #2 - Flora Flora evolved last night, and her evolution was both surprising and predictable. She didn't receive very good care as a teen, so I definitely suspected a bottom tier adult - I did get one, but not necessarily the one I was expecting. Kiwitchi! For once my bad caretaking paid off and resulted in a cute character. I've always found it funny how Kiwitchi has feet but no arms. Either way, she's very cute and has some great animations. V3 - Rudy Well, I turned out to be wrong in my last post. Rudy surprised me pleasantly by evolving into Patapatatchi (is that this character's name? It's definitely something weird like that...): I love characters that hover/fly, so I'm very happy with this evolution over the more typical Obotchi evolution (I love Obotchi, but change is nice). So far, I think I've given him pretty good care - focusing on him is the reason my V2s have gotten a bit neglected, whoops! He has full training and his hearts haven't really dropped. He's set to evolve later this evening when I'm at work so I will likely bring him with me. I'm interested to see what he will become.
  5. Whoops, I disappeared again, but after a week with no updates I'm finally back. I've started new generations on two of my tamas since my last post and started up two new ones. V1 - Rosie My pink V1 is still on the go. I'm now on my fourth generation with a girl named Rosie. She evolved yesterday into Gozarutchi. Evidently, I'm not very good at caring for V1s as I can't seem to get any characters above rank 3. At least I don't get Gozarutchi as often as some of the other characters so I'm not as bothered as I could be. V2 - Olive Niall evolved into a Hiratchi, got married and had a baby girl who I named Olive. She marks the 15th generation on my blue V2 and she is currently a Hitodetchi. She's a lower tier toddler which means she'll also become a lower rank teen. I haven't had very many good care teens on this one but one day I'll break that streak. Not sure who to aim for with her since I'm too lazy to consult a growth chart for what the odd generation adults are. As I've always done, I will likely just sit back and let this tama surprise me. V2 - Flora Well what do you know, I switched V2 shells again. This one seemed like a no brainer as it's the matching white counterpart to my blue bubble V2. It's not in the best shape and the screen background has a little tear in it - I have a spare but I have not gotten around to switching it out yet. Even still, I love it as it is even if it isn't perfect. Out of all of the shell designs I own, it's probably in my top 10. This lovely lady is Flora and she's the 37th generation! I'm not sure how past me ever managed that but my goal is definitely to get my blue V2 to catch up some day. She evolved into UFOtchi last night which is a great sign - a good care teen! My other V2 may be doomed for bad care, but this one has a chance. I'm definitely excited to see what she becomes. V3 - Rudy I got one of my holy grails in the mail yesterday, this Hong Kong V3: It's a rather unique looking shell but I love it all the same. It had a bit of a rough start because even though it came brand new, the screen had dead pixels as soon as I untabbed it, so I had to end up doing a screen swap. The pixels on the donor screen were a bit faded at first, but after using the tama for a while that problem seems to have fixed itself. After the screen issues were sorted, I started up the tama for real and hatched a baby boy who I named Rudy. He's obviously the first generation and he is now a Tamatchi. I'm guessing he will become either Obotchi or Young Mametchi as those are the teens I usually seem to get first gen. For now, he's just taking it easy.
