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  1. The buying spree continues... Disney Pierce & Yuki Penguin ordered! =3

  2. A Court of Mist & Fury - Sarah J Mass. Hit a slight reading slump this week though as read eight books in past month and feel little burned out.
  3. So, my Tamagotchi spending spree has gone slightly out of control hehe, I have ordered more and waiting on: - Purple Tamagotchi P's - Purple Tamagotchi IDL - Tamagotchi Plus Colour Hexagontchi Red edition - Aurora Disney princess crochet cover. I have to be strict with myself for rest of year now and try not buy anymore new tamas, I just pray a new release is not announced anytime soon haha!
  4. Ordered a Tamagotchi ID L! :)

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    2. Magicgotchi


      I'm looking forward to it!

    3. Tamacass


      Good version! It's the perfect way to start off a colour collection, speaking from experience.

    4. Magicgotchi


      Thanks, excited to receive it, I already have a few colour tamas and would like to see how they have evolved with features over the years & such a cute shell! <3

  5. I am 99% certain of this but may be wrong (sure someone will clarify this) that a care miss is when you don't respond to your Tamagotchi's call (bleeping) within a certain time frame, if it bleeps again after the first time - (for food, unhappiness, sickness etc) it results in a care miss.
  6. I'm a die hard Harry Potter fan & have been since 1999. Hufflepuff, always and forever.
  7. What I personally would love to see in a new Tamagotchi release: - Dream Growth Mechanic, events that happens in dreams affect your tamas evolution. I have not thought exactly how it would play out but think it could work and be a interesting twist and make sleeping a fun & unique mechanic for us. - More unique shell designs upon release and not endless 'versions' which are ultimately the same virtual pet with one or two differences in items, evolutions & locations. - Something similar to TamaTown to interact further in the world (I know this would be extremely unlikely but a man can dream!)
  8. So it's been awhile but my Tamagotchi obsession has returned in full force so to celebrate my return I have bought and await: - Sanrio Tamagotchi M!X - Tamagotchi Mini pouch I am fighting urges to buy a Tamagotchi IDL as want to focus on arranging storage for all my tamas and accessories I currently own (I have bought a sturdy storage box and the pouch is for my pierces & tama-go figures) Looking forward to getting back into one of my favourite (and sadly expensive) hobbies!
  9. I'm glad I (and everyone else) could offer helpful information for you. Enjoy your P's, hours of fun and cuteness awaits.
  10. I think this comes down to personal preference in what you want from your tama? Do you want to have fun with family trees and see what wonderful creations are born, then it's the M!X for you. Do you like DLC and cute accessories that interact with your tama, then the P's would be the best option. Are certain built in tama games a complete no interest to you, research what's built in both tama's. When I was buying my tama's I watched loads of YT videos with information, unboxings and general impressions before purchasing, this might help you also? FYI - Tamagotchi P's can be really expensive if your buying new/unopened so budget might factor in your decision also.
  11. I would say purchase one now or within the first couple of months. This seems like one of the Tamagotchi that will be sought after and be in high demand as time goes on. Although, it's unpredictable predicting the popularity of certain gadgets that release several editions so it's a risk you'll have to think carefully about.
  12. I still haven't played with my Anniversary M!X and I am already planning my purchase of a Sanrio M!X Take my money, all of it! *giggle*
  13. This makes me really sad Tama Depa was one of my must visits for when I plan my trip to Japan.
  14. I have only ever brought my Tama's to work once (over the Christmas period when it was quiet and I was running three!) Everyone just had a giggle and went on a nostalgic trip and wanted to have a go on the games. I wish I could bring atleast one in to work with me but due to business I doubt I'd be able to care for them properly so I leave them at home
  15. Tamagotchi's currently on pause, I blame work. :(