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  1. Gave my bf a tamgotchi, and he loves it! So happy to have someone else that love tamgotchi's besides myself.

    1. Rorys_Tamas


      isn't that the dream?

    2. MarshyMellow
    3. AnniChu


      Lucky you, my friends don't even know I have a Tama, (and they probably don't even know what one is) and my family is pretty annoyed by the constant beeping...

  2. I want to buy a vintage tamagotchi so bad but I cant because I have to save up for Nintendo switch XD

    1. psychotama


      Noooo get a vintage;)

  3. I gave one of my old tamagotchi's to my 5 year old sister... Bad idea on my part... She lost it and it's dead... XD wow I got it to its 8th generation as well before giving it to her... But the ood thing is my mom gave me a 4u+ for giving it to her, the one I have to her was a tamagotchi friends dream town so I guess it was a fair trade lol

    1. Hapihapitchi


      Lucky you! Or not so lucky you lol

  4. Hello I was wondering if there are anymore game for the Tamagotchi mix anniversary other than the starting two thanks!
  5. Left my Tama's at home today during school!!! What an idiot I am lol thank god they are both still alive!!!

  6. 12/21 So today not much happened other than leaving my Tamagotchi's at home during the whole school day.... tbh I cried a little when I realized I had forgotten to put them in my bag. So today we do not morn the loss of my two Tamagotchi's for when I got home they were both fine thank god. So what had happened was a few minutes before getting to school I realized that they were not in my bag and I told my mom how to pause them and a few tears came to my eyes lol. When I got home only one was paused and the other was on the time screen thing, but as I said before they were both fine and I had luckily fed them before I left to school as always, I just cannot believe I forgot to put them in my bag! What a terrible parent I am! But other than that everything is fine, I shall update you all tomorrow
  7. Just updated my log after a week! I got rly busy, and a lot of stuff happened with my Tamagotchi's!

  8. 12/20 Wow lol it has been 7 days! So a week since I last updated! I apologize greatly for I have been very busy, but anyway there is a lot for me to catch you all up on So first off i named my Petithanatchi who I decided to name Jessica! She ended up being Pianitchi! And Katie got married to Monakatchi And they had an adorable baby girl that I named Samantha! Jessica soon after got married as well, and she married Spacytchi! (sorry for blurry image) They also had a little girl as well! Making it my fifth girl! I wasn't able to get a good picture sorry, but she now turned into Butterflytchi, who I named Floof (for no particular reason lol) and I think out of all the other Tamagotchi's that I have gotten so far (three lol) she is my favorite! And finally Samantha just like her mother and grandmother turned into Coffretchi! I didn't get a pic since I already have two pictures of Coffretchi lol ​So I think that about sums up everything that has happened! Hopefully I will update again soon when something happens that needs reporting lol until then bye!
  9. My new Tamagotchi Friends dream town came in the mail two days early! It's so pretty! It's blue with flowers on it, I am in love with it lol!

    1. Hapihapitchi


      Ahh excited to see it featured in your log! I'm running two of them rn! One of my favs!

    2. guruofguru64
    3. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      I have that one also.

  10. 12/13 Today just like her mother, Katie turned into a Coffretchi. Slightly disappointing but its okay I still love her the same if not more but I have some good news! My new Tamagotchi friends dream town came in the mail today! Two days earlier than expected, with free shipping! And I got a girl! I haven't named her yet but she turned into a Petithanatchi! I haven't got that one yet even though there is only two different child variations. I will talk about her in the log now and keep talking about how Katie is doing I also bought a bag to carry them around in since my pockets are not big enough to hold two Tamagotchi's and my phone all at once! Hopefully at some point I can buy some Tamagotchi stickers of some sort or draw some Tamagotchi's and possibly hot glue them on to the front after I would laminate them if anyone has any ideas on how to decorate it please say so! I think that's it for today I will be keeping good care of them!
  11. 12/12 Today Katie turned into Neotchi again just like her mom! I am curious to see if she will be a Coffretchi like her mom or hopefully something new! Anyway that's about it
  12. Updated my log and I'm getting a Tamagotchi friends dream town! Should be here by Thursday!

    1. Hapihapitchi


      Fun! The dream town is WAY better IMO.

  13. 12/11 Hello sorry it's been a while since i have posted but there really hasn't been much to talk about until now! First off my little tama Jamie got married today! And they had an adorable little girl that I named Katie soon after! I took care of her for a while and then she turned into a Terupotchi just like her mother! So yay I'm such a good parent! Some more news I decided to order another Tamagotchi! This will be my second ever Tama! I am getting a Tamagotchi friends dream town! So when it comes (hopefully by Thursday) I can start to "bump" my Tamagotchi's together! So I will update you all when something new and interesting happens!
  14. 12/7 So today not much happened other than Jamie turned into to Coffretchi! She is so cute and I am glad to have raised her well! So right now I am working on getting more jewelry, I currently only have 4 and I believe you need 30 to get another game so I shall be updating on how many jewelry I have each day I was also wondering since I am getting a M!X for Christmas do you peoples think I should do a log on it as well?
  15. 12/6 (again lol) So quick update, my Tama just grew up into a Neotchi! I looked it up and they are the one you get with no care mistakes so yay!