  6. Didn't have time to update yesterday but I'm back now! 3 out of my 4 tamas have evolved since I quickly posted the other day - two of the evolutions were expected and one was a pleasant surprise. V1 - Roger Like I said earlier, Roger turned into Masktchi which wasn't a surprise at all. He's now 6 years old (and very overweight, whoops), which means he'll be getting the matchmaker tomorrow. I haven't raised a Masktchi in a while so I don't mind having him around but I'm also eager to start a new gen. V1s are not exactly full of surprises, but I haven't had a single good care character on here yet so I'd definitely like to try to attempt that. V2 - Niall I started raising Moira and Edwin's sons the other day. The first son was named Niall (I name this tama alphabetically, and I also usually only use five letter names, so I couldn't think of anything else), and he marks the 14th generation on my bubble V2. My goal with this tama is to run it for as many generations as I can without any fatalities (my record is 37! Not sure if I can beat that but it's worth a try). He's currently a Hinotamatchi, which was pretty much expected to come from Marutchi. I've been getting an awful lot of these guys lately so I was hoping for something different but I also won't complain. I'm not aiming for anything specific with him; instead, I'm just caring for him like I normally do in the hopes that maybe I'll get an interesting or different result. V2 #2 - Enzo Niall's brother was born and named at the same time he was. He was named Enzo and he marks the 8th generation on my candy V2. I will probably run this tama until the 10th generation before I stop it. So far, he and his brother have had exact twin growths. They were both Marutchi and now they are both Hinotamatchi. I'm hoping they don't also end up with twin adult growths since I like variety, but they just might end up doing so. V3 - Tia Now this is where the surprise happened. With Tia, I wasn't necessarily aiming for anything in particular because I still really need to brush up on the V3 growth patterns. I ran a V3 very briefly a few months ago, but other than that I really haven't given one a detailed run in probably over a year. I have not yet looked at a growth chart but I have a decent idea of the characters so I might not really need it. Anyway, I took decent care of Tia as a teen, but her hungry hearts dropped to two a couple of times. I wasn't expecting a perfect care adult, which I was right about, but I also wasn't expecting what I ended up getting. Billotchi! One of my favourite V3 adults and one I certainly haven't had in quite a while. I think this is only my second or third time getting this character; it is definitely not one that appears often for me. I'm very happy with her now - she's just the cutest. I'm now trying to earn more points so I can buy all the items to see her various animations.
  7. I'll be returning hopefully tomorrow with an actual picture-filled post, but I'll just pop in with a short update as quite a lot has happened. Roger, my V1, evolved yesterday into Masktchi which I expected. Moira and Edwin, my V2s, got married the other day and left their babies last night. They had boys who I named Niall and Enzo. Both are currently Marutchis. Tia, my V3, evolved into Young Mametchi - I was hoping for Obotchi but YM is very cute as well. She's set to evolve tomorrow and currently has 7/9 training. You can probably imagine what they all look like but yeah, I'll be back later with a better update. Life gets busy sometimes but I really enjoy logging so I'd like to keep up with this for once and not fall behind like I have so many times in the past.
  8. Hello! I was absent yesterday because quite frankly I really wasn't in the mood for logging. All of my tamas did evolve, though, which is what I'll be sharing in today's post! Also, I received some tama mail today which actually arrived earlier than expected. It was a lot of connections (V2, V3 and a V6) that were desperately in need of a cleaning but for the price I couldn't pass them up. The V2 came debugged and I'll likely keep it that way as I have several V2s already. The V6 is in very rough physical condition but fully functional so I'll likely keep it as a backup for when I don't want my other V6, which I originally bought brand new, to get messed up. The V3 surprised me the most in that other than the fact that it is missing its battery cover, it is pristine. I did start up one of these tamas - keep reading to find out which one. @Pumpkita I got the wallpaper from @rinyosayo on Instagram. It should be on her dropbox. V1 - Roger Well surprise, surprise, Roger evolved into Hinotamatchi. Any chance I had of getting out of this bad care rut was ruined yesterday when I forgot to change his time before I went to work. Usually I put all of my tamas (except my blue V2) to sleep while I'm away, but yesterday I somehow forgot about my V1. I came back to it later in the day and Roger was still alive, but he was sick with all hearts empty. He'll probably evolve into Masktchi but surprisingly, I'm not super bothered about that. V2 - Moira This evolution was a bit more surprising. It also marks my first repeat character since I began this V2 run in October. Not really sure where I messed up, but I don't mind Nyorotchi so I'm not mad. The very first adult character I had on this shell was Nyorotchi (scroll back to page 1 of this log - it was named "A"), and I went quite a long streak without ever getting a repeat character. Of course, I knew that streak would eventually have to end, and it finally has, but it was great while it lasted. Nyorotchi actually does have some very cute animations, some of which I'll probably share in my next post. (Oh, and I actually did manage to fill her training bar before she evolved, so that didn't really play much of a factor in the end result) V2 #2 - Edwin I have no idea how Edwin and Moira turned into characters from the same care tier when they really didn't receive equal treatment. I'm also not super amused about having yet another Tarakotchi (I JUST had one on my V1!) I've always liked Tarakotchi, but he's starting to turn into Memetchi 2.0 for me in that I get him way too often. I'm not sure when yet, but he and Moira will likely be marrying very soon - Nyorotchi was a pretty welcome change, but the endless string of Tarakotchi is killing me. V3 - Tia Yes, the tama from the lot I decided to start up was the V3. I haven't given one a good run in quite a while so I'd like to keep this one going for a few generations in an attempt to obtain some of the characters I have not really seen much yet.The shell design looks like this. It was never a design I'd paid much attention to, but now that I have it in person it's actually quite nice, not to mention it fits in with my pink and blue preference. Anyway, I started it up and since there was no existing download data on the tama, I hatched a new egg. I ended up with a girl, who I named Tia. Tia had a rather typical baby stage. I don't care for the get the notes game on the V3, so that's why her weight was so high then. The V3 version of Bump seems slightly easier than the V2 version, so I usually end up playing that instead. At the present moment, Tia is now a Tamatchi. I'm now working on getting her weight down and caring for her the best I can. I want her to turn into one of the top tier teens since I have not seen any of those in QUITE a while.
  9. Hello, I'm back again! Not a ton of interesting things to update on but I did start a new generation on my V1 so I thought I'd pop in. V1 - Roger Ziggy the Tarakotchi departed last night, leaving baby Roger in my care. This marks the third generation on my pink glitter V1 (will it beat my orange V1's record of 17? Probably not but I still like racking up the generations). He evolved into Marutchi. I've yet to see a Kinakomotchi on this one, probably because I keep getting low tier characters who then marry other low tier characters. After the first generation, the only possible teen evolution from Marutchi on odd generations is Hinotamatchi, so there won't be any surprises tomorrow when it comes time for him to change. Still, I'm going to try taking good care of him in hopes of breaking this bad care streak. I realize I say that every time and still end up screwing up, but hey it's always worth a try. V2 - Moira Moira is still doing very well. My bubble shell V2 is the one tama I bring everywhere with me, so she does accompany me to work every day. I haven't had any problems caring for her there, so her hearts haven't dropped below three. The only issue is that because I have to keep her muted while I work, I've been missing a lot of her training calls. She's set to evolve tomorrow morning and so far her training bar is only at 5/9. If I watch her really diligently today, I think I still have a chance to fill it but more than likely it will still fall short. Of course, I'm still not entirely sure how much of a factor plays on the V2. On the V1, it's very important. On the V2, it definitely still matters, but I have previously gotten perfect care adults with training bars that weren't entirely full, so it seems to be a bit more lenient in that respect. V2 #2 - Edwin Edwin also continues to do well. He's spent much of his teenhood asleep because I've been spending more time focusing on Moira - there's also the fact that I can't care for more than one tama while I'm at work and like I said, my bubble V2 is already the tama I always have running and bring everywhere with me. So Edwin usually gets put to sleep while I'm away. Because of this, his training bar is even lower than Moira's, only 2/9. I'm curious to see what he becomes, actually, because he technically hasn't received bad care at all. He's been asleep nearly the entire time so his hearts couldn't possibly have dropped, but the result of this is that there were no training calls, so his training is very low. The results should be interesting. For once, he actually had good results with the plant - 800GP!
  10. Hello! I'm back again for a late evening update! V1- Ziggy As I said in yesterday's post, today was the day for Ziggy to be visited by the matchmaker and have a child so his family line can continue on. The matchmaker brought him a nice looking Androtchi/Robotchi and he couldn't say no. He had a baby boy. This will mark the 3rd generation on what is currently the newest addition to my collection, and so far I've had all boys. I have not decided on a name for the baby boy yet, but unlike my other two running tamas, this one doesn't have a theme going on so it can be anything really. V2 - Moira I brought both Moira and Edwin with me to work this morning so they could evolve on time. It was early in the morning, so it wasn't a huge deal. Moira got accidentally paused a few times yesterday for unknown amounts of time, so she evolved a little bit later than her counterpart, but again, not a huge deal. I was very pleased when she finally did evolve - I haven't seen a Ringotchi in AGES. I've had wonderful results with V2 Ringotchis in the past. Two of my past Ringotchis went on to become Ginjirotchi, so that's a very high possibility. I've also gotten Pochitchi and Pyonchitchi from Ringotchi before - so many good possibilities! I can't wait to see what she becomes! Also, I wanted to share a little tidbit about my bubble V2 shell in particular and why it currently stands as one of my favourite tamas in my collection, not to mention the quirkiest. There's been quite a bit of discussion in this thread (which I myself have been actively participating in) about different ROM versions of Connection tamas and in particular, how varied the V2s were. Most V2s function nearly identically, but when I got this particular V2 (incidentally, it was an extra from a lot that I never expected to love as much as I do), I noticed that it was a little bit different from the rest of the V2s I own. It's a North American model and mostly functions like one, but a lot of the item names are different from what I've seen on ever other V2 I've dealt with. What we currently believe is that my V2 was from a very early wave of V2s that used a slightly different ROM version from the more widespread release. They seem to be fairly rare (I so far know just one other person that has a V2 like mine and it's not the same shell), so what was originally a simple lot extra is now one of my most treasured tamas. I love vpets with little quirks, so this one is right up my alley. Here's a small example of this: what is called a "plant" on most V2s is called a "pot plant" on mine (uhh, I can kind of see why that was changed...)! Moira enjoys it! She didn't get any money from it, but she didn't seem too fazed by that. V2 #2 - Edwin Well, I was partially right. Edwin did not become Hinotamatchi, but he did become a low tier teen. Out of all the V2 teens, I think Nikatchi is the one I get the most. I just had one the generation before last. As common as Nikatchi is, I've also gotten some VERY good results from him in the past. My tropical pink V2, which I ran last generation, was a Nikatchi that evolved into Ginjirotchi. As long as I give him good care, I think I should be seeing some pretty good results. Just like my other V2, I cannot wait to see what he becomes.
  11. I'm in! Not sure which tama to run yet but I do have a few very nice shells with hearts on them so I may run one of those. I also might do an Akai since the red pixels are fitting (and one of my Akais does have hearts on it, soooo yeah that's a strong contender).
  12. Oh that's very interesting! That further proves my theory that the V2 I have is from a very early wave (I haven't seen too many V2s out there like mine, so the batch with the different names must have been pretty limited) .That item must have been directly translated from the Keitai, and I do wonder why it was changed in the later, more widespread release. Either way, it's quite cool. Anyway, I was able to ROM test my CYOI Entama (the character on it was already dead, so no tamas were harmed in the process): It's ver. 14.5. I'm assuming that's the only ROM version for the CYOI since it only had one wave and three shells.
  13. Hello! A few things to report on today. Like I said in my previous post, I've added a new tama to the log, which is my lollipop V2. Read ahead to see that and also the two new generations I started today! V1 - Ziggy Ziggy is still taking it easy as a laid back Tarakotchi. I initially planned on marrying him early via connection to one of my V3s, but I never got around to it and likely won't bother with it now as he will be getting the matchmaker tomorrow anyway. I connected him to my V2 some more and after numerous poops and snakes, he finally got an item! The V1 does have items, but they can only be obtained via connection and they are also character specific. They are not passed down to the next generation so they have to be re-obtained every time. One of Tarakotchi's items is the boots and he looks hilarious using them - just look at his face! V2 - Moira As much as I loved having Laura the Dorotchi around, it was time for her to leave her baby last night and time for me to begin a new generation. Her daughter's name is Moira (halfway through the alphabet!) and she marks lucky generation 13. I brought my V2 to work with me this morning and began raising her there, so I don't have any photos of her in her baby stage, though by this point I'm sure you can imagine what that looked like so you're not missing much there. I have no idea which character her mother married because that marriage happened accidentally, in my pocket. It must have been one of the higher tier adults, because Moira evolved into a Kuribotchi! Haven't seen one of those in quite a while so I'm very pleased. Her weight is high simply because I didn't have time to play games with her while I was at work today. I will be working on getting it down so I can hopefully achieve the best possible results with her. V2 #2 - Edwin I decided to give my pink flower V2 a break and run a different shell in its place. This particular V2 is blue with lollipops and it looks like this: I really like this design. I got the tama this past summer and ran it quite a bit then, but I have not run it much since. I decided to give it another go so I popped a battery in it, married off my previous character (who, as you know, was a Dorotchi just like my bubble V2 was), and began a new generation who I named Edwin. The name theme going on with this one, for reasons unknown, is names beginning with E. I started doing it when I first got the tama and now it's become somewhat of a theme so I decided to keep it going. Edwin is the 7th generation. His parent, a Dorotchi, married a Zuccitchi, so unsurprisingly he became a lower tier Marutchi. At least I got one good care toddler out of the two so I'm not super annoyed. As it always goes, he'll become one of the lower tier teens next, probably Hinotamatchi. I'm not aiming for any specific adult but will instead sit back and let it surprise me. Oh, and yes, he and Moira will be future mates. The only incentive I have for keeping two of the same version going at once is the connection aspect and the fact that I can marry them to one another, so that is exactly what I will be doing this time around.
  14. Hello, I'm back after being absent for a few days, not because I couldn't update but because there wasn't really anything interesting to update on. I have things to update on with my tamas now, however, including two epic fails. V1 - Ziggy Epic Fail #1. I actually did take decent care of Ziggy as a teen at first but then life got in the way and I just kind of... gave up? His training actually was full and he was never sick, but his weight got way too high and his hearts dropped a couple of times. (I did capture this cute animation of his while he was still a teen. I like that the V1s do their idle animations for much longer than the V2s.) I have to admit that I wasn't actually sure what to expect from his evolution, and therefore I can't say I'm happy or disappointed: I like Tarakotchi, for the most part, but I get him a LOT. Read a couple posts back in this log and you'll see I've had several of them even quite recently. I have a female on one of my V3s I can mate him with so I'll likely be marrying him off as early as I can. V2 - Laura Epic Fail #2. I'd been declining the matchmaker so far on this tama because: a) I wanted to keep Laura around a bit longer than I usually do and b) I have a male Dorotchi on my blue lollipop V2 I really wanted to marry her to. Well, I made the mistake of keeping my V2 in my pocket while I was at work today, something I usually do but I'm usually not trying to avoid matchmaker visits so accidental button presses don't matter. Something must have gotten pressed in my pocket because I later checked on my V2 and Laura was there with a baby girl. Whoops. Oh well. I did put a battery in my lollipop V2 and used the matchmaker to marry off the other Dorotchi that was still on that tama. The resulting baby was a boy, so I will be giving my tropical pink V2 a break and running my lollipop one starting in the next entry as I will be raising Laura's baby girl and this baby boy together, hopefully eventually marrying them this time with no pocket marriages (ha)! I did manage to capture Dorotchi's closeup animation which is ADORABLE. I will really miss having her around. V2 #2 - Agnes Agnes is still the same. I haven't married her off and I'm not sure if I will right now as I'm going to be shelving this tama so I can run a different shell (one of the most pointless swaps ever but I like the candy one better). She is 8 years old, turning 9 tomorrow. In a way, I wish there wasn't the possibility of her turning into an oldie or I would keep her around so much longer. I love Ginjirotchi's teeth brushing animation so much - the face gets me every time. So adorable! Her bathing animation reminds me of Ginji's P1 sprite, which is also adorable. I do wish this character was on more versions, but I guess with the V2 being the only connection version he is on, it makes me so much happier when I get him. I probably won't be updating on this specific V2 further in the log (at least for now, who's to say it won't make future appearances? It likely will), but I will say that it's been a great run (I didn't log about it, but two gens prior to this one, I also had a Pochitchi!!).
  15. I'm not sure if it's like this for all Japanese connections, but when I ROM tested both my Keitai and Hanerutchi 1 (which is based on the Keitai's programming), holding all buttons while resetting didn't work for me. I had to hold only B and C while pressing the reset button. It might just be a quirk with the Keitai line but I'm not sure